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TwitchCon San Diego 2019 Day 3 Recap: Twitch Rivals And Hackathon Winners, Gaming Bundle Giveaway, And More

The third and final day of TwitchCon is always bittersweet, and TwitchCon San Diego 2019 was no different. After a long weekend of epic announcements, crazy competitions, and friendly faces, it’s hard to say goodbye to it all for another year. As disappointing as it is to be leaving TwitchCon and San Diego behind, the last day still had some awesome events to check out.

Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Open Winners

The Twitch Rivals series ended the weekend with the Apex Legends Open. Competitors were broken out into A or B groups that featured a blend of professionals, streamers, and a number of open qualified players. We saw players as talented as Dizzy and TSM_Viss face off against Twitch Partners like AmericanDad and xQc. There was also a number of Open players who took their shot at $500,000 in cash prizes and competed against some of their favorite professional players and creators.

Needless to say, through both waves it was certainly the professionals’ day. While we saw some incredible performances from all the competition, the Sentinels trio of Zombs, Senoxe, and retzi absolutely dominated Group A and took home the gold.


The second wave of competitors fared a bit better with each game boasting unique top five finishers. Hotly contested endgames left players on the edge of their seats for tense finishers. However, we once again saw the professionals at work with the NRG fielded trio of aceu, Dizzy, and Mohr taking it home for Group B.


We always love to see our G FUEL-sponsored players representing as well — both TSM_Viss and TannerSlays put on for the squad and secured themselves 3rd place.


Check out a few of the crazy finishes we saw from the likes of Sentinels and CLG from the clips below:



You can also check out the complete scoring and final standings here.

TwitchCon Hackathon

The annual TwitchCon Hackathon is a chance for programmers and developers to really dive into the tech of Twitch and work over a 24-hour window to create a valuable Twitch Extension suggested by other Partners. This year saw over 100 participants competing to create something new and innovative for the platform.

Teams were capped at four members each, but many extensions only had two or even solo developer’s working on them. Everyone who participated got their three-day passes (and tickets to the TwitchCon Party) covered as well as some additional swag for their work. It’s not easy developing a brand new extension — especially within 24 hours. 

Check out all of the extensions that were submitted:

Of course, there can only be one champion crowned ...


OK Gamers have created an extension that can help improve interaction with chat and actually aggregate and help eliminate the confusion of a flowing chat. Instead of posing a question to chat and sorting through the answers that come flowing in, you can simply activate “OK Gamers” and then ask your question. Chat’s responses will be tallied and displayed in a handy pie chart to determine a consensus.

Pretty sweet, right?

Keep a lookout on your Twitch Extensions tab to activate OK Gamers for your stream.

If you’re interested in competing in next year’s Hackathon, we encourage you to check out the TwitchCon Hackathon 2019 Contest Official Rules and some of the more unique extensions created this year. It’s always good to know who you might go up against.

Shoutout To The Sponsors

Of course, TwitchCon wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the incredible sponsors. These brands not only invest the time and money into the event, but they also roll out all the latest games, hardware, software, and more.

Whether you stopped by the TikTok booth to record your first viral video, or tested your skills at the stations setup by HP Omen (how good was YOUR cow drawing?), the convention floor felt more like a playland than a business place. But that’s what makes it all so fun.

State Farm had even set up several gaming and streaming stations for those who wanted to test their Fortnite might against other convention goers.

Hopefully you had a chance to swing by the Playr.gg booth to score some extra entries for the G FUEL and Player.gg TwitchCon Gaming Bundle Giveaway by snapping a photo in the DX Racer chair (they were popping up everywhere).


Last Day for G FUEL

We had such an incredible weekend hanging out with all of you. TwitchCon 2019 is definitely one for the record books. And while we’re sad to see it ending, we’re very proud of how the G FUEL community turned out to support us and the entire Twitch community.

Whether it was our Sour Pixel Potion flavor reveal, our massive giveaway with Playr.gg, Dr Disrespect’s epic Meet and Greet (or any others for that matter), or if you just stopped by for a sample and to say hey -- from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


This year has been an incredible ride for all of us at G FUEL, and 2020 is looking to be an even bigger and better year. We hope to see more of you beautiful people coming out next year for TwitchCon 2020 — you won’t want to miss it. We’re already planning our trip out.


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This article was written by Adam Miller AKA RevibesTV. Adam is a life-long gamer, G FUEL connoisseur, and the founder of GonZo Gaming.  

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