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Your Essential Guide To Having A Kick-A** Time At TwitchCon San Diego 2019

TwitchCon San Diego 2019 is right around the corner, and we’re incredibly excited for all the awesome events, announcements, and good times in store. The increasingly popular annual Twitch convention returns to sunny San Diego, California and runs from September 27th to the 29th.

Whether you’ve been to TwitchCon before or not, there’s no shortage of things for you to do, panels to see, and streamers to meet. To help you make the most of your time at TwitchCon, we created a handy TwitchCon 2019 guide.

Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents:
Twitch Rivals Tournament Series
Meet and Greets
G FUEL Booth


As you can imagine with an event this size, there will be lines. Lots of them. The best advice we can give you on beating them is just that — beat them.

Those of you who will be arriving (or are conveniently already located) in San Diego before Thursday, September 26th, can pick up your badge (and a free gift) from 12 PM - 10 PM PT at Hall E of the Convention Center.

It’s highly recommended you take advantage of this if possible to avoid the Friday morning registration rush.

If you’re arriving after Thursday registration, you can get your badge anytime from 8:30 AM - 6 PM PT on Friday, September 26th and Saturday, September 27th or until 3 PM PT on Sunday, September 28th.

No matter what day you pick up your badge, we recommend you get there as early as possible. You didn’t come all this way to stand in line, did ya?

Be sure to bring a valid ID with you as well.

Twitch Rivals Tournament Series

The Twitch Rivals tournament series is back this year — and bigger than ever. Each day of TwitchCon will bring a new Twitch Rivals series and a new game to the convention center. These events certainly highlight each day of the convention and garner impressive viewership both online and off.

Leading off the weekend of competitive gameplay is the Twitch Rivals: Fortnite Showdown at 6 PM PT on Friday. Popular Twitch streamers will face off on-site in Arena Trios to compete for their piece of a $1.3 million prize pool. They will battle through qualifiers to earn a spot in the Grand Finals, with some special 1v1 Creative matches in between rounds.

Saturday morning has a hot start at 9 AM PT with the Twitch Rivals: League of Legends North America vs Europe Showmatch. It features a best-of-three series with your favorite Twitch Partners (previously qualified) squaring off to decide which region is the most dominant.

The conclusion of the TwitchCon Twitch Rivals competitive events is on Sunday with the Twitch Rivals: APEX Legends Open kicking off at 9 AM PT. This event puts five stream teams on stage to compete alongside 45 other Twitch Partners and/or Affiliates for $500,000 in prizes.

Not juicy enough?

There are additional bounties for each stream team to spice things up.

Unleash The Power Of Panels

Not only is TwitchCon a great way for you to network with other streamers and brands, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for you to learn from people who have been there, done that — and maybe even sold a t-shirt (or two).

There’s an incredible amount of panels spanning topics from how to develop and grow your personal brand, to how to build your own streaming PC, and even how to balance streaming while raising your family.

Here are all of the panels you can attend at TwitchCon San Diego 2019, all of which take place in the Twitch Unity Lounge:

Friday, September 27th

10 AM PT - Change Begins with Me
12 PM PT - Real Talk: What it Takes to Build a Community
2 PM PT - Streaming Diversity: How to Succeed on Twitch
4 PM PT - Life in Hard Mode: Streaming with Disabilities

Saturday, September 28th

10 AM PT - Just Chatting with Asians in Streaming
12 PM PT - Streaming While Raising the Next Gen
2 PM PT - Drag On Twitch: Meet the Stream Queens!
4 PM PT - Creator or Industry: Finding Your Place

Sunday, September 29th

10 AM PT - I Need Healing! Improving Mental and Physical Health for Gamers
12 PM PT - Spawn on Me: Live From TwitchCon
1 PM PT - The Gayest Panel at TwitchCon (This panel will be in FrankerZ)
2 PM PT - Twitch Habla Español
4 PM PT - From Player to Creator: How Women Find Success in the Gaming Industry

We definitely encourage you to attend a few panels each day that might help level up your streaming experience, or even just help expand your knowledge about streaming as a whole.

Can't attend TwitchCon but still want to watch the panels?

You're in luck: you can watch all of the panels live online at www.twitch.tv/twitchcontwitchunity.

Meet and Greets

One of the coolest parts about TwitchCon is the opportunity to meet your favorite streamers on Twitch, take photos with them, and get your merch signed.

Check out all of the official TwitchCon Meet & Greet sessions, all of which are located at Level 2:

Friday, September 27th

10:30 AM PT - Meet & Greet Session 1


  • Bnans
  • CallMeCarsonLIVE
  • Destiny
  • dogdog
  • DrLupo
  • GrandPOObear
  • itsHafu
  • Tfue
  • TSM_Viss
  • xQcOW

12:30 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 2

  • AvaGG
  • DizzyKitten
  • edisonparklive
  • FemSteph
  • fuslie
  • Grimmmz
  • KristoferYee
  • Lil_Lexi
  • MissDoitBIG
  • negaoryx
  • Octopimp
  • peterparkTV
  • QuarterJade
  • sleightlymusical
  • Swag_Dracula
  • The8BitDrummer
  • thedragonfeeney
  • TheSushiDragon
  • VernNotice

2 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 3


  • DansGaming
  • Gladd
  • imaqtpie
  • loltyler1
  • nl_Kripp
  • Scarra
  • Speakers
  • SypherPK
  • Trick2g
  • trihex

4 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 4


  • AuroraStarr
  • Broughy1322
  • Cahlaflour
  • ConnorEatsPants
  • DeadFlip
  • iateyourpie
  • Kate
  • Kephrii
  • LieutenantEddy
  • Morf_UK
  • SarahKey
  • Shiphtur
  • sonii
  • Ssaab
  • Tangent
  • Vinc3ntvega
  • WilburSoot

Saturday, September 28th

10:30 AM PT - Meet & Greet Session 5


  • AlexiaRaye
  • BrookeAB
  • cray
  • Datto
  • DrDisrespect
  • Kitboga
  • Symfuhny
  • TimTheTatman
  • Valkyrae
12:30 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 6


  • AdamKoebel
  • Avori
  • Ezekiel_III
  • FireDragon
  • Fitzyhere
  • Giantwaffle
  • HCJustin
  • KarasMai
  • KayPikeFashion
  • kyliebitkin
  • Ms_Vixen
  • NarcolepticNugget
  • SavinTheBees
  • Shortyyguy
  • Tatted
  • Terroriser
  • woops
  • YourPrincess
  • Zizaran

2 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 7


  • AnneMunition
  • chocoTaco
  • cloakzy
  • GoldGlove
  • JoshOG
  • LobosJr
  • MacieJay
  • Maximilian_DOOD
  • NickEh30

4 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 8


  • Angels_Piano
  • Anthony_Kongphan
  • antphrodite
  • Curvyllama
  • Elspeth
  • foggedftw2
  • GabySpartz
  • jessecox
  • LSV
  • Neko
  • ONE_shot_GURL
  • Sacriel
  • Sceptic
  • Teawrex
  • Towelliee
  • TSM_TheOddOne
  • VGBootCamp

Sunday, September 29th

10:30 AM PT - Meet & Greet Session 9


  • CouRageJD
  • Day9tv
  • Fitz
  • LilyPichu
  • SwaggerSouls

12:30 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 10


  • AnnieBot
  • BarryIsStreaming
  • BikeMan
  • Deathsie
  • GassyMexican
  • JimDavisMTG
  • JonSandman
  • Katie
  • lara6683
  • lilsimsie
  • littlesiha
  • Mrhappy1227
  • Pokket
  • shofu
  • Swiftor
  • Takahata101
  • tarzaned
  • TheMavShow
  • Venalis

2:00 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 11


  • Aydan
  • DisguisedToast
  • JakenbakeLIVE
  • KingGeorge
  • NymN
  • pokelawls
  • pokimane
  • RTGameCrowd
  • Yassuo

4:00 PM PT - Meet & Greet Session 12


  • actionjaxon
  • AngelsKimi
  • bmkibler
  • BurkeBlack
  • HarrisHeller
  • jorbs
  • Locodoco
  • PhilipSheppard
  • RubberNinja
  • Shamanom
  • SimpleFlips
  • Spofie
  • Sweet_Anita
  • Veritas
  • Voyboy
  • xChocoBars
  • ZackTTG

Outside of the official TwitchCon Meet & Greets, there are a number of community and streamer meetups at partner booths, including at G FUEL booth #401 of course.

Keep reading to find out which of our sponsored professional esports players, gamers, and streamers you'll get to meet at our booth.

TwitchCon Party

The night of Saturday, September 28th marks one of the biggest events of the weekend, and Twitch has really upped the ante this year.

The Official TwitchCon Party starts at 7 PM PT on Saturday, September 28th at PetCo Park. The party will be headlined by Lil Nas X and feature Y2k, Blink-182, Au/Ra, and Madeon.

There will also be food and drinks available for purchase at the party from vendors and other events throughout the park.

And while you're here, you might as well kick back, sip on your favorite G FUEL flavor, and listen to the official TwitchCon 2019 playlist:


Visit G FUEL Booth #401

Now, we don’t want to overhype this year, but it’s going to be one for the record books. We’re sure you all know by now that we’ll be revealing our super-secret Twitch-inspired flavor at TwitchCon:

So, we’re taking extra precautions to ensure the new flavor remains secret and secure until the official announcement on Friday, September 27th at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET.

And by “extra precautions,” we mean this:

Yes — that is a custom G FUEL armored truck 😎

But that’s not all we have in store for you.

At G FUEL’s TwitchCon booth, you’ll also be able to try free samples of our new flavor, buy tubs and limited-edition collectors boxes of our new flavor, and meet your favorite professional esports players, gamers, and streamers including:

In fact, here's our meet and greet schedule for Friday, September 27th:

G FUEL TwitchCon San Diego 2019 Day 1 meet and greet schedule

And here's our meet and greet schedule for Saturday, September 28th:

G FUEL TwitchCon San Diego 2019 day 2 meet and greet schedule

You’ll also have the opportunity to enter a G FUEL and Player.gg giveaway at either of our booths for a chance to win a dream gaming setup that includes:

  • One PS4
  • One-year supply of G FUEL
  • One DXRacer Gaming Chair
  • One SCUF Vantage Controller
  • One Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit
  • Three large Displates 

Can’t make it to TwitchCon?

We got you covered: you can still watch our new flavor’s unveiling live on Friday, September 27th at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET by tuning in to G FUEL’s Twitch channel. And buy the new flavor at gfuel.com once it’s been revealed at TwitchCon.

You’ll also be able to enter the dream gaming setup giveaway online via a link that @GFuelEnergy will share on Twitter on September 26th.

We’re pumped to see everyone there!

And to those of you who can’t make it to TwitchCon, fear not. We’ll feature TONS of content on the G FUEL Blog and on all of our social media accounts throughout the conference.

So, be sure to keep coming back to our blog, and follow @GFuelEnergy on Twitter and Instagram for extra behind-the-scenes and real-time updates from the event!

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This article was written by Adam Miller AKA RevibesTV. Adam is a life-long gamer, full-time marketer, and founder of GonZo Gaming.

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