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Super Mario Maker 2 Welcomes Link From Legend Of Zelda On December 5th

Super Mario Maker 2 lovers and Legend of Zelda lovers rejoice! On December 5, 2019, Super Mario Maker 2 is adding Link to its version 2.0 update for the Nintendo Switch!

No gamers, we’re not kidding.


The unveiling of Link comes as a power-up feature, where you can acquire the Master Sword (available exclusively in the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. style) as Mario during gameplay and transform into Link. As Link, you have access to a plethora of weapons and gadgets that disarm and demolish opponents in the most heroic of ways (duh).

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#SuperMarioMaker 2 UPDATE! Along with the #Zelda addition, the following adds have been reported to be coming to the game this #Thursday: - 🌟 Dash Block: Available in the Super Mario 3D World style, the Dash Block course part gives Mario a major speed burst when stepped on. 🌟 Frozen Coin: These coins are surrounded by a block of ice and can only be released if melted by fireballs or other fire elements, including a certain angry sun. 🌟 P Block: When a P Switch is hit in the course, invisible P Blocks temporarily turn into hard platforms, or vice-versa. 🌟 Spike: This classic enemy coughs up massive spike balls and launches them at Mario. If used in the snow environment, Spike will toss snowballs instead! 🌟 Pokey: The iconic stacked cactus from multiple Super Mario games joins Super Mario Maker 2 for the first time. Players can even edit the height of each Pokey.

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Link’s “Legendary” Weapons


Listen, we all know how our Hylian hero is no one to sneeze at, and neither are his weapons. Legends of Zelda lovers will be happy to hear that his sword and shield are usable in Super Mario Maker 2!

The latest weapons and their functions are as follows: 

  • Sword: Used to fight off enemies
  • Shield: Acts as a blockade against oncoming Thwomps 
  • Bombs: Breaks blocks and destroys enemies 
  • Arrows: Long-range coin acquisition

The Newness Doesn’t Stop There! Let’s Talk Other Additions

While Link is arguably the most exciting addition to this new patch, Nintendo isn’t stopping there. 

The Bad Guys: Enemies

A hero can’t exist without the guys aiming fire at them, ya feel? Nintendo puts Link and Mario to the test in this update with new additions to the opposition.

Ladies and gentleman, from the enemy camp, we give you:

  • Pokey: A cactus-like dude who’s harm is … pretty self-explanatory.
  • Spike: Throws spike balls and snowballs (on snow levels).


The Good Stuff: New Features

Nintendo also announced that it would be adding invisible “P Blocks” that appear when a user hits a P Switch, which (in our opinion) should make for a more challenging and interesting gameplay experience.

What’s more, Frozen Coins will make their debut and will only be releasable by thawing. Fire Flowers, fire bars, and burners can thaw the coins. If only enduring IRL winters were that easy …

Nintendo pays homage to the Super Mario World 3D style with their Dash Block update. Users as Mario will now receive a charge in the game when he’s stepped on. 

Last but certainly not least, the version 2.0 update adds a new Ninji Speedruns mode:


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