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03, 10, 2018 | The G FUEL Team | comments(0)

Roman Atwood Net Worth, Wife, Pranks, & Age

Roman Atwood is a professional YouTuber, comedian, and vlogger who is known for his regular vlogging content, as well as his series of prank videos. He has two YouTube channels: RomanAtwoodVlogs, where he posts his vlog content, and RomanAtwood, which still hosts all his prank videos, despite not being updated in several years. The former has over 15 million subscribers, while his prank channel has over 10 million subscribers.



Before starting his YouTube career, Atwood worked in his family’s rope factory, Atwood Ropes. But since high school, he’d always had an interest in filming and producing videos. During Warped Tour 2006, he produced a series of DVDs named “The Nerd Herd.” He also worked on a variety of commercials and other film projects.

Roman Atwood Net worthIn 2010, he decided to focus on his interest in comedy, which led to the creation of his first YouTube channel, Sketch Empire. This channel ultimately became the foundation for Atwood’s later prank videos. In 2013, he would start his RomanAtwoodVlog channel, which features his ongoing vlog content about Atwood’s life over the years.

Atwood currently focuses on his vlog content rather than his pranking videos, as he has done for the past few years. His vlogs feature everything about Atwood’s life, from his relationship to his family life, and other content. On occasion, a prank-related video will appear in his vlogs. Atwood routinely produces several videos a month.



After starting his first channel in 2011, Atwood began to come into success posting various types of pranks, or misleading situations, for humor. He steadily gained popularity with this format, peaking at around 88 million views for his popular 2015 video, “Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!”

In the video, he and his team order thousands of plastic balls and fill his house several feet deep with them. The prank is essentially a surprise for his wife, who is unaware of the situation, and comes home to a house that has been turned into a giant ball pit. The video features Atwood playing and having a fun time with his kids, who are all too happy to play and jump around in the pit.


In 2013, Atwood began his vlog channel, which also continued to gain popularity. He started the channel with daily vlog content about his life, focusing on his family and his adventures in fatherhood with his then long-term girlfriend and two children. Since then, his vlogs have discussed all parts of Atwood’s life, including the birth of his third child and marriage to his wife. His newer content steadily gained him more attention, and as a result, he hasn’t posted any videos on his original channel in over two years.

He and his friends also released a movie, Natural Born Killers, which featured many of his pranks. While the movie did not perform well, Atwood himself remained popular.

Atwood’s popularity on both of his channels is a great feat that many other YouTubers haven’t achieved. Both of his channels are in the top 100 most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube, with his vlog channel in the top 50. Both channels also won the Diamond Play Button Award, making Atwood the second YouTuber to do so.

In addition to these awards, Atwood has also won the 2016 top YouTube Comedian at the 8th Shorty Awards. His 2015 video, “Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!,” further won the 5th Streamy Awards’ Brand Campaign award for its partnership with Nissan’s #WithDad. Finally, Atwood received nominations in the 2014 and 2016 Streamy Awards for the Pranks category and Entertainer of the Year.

In addition to his vast number of YouTube subscribers (over 24 million!) across both his channels, Atwood also has strong reach across other social media. In fact, he currently has over 2.9 million followers on Twitter and 5.4 million followers on Instagram.

Roman Atwood net worth is at an estimated $7-$12 million! This comes from his YouTube content, sponsorships, and other work, such as “The Smile More Store” merchandise line that Atwood established in 2013.


Personal Life

Unlike many other online personalities, Atwood goes by his real name. He was born on May 28, 1983, making Roman Atwood age 35. He grew up in Millersport, Ohio with his parents, and did film work around Columbus before starting his YouTube career. His brother, Dale Atwood, is also a YouTuber.

Roman Atwood wife, Brittney Atwood, married him in 2018. She is his second wife after a divorce in 2008. Roman and Brittney met while at a friend’s wedding, and they dated for several years before their recent marriage. Roman also has three children: Noah, Kane, and Cora. Noah is from his previous marriage, while Kane and Cora are from his relationship with Brittney. He highly values his family, and they are the focus on many of his vlogs.



Quick Facts about Roman Atwood

Real Name: Roman Atwood
Popular Name: Roman Atwood
Profession:  YouTube personality, Comedian, Vlogger
Nationality: American
Date Of Birth:  May 28, 1983
Roman Atwood Age: 36 years old [2019]
Net Worth:  Approx. $20 Million
YouTube Channel:
Secondary YouTube Channel: