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Here’s Everything Announced During Riot Games' League of Legends 10th Anniversary Stream

With the League of Legends World Championship well underway, thousands of League fans tuned into Riot Games’ #League10 stream yesterday to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the world’s most popular MOBA game. But even the most diehard fan couldn’t have expected what happened next: In a five-hour broadcast, Riot blessed its fans with an absolute doozy of a stream, delivering a series of announcements indicating that the company will soon expand from MOBAs into other gaming genres—and new forms of media.

Here’s a breakdown of the most exciting news to come from the #League10 stream:

We’re not in MOBA-Kansas anymore

For years, Riot’s inclusion of “Games” in its name has been a source of mockery within the esports scene, as the company has seemingly focused all of its efforts on developing a single title. Riot obliterated these criticisms last night by announcing a slew of new titles spanning across the most popular genres in gaming.

Project L

Riot Games Project L fightingRiot Games

Rumors of a Riot-developed fighting game have abounded since the company purchased fighting game developer Radiant Entertainment in 2016. At EVO 2019, Radiant co-founder Tom Cannon confirmed these rumors, but declined to comment further on the game’s development.

In last night’s stream, Riot gave fans a first look at the upcoming fighter, which is being developed under the title of “Project L” and will feature League of Legends champions dueling in one-on-one combat. Following the announcement, however, developers on Twitter made it clear that the game is still far from completion.


Project A


Riot also announced its intent to expand into first-person shooter titles with “Project A,” a tactical shooter that takes place on Earth (and is thus unrelated to the characters and narrative of League of Legends and its associated properties). From the footage released so far, this game appears to draw much of its inspiration from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but rumors indicate that the gameplay is a mix between CS:GO and Overwatch. With this announcement, Riot has firmly taken aim at two of the world’s most prominent esports.

According to esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau, the project is named “Ares” in internal Riot communications.


Project F

Riot Games Project FRiot Games

The last of the mysterious “Projects” announced by Riot, this game appears to be an open-world role-playing game that takes place within the universe of Runeterra. That’s just about the only information that we’ve received regarding this title, though it’s clear that movement in the game is performed by clicking the screen.

Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games Legends of RuneterraRiot Games

Not all of the newly announced Riot titles are obscured behind mysterious names. The company announced last night that it would soon release a card-battling game called Legends of Runeterra. Much like Hearthstone and Artifact, which respectively pull images and elements from World of Warcraft and Dota 2, this digital card game appears to use motifs from League of Legends. Unlike its counterparts, however, Legends of Runeterra won’t be offering randomly sorted card packs. You’ll know what you’re buying when you purchase cards in this League-inspired title.

PC gamers can sign up now for a Legends of Runeterra beta test that will run until October 20. The full game will be available at some point in 2020 for both PC and mobile users.

Esports Manager

Riot Games League of Legends Esports Manager build your legendsRiot Games

But wait, there’s more! During the #League10 stream, Riot representatives announced yet another new title for release next year: League of Legends Esports Manager. Unlike most of the other announced titles, which borrow from the world of League itself, this game will take place in the real world, allowing players to create their ideal League of Legends teams and compete at the highest echelons of the game.

This game appears to take cues from similar titles geared towards traditional sports, such as the FIFA Manager and NFL Head Coach series. It will launch in the League of Legends Pro League next year before expanding into other regions.

Wild Rift

Riot Games League of Legends Wild Rift on mobileRiot Games

The long-awaited mobile version of League of Legends finally has a name: Wild Rift. Though the MOBA game is heavily inspired by League, Riot representatives made it clear that it will be a fresh competitive experience in its own right. As alpha and beta tests continue to experiment with all-new mechanics and champions, the developers have set their eyes on a late-2020 release date for the MOBA, which will also be available for console gamers.


Per last night’s announcements, a mobile version of Riot auto battler Teamfight Tactics will also be available—and able to crossplay with the PC version of the game—at some point next year.

TV of Legends

Perhaps the most out-of-left-field announcement of the night was Riot’s reveal of Legends Arcane, an original anime series based on the world of League of Legends.


Riot has been criticized in the past for skimping on the narrative aspects of Runeterra, instead focusing much of its resources on gameplay and League of Legends’ esports infrastructure. With this upcoming anime, plus the book of League lore that’s coming out in November, we’ll soon learn much more about the League of Legends world than ever before. 

We’ll also be able to build up our knowledge on the history of the development of League, thanks to the League of Legends Origins documentary. Announced last night, the documentary is already available on Netflix.

League of Legends updates

Last, but not least, Riot representatives took advantage of last night’s hullabaloo to announce a pair of substantial changes to the company’s flagship MOBA.

A new champion

That’s right: A new champion is coming to Summoner’s Rift. According to her trailer, the new character—whose name is Senna, Lucian’s wife—will act as a ranged support character, with the ability to create protective barriers while staying a safe distance from pitched combat.


Senna will be available in the Public Beta Environment on October 29 before going live on November 10.

Changes to the Rift

Summoner’s Rift itself will soon undergo major changes thanks to the introduction of elemental rifts, which will allow players to alter the map by attacking “elemental drakes” in order to expand their rifts and dominate the rest of the map. These elements appear to match the traditional four elements of air, fire, earth, and water, though Riot has tweaked the names slightly: Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, and Ocean. These changes will go live on November 20, but users in the Public Beta Environment can experiment with them starting on October 22.

That pretty much wraps up all of the information that we were able to glean from last night’s string of stunning announcements. Though some of the new stuff, such as Projects L and F, seems to be relatively far from completion, other new content such as Senna will be available in less than a month. In the aftermath of the #League10 stream, fans of Riot Games will have a whole lot to look forward to after the World Championship wraps up next month.


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