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Top 31 Cosplays From New York Comic Con 2019

If you were living under a rock this past weekend, then you might have missed that New York Comic Con 2019 (NYCC) took place at the Javits Center in New York City. This four-day nerd extravaganza had some great announcements, from Ms. Marvel being added to Crystal Dynamics’ New Avengers game to She-Ra and the Princess of Power getting a fourth season on Netflix.

New York Comic Con isn’t just about our favorite companies showing off the latest and greatest though. It’s also a time for all of you to show off a plethora of amazing cosplay. We here at G FUEL made a list of some of the best!

31. Ultimate Warrior

ultimate warrior cosplay at new york comic con 2019

The Ultimate Warrior was one of the best 80s wrestlers out there who was known for wearing bright colors, his wild hair, and his very loud persona.

30. Ant-Man and the Wasp

antman and the wasp at new york comic con 2019

Ant-Man and the Wasp were part of the Avengers since the late 60s/early 70s, however, these two were clearly modeled after the MCU Paul Rudd and Nicole Evangeline Lilly.

29. Black Panther and Scarlet Witch

black panther and scarlet witch cosplays at new york comic con 2019

We saw another MCU team up with Black Panther and Scarlet Witch. Although In the movies they call her by her government name, Wanda.

28. Attack on Titan 

attack on titan cosplay at new york comic con 2019

This anime has captured the hearts of many fans. While this is probably the most horrifying bodysuit imaginable, it made for a great Colossal Titan.

27. Borderlands Psycho

borderlands psycho cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Borderlands 3 came out last month, so it wasn’t a surprise to see one of the game’s main cannon fodder, a psycho. Takes guts to go shirtless at a big convention.

26. Pickle Rick

pickle rick cosplay at new york comic con 2019

“I turned myself into a pickle Morty. I’M PICKLE RIIIICK!”

25. Dr. Strange

dr strange cosplay at new york comic con 2019

The Sorcerer Supreme, who keeps the unseen cosmic web threaded for our safety, Doctor Strange was there in all his might. 

24. Flo from Progressive

flo from progressive insurance cosplay at new york comic con 2019

The Progressive salesperson got a little action from the fans. Who doesn’t love Flo? 

23. Freddy Krueger

freddy krueger cosplay at new york comic con 2019

I guess if Freddy offered some G FUEL, it would make us a lot easier to kill.

22. Ice King

ice king from adventure time cosplay at new york comic con 2019

While some of his make-up might have melted off (it was hot in the entrance area), it was still fun to see Ice King from Adventure Time. Don’t Worry, he had a Gunter with him too.

21. Harley Quinn

harley quinn cosplay at new york comic con 2019

While there’s always an abundance of favorite crazy psychologist turned anti-hero, Harley Quinn, it’s always nice to see her original costume from Batman: The Animated Series. We also thought the addition of the smiley umbrella was a nice touch.

20. Deadpool

deadpool cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Speaking of crazy anti-hero, there are always multiple Deadpools reeking havoc at NYCC. This one turned up to double fist G FUEL

19. Kimpossible 

kimpossible cosplay at new york comic con 2019

The iconic black top and green pants worn by Kimpossible may be an easy cosplay, but this cosplayer’s hair really did it for us. It’s awesome!

18. Mario and Luigi

mario and luigi cosplays at new york comic con 2019

Everyone knows Mario and Luigi are different ages, heights, and sizes, but that’s really hard to pull off when you’re twins. They gave it their best shot though. Free 1up for sure.

17. Magneto

magneto cosplay at new york comic con 2019

As one of the more powerful mutants in the comic book universe, there aren’t many people that can pull off that much purple. The helmet detail on this cosplay is fantastic.

16. Endgame Thor

endgame thor cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Thor has had many forms here on Midgard, but none has been more popular among us than Endgame Thor. The “Lebowski” look is a classic look. “Really brings the room together.”

15. Ezio Auditore

ezio auditore assassins creed cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Ezio Auditore is easily the most favorite character out of the characters from Assassin’s Creed. This Ezio cosplayer was so focused on our G FUEL Sour Cherry tub. What did he see in it? Did he find the answer to the Apple of Eden?

14. Red Hood

red hood cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Red Hood is another anti-hero, and he’s raised by the world’s greatest detective. Batman might have missed the mark on this one, but we all still love Jason.

13. Cloud Strife

cloud strife from final fantasy 7 cosplay at new york comic con 2019

We don’t know were you even find a sleeveless turtleneck these days, but this Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII was very well done. With PlayStation’s remake coming out soon, it was a surprise that there wasn’t more Clouds.

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12. Raven

raven from dc comics cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Let’s be honest: this is how they should have portrayed Raven in the new DC show Titans. 

11. Pyramid Head and Nurse

pyramid head and nurse from silent hill cosplays at new york comic con 2019

We appreciate all the hard work that goes into making Pyramid Head and those undead nurses come to life. To be absolutely honest, Pyramid Head still, to this day, gives me nightmares. So we’re gonna move right along.

10. One-Punch Man

one-punch man cosplay at ny comic con 2019

Whether or not this man shaved his head to play Saitama isn’t the real question here. The real question is: can he punch like Saitama? 

9. Solid Snake

solid snake cosplay at new york comic con 2019

This was probably one of the more humorous cosplays. Although you’re probably wondering if we just threw an empty box on the floor. Schrodinger's Solid Snake, there both is and isn’t a Solid Snake in that box.

8. She-Hulk

she-hulk cosplay at new york comic con 2019

The commitment that comes with wearing all that green makeup and having a wig that surprisingly never lost its bounce is a pretty big feat in itself. Can’t wait to see She-Hulk in the MCU.

7. Bob and Linda from Bob's Burgers

bob and linda bobs burgers cosplays she-hulk cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Bob and Linda from Bob’s Burgers have the ultimate relationship. It was so nice to see they took a day off from making burgers to come visit NYCC. We loved the painted on arm hair too.

6. Oogie Boogie

the nightmare before christmas oogie boogie cosplay at new york comic con 2019

“I might just split a seam now, If I don't die laughing first.” Which we’re glad he didn’t because there would have been bugs everywhere!

5. Wolverine

wolverine cosplay at new york comic con 2019

We were kind of disappointed when this guy turned out not to be Hugh Jackman. Maybe we caught his long lost brother … or stunt double.

4. Uravity and Froppy

uravity and froppy from my hero academia cosplay at new york comic con 2019These two make a great team up in My Hero Academia. We know they were fighting crime before showing up to Comic Con because Uraraka had some battle damage.

3. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Admiral Ackbar

star wars ki-adi-mundi and admiral ackbar cosplays at new york comic con 2019

These two probably met during the Clone Wars. Although while Ki-Adi-Mundi was an already established Jedi on the council, Akbar was just a young Mon Calamari and yet still chief adviser of the Mon Cala king, Yos Kolina, and captain of the Royal Guard. Just a little tidbit for you. 

But you were probably just waiting for …“It’s a trap!”

2. Silk

silk cosplay at new york comic con 2019

Silk has been making some great waves in the Spider-Man fandom, and it’s great to see another strong female character for people to latch on to. If you don’t know much about Silk, I suggest you start with Silk #1 of her solo series. In issue number #4, she goes on a hot date (no spoilers though!)

1. Eyepatch (Ken Kaneki)

ken kaneki AKA eyepatch from tokyo ghoul cosplay at new york comic con 2019

If you haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul, then you’re truly missing out on some great action. This cosplayer and his Ken Kaneki’s Kagune was pretty brilliant. He did a great job, and that’s why he’s our number one pick.

All of the cosplayers that showed up to NYCC really did a fantastic job. There were obviously more cosplayers than the ones we posted.

Did you see a cosplayer you liked that should have been on our list?

Tell us about their costume in the comments section below!


This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for 30 years, has a bow tie tattoo, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He also is a podcaster and a streamer.

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