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Top 5 Competitive CS:GO Moments Of 2019

Another ESL One competition takes place this weekend from September 28-29, and will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The top 8 teams in the world will be competing for the coveted trophy and $200,000.

We at G FUEL wanted to look at the top five plays from those eight teams throughout the past year.

The goal: to get everyone as amped up for ESL One New York 2019 as we are.

5. Team Liquid vs. ENCE at IEM Chicago 2019


Let’s start off with one of the best grenade throws of the year. Pay attention because if you blink while watching it, you’ll miss it. Allu of ENCE rounds a corner and senses a presence in the doors across from him.

He takes a shot, but misses!

Next, he has the instinct to trap Stewie2K with, first a molotov to Stewie’s right, then he quickly throws a grenade to his left. As he backs up from the spreading fire, BANG! He gets taken out by the grenade. Classic misdirection.

This kill also let allu plant the bomb. They might not have won that round, but it was a great play.

4. NRG vs. FaZe Clan at ESL One Cologne 2019


This next clip is a great way to show you FaZe Clan’s teamwork at its strongest. NiKo takes out Ethan who is trying his best to hide near the A sign. Then through the smoke, stainslaw tries to take out FaZe’s rain. But if you watch in the back, olofmeister sees stainslaw and takes him out, keeping rain alive.

While CeRq manages to take out rain and NEO, unfortunately, his teammate Brehze walks right out into the very patient scope of GuardiaN while he effortlessly gets the headshot. This leaves CeRq to run away as FaZe Clan’s bomb ticks away for the win.

3. ENCE vs. MiBR at IEM Chicago 2019


Timing on shots can make or break a good kill in CS:GO. In the video above, ENCE proved that they have amazing timing and teamwork. Lucas1 of MiBR was desperately trying to take out both Aleksib and Aerial who trap him behind some boxes. He keeps popping up behind that box like a whack-a-mole as they get him down to one health until Aerial takes his right side flank to finish him off.

FalleN then tries jumping up and down like a rabbit to take out a blinded sergej a few times but misses. As soon as the haze wears off, sergej takes him out with a headshot the very next time he pops up. All this is happening as xseveN hunts down TACO with a little difficulty but comes out victorious with 9 health left. This was as close to a perfect round that a team could ask for on Dust2.

2. FaZe Clan vs. NRG Esports at IEM Sydney 2019


FaZe Clan had a tough start in this round but pushed their hardest against NRG. In round 17, YNk finds himself in a troubling 2 v 1 against daps and tarik. He quickly finds and disposes of daps but has very little time on the clock before the bomb goes off. He hesitates while looking for tarik. 

However, he grabs the diffusal pack, turns the corner, takes out tarik, and turns right around to the bomb. He defuses it at the very last second. It was a very intense moment for players and fans alike.

1. Team Liquid vs. Team Vitality at ESL One Cologne 2019


While they almost lost this round, I think it’s important to show why Team Liquid should be a team that others really need to look out for. They are dangerous! Team Vitality’s apEX and NBK take out four of Liquid's five players. They really mow them down.

Twistzz is then left alone with three opponents. He quickly disposes of ZywOo with a Deagle shot and moves toward the bomb site. He throws a smoke to cover himself, but ALEX is waiting behind the cargo. Twistzz sees him and takes him down but is down to 52 health.

He plants the bomb while RpK is nowhere in sight and moves off into the shadows. RpK has to come out to at least find him and disarm the bomb. Twistzz waits. Then, as RpK pops his head out from trying to flank and fails, Twistzz pops him with two Deagle shots, effectively ending the match.

These were our top five plays from the year from the top eight teams competing in ESL One NY this weekend. With these teams playing, it’s bound to be one hell of a show.

Do you have favorite plays that you would like to share with us?

What teams are you rooting for?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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