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Overwatch League Grand Finals 2019 Preview

The second Overwatch League (OWL) Grand Finals is happening this weekend in Philadelphia, PA. The San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans will face off in a first-to-four-map series.

The winning team will take home $1.1 million and the Overwatch League Championship trophy. We couldn’t be more excited to see who wins.

If this is your first OWL Grand Final, there are some really exciting things happening this year that you should be aware of.

While we’re all excited to watch the Titans and SF Shock duke it out, there will be a lot to see and do. 

Here’s a quick preview, starting with the teams:


Vancouver Titans

vancouver titans owl grand finals 2019 roster includes seominsoo, bumper, haksal, slime, twilight, and jjanu.

For most of this season, the Titans seemed unstoppable. In stage four, there was a little more struggle at times. There was chatter about them maybe not even making it through the semi-finals. Which was quickly proven wrong.

The Vancouver Titans had one of the best records around in Season 2. They also had an extremely good run in the winner’s bracket.

Are the Titans the underdogs in this fight because of a shaky stage four?

Will the Titans be able to prove to the world that they are the true champs?

Will people Remember the Titans after this?


  • Hyojong "Haksal" Kim - DPS
  • Minsoo "SeoMinSoo" Seo - DPS
  • Hyeonwoo "JJANU" Choi - Tank
  • Sangbeom "Bumper" Park - Tank
  • Sungjun "SLIME" Kim - Support
  • Juseok “Twilight" Lee - Support

San Francisco Shock

san francisco shock's roster for owl grand finals 2019 includes rascal, sinatraa, super, choihyobin, viol2t, and moth.Overwatch-World.com

Trying to stop the Titans from grabbing that prize money and trophy is SF Shock. While they had a huge upset at the hands of the Atlanta Reigns in quarterfinals, the Shock dominated the loser’s bracket. They never even gave up a single map. 

This might be why many fans believe that Shock will be the team to beat. The Shock has continued to meet and exceed all expectations for the team this season.

Will San Francisco Shock beat their rivals once again and ascend to the throne?

Or will that amazing run through the loser’s bracket finally lose its charge?


  • Jay "sinatraa" Won - DPS 
  • Dongjun "Rascal" Kim - DPS
  • Hyobin "ChoiHyoBin" Choi - Tank 
  • Matthew "super" DeLisi - Tank
  • Minki "Viol2t" Park - Support
  • Grant "MOTH" Espe - Support

Players To Watch

Like at last year’s OWL Grand Final competition, one of the most exciting player matchups to watch will be with the DPS role. The matchup component that we’re referring to will be between the rookie of the season, Titan’s Hyojong "Haksal" Kim, and the seasoned MVP, Shock’s Jay "sinatraa" Won. 

With the current meta, this matchup will likely start as a battle of the Doomfists. While Haksal has shown that he is one of, if not the best Doomfist players in the league at the moment, sinatraa has shown that he’s no pushover either. However, they could both go to their OG mains, and we could see Tracer (sinatraa) vs. Genji (Haskal). 

There’s no doubt that both teams are completely filled with talent. This matchup could decide which team will have the edge to win it all. We’ll be honest, we’d much rather see Tracer vs. Genji, but either way, these two will be going head-to-head a lot.

Want to know a couple of more players we think you should watch?

Check out "4 Players To Watch At The OWL Grand Finals 2019."

Outdoor Fan Fest

The OWL Grand Finals aren’t just about the game we all love. There’s plenty to do and see.

The Outdoor Fan Fest is new this year and opens at 10 AM ET in the Wells Fargo Center parking lot. Fans can gather with friends and family, and enjoy hours of free fun before doors open at 1 PM ET.

The Fan Fest will feature a live DJ, several photo opportunities, merchandise for purchase, face painting, tons of giveaways, and plenty of food and beverages.

The Fan Fest will also feature some additional activities and giveaways from a few of the OWL partners, including Fanatics, Upper Deck, and many more.


  • Fan Fest runs from 10 AM to 1:30 PM ET.
  • Located in Lot G, between the Wells Fargo Center and XFINITY Live!
  • Free for all, rain or shine

Please note: Wells Fargo Center doors open at 1 PM ET, the Watchpoint pre-show starts at 2 PM ET, and Zedd’s live performance will start at approximately 2:30 PM ET.

Speaking of Zedd ...

Zedd Live In Philly

The multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning DJ Zedd will perform live at the Grand Finals. Zedd is scheduled to take the stage at approximately 2:30 PM ET.

Unlike the controversial choice of DJ Khaled at 2018's OWL Grand Finals, Zedd seems to be a safer choice. While Zedd is known for his electro house music, he’s diversified his genre and musical style, drawing influences from progressive house, dubstep, and even classical music.

Watch OWL Grand Finals At Home

Not everyone is going to make it out to Philadelphia, and that’s ok. Blizzard doesn’t want anyone to miss out just because you couldn’t make it.

You can watch the OWL Grand Finals on ABC or Overwatch League's Twitch channel.

Or just scroll down and watch the Grand Finals here:


If your Overwatch account is linked to your Twitch account, you’ll earn sprays just by watching.

As part of the OWL Grand Finals celebration, you can earn exclusive in-game benefits, including double League Tokens, two sprays, and a player icon.

Here’s how it works:

  • Watch at least one hour during the Grand Finals, and you’ll receive the Wrecking Ball Watch Party spray.
  • Watch at least two hours during the Grand Finals, and you’ll receive Wrecking Ball watch party spray and the Grand Finals Trophy icon.
  • Watch at least three hours during the Grand Finals, and you’ll receive the Wrecking Ball watch party spray, the Grand Finals Trophy icon, and the Payload Watch Party spray.

See the 2019 Overwatch League Viewership Finals Incentive Promotion Official Rules for more details.

There’s so much talent between these two teams, and the energy from the crowd makes this event one of the biggest and most fun in the esports world. Blizzard really puts on a show. Special guests always show up to talk with the crowd like the voice over actors of your favorite characters and even Jeff Kaplan himself. Don’t miss out on any of the action.

Who do you think will win the OWL Grand Finals?

Tell us in the comments section below!


Top image via Twitter/Overwatch League

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