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TwitchCon San Diego 2019 Day 2 Recap: Meetups, Giveaways, Twitch Rivals, Cosplay Contest, Party, And More

The second day of TwitchCon San Diego 2019 brings another full day of competition, events, announcements, and meetups. As promised, we’re on the scene to keep you in the know about all the things going on at TwitchCon.

Start Your Day The G FUEL Way

Day 2 of TwitchCon 2019 kicked off with more incredible streamer meetups at G FUEL booth #401 throughout the entire day. The morning started with our good friend ActionJaxon stopping by for pictures and to meet with some fans (this writer included). Every hour brought by a new member of the G FUEL family.

We were even so lucky to be graced by the back-to-back international video game champion, Dr. Disrespect. Of course, he wanted to share his feelings on the new Blue Ice G FUEL Can with everyone.

We were also stoked to reveal our second giveaway of the weekend. We already have our massive giveaway with Playr.gg. If you haven’t already - enter the G FUEL and Player.gg TwitchCon Gaming Bundle Giveaway.

But if that wasn’t big enough, we’re also partnering with Nanoleaf for those of you at the convention.

Be sure to stop by the booth today or tomorrow to make sure you can enter! 

We’ve still got some of our brand new Sour Pixel Potion G FUEL available for purchase. So, be sure to get your limited-edition Sour Pixel Potion Collectors Box (it includes a tub and shaker cup) or Sour Pixel Potion tub before we’re entirely sold out.

Twitch Rivals: League Of Legends Showdown

The Day 2 Twitch Rivals event featured an international showdown of the greatest players and creators. We saw a faceoff between North American players and European players to settle which region produces the most dominant players. 

The second matches were dubbed as the “Rumble On The Rift,” putting teams captained by the likes of Tyler1 and Yassuo with a variety of creators and players competing for their taste of victory.

It was a big day for the EU roster as they handily won the series with a 2-0 victory, outscoring the NA team with eliminations of 14 to 5 the first game and 12 to 6 the second.

Team Yassuo always found paydirt with the 2 to 1 victory, which was a bit more hotly contested and featured some incredible back-and-forth pushes by each team.

You can find a full breakdown of how each team and event were scored here.

Featured Meet & Greets

The second day of TwitchCon 2019 brought another round of featured streamers and their respective meet and greets. Check out when you can meet your favorite streamers below.

Saturday, September 28

10:30 AM PT

Sunday, September 29

1:30 PM PT - Cray

2:30 PM PT - Jericho

Cosplay Contest

The TwitchCon's Cosplay Contest featured some of the most creative and dedicated members of our community coming together to compete for their shot at a $15,000 grand prize and $4,000 in each category:

  • Needlework
  • Armor
  • FX
  • Larger Than Life.

This year, Twitch also decided to incorporate a Community Choice winner who will receive $4,000 and is determined entirely by viewers.

The competition was hosted by the former MythBuster’s Host, Adam Savage, in cosplay of course:

former mythbuster's host, adam savage, in jack aubrey cosplay is hosting the cosplay contest at twitchcon san diego 2019.

This year’s grand prize winner was Kiki_Kannon, and it was well deserved from the amount of work she put into her entry.

The first ever winner of the Community Choice award was JingleBooBoo with her Zelda cosplay and it was very well deserved.

The Official TwitchCon Party

Saturday night was the official TwitchCon Party at Petco Park. Always one of the biggest events of the weekend, this year’s party did not disappoint.

The original lineup included Blink-182, Au/Ra, Y2k, Madeon, and Lil Nas X. However, party-goers were disappointed to find out that Lil Nas X had to cancel his performance (as well as a later performance at the SANDBOX Festival) due to personal reasons.

Our collective disappointment ebbed into quiet excitement as rumors began to whirl that Logic would be coming out to fill the headlining spot. After several Twitch Partners put out a few tweets hinting at it, we got the confirmation from the official Twitch accounts that Logic would in fact be featured at the party.

The party was a hit as always (even through a few minutes of rain), and it was an awesome way to celebrate the Twitch community and all that has been accomplished this year.

As TwitchCon continues to grow year over year, we can only assume that the party will continue to scale with it.

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