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12 Best Madden 22 Teams [With Official Team Ratings!]

Whether you're jumping into Franchise mode, building your Madden Ultimate Team, or duking it out in The Yard, there's a lot of new content to check out in EA Sports' Madden 22. And if you want to achieve gridiron greatness, you might as well use one of the best Madden 22 teams.

So to make your life easier, we listed the 12 best teams to use in Madden 22 according to their Overall Rating — plus the official Madden 22 team ratings for all 32 teams!

You'll notice that some team ratings are drastically different from Madden 21. That's because Madden 22 team ratings change throughout the 2021 NFL season based on real-word performance.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 92 Overall Rating

Tampa Bay Buccaneers outside linebacker Jason Andrew Pierre-Paul and quarterback Tom Brady in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Buccaneers Defense Rating: 90

It's no wonder the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the highest-rated team in Madden 22. The Super Bowl LV champions rose to the top thanks in part to their strong defensive roster.

Some of the Super Bowl champs' defensive stars include 93 OVR MLB Lavonte David, 88 OVR LOLB Shaquil Barrett, and 86 OVR Tight End Austin Hooper.

Buccaneers Offense Rating: 92

97 OVR Quarterback Tom Brady is back at the helm again, as the timeless wonder looks to add another impressive season to his resume. In addition to Tom Brady, the majority of the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive core returned, as 91 OVR WR Mike Evans solidified himself as one of the premier speedsters on the outside.

2. Kansas City Chiefs: 90 Overall Rating

Kansas City Chiefs center Austin Blythe, guard Kyle Long, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Chiefs Defense Rating: 78

There were numerous questions regarding the Kansas City Chiefs' offense throughout the 2020 season, and the team faltered at Super Bowl LV last year. Regardless of their performance, the Chiefs still have defensive wonders such as 95 OVR SS Tyrann Mathieu.

Chiefs Offense Rating: 96

The Chiefs have a strong offensive squad. It's hard to find another core of players more talented than 99 club members QB Patrick Mahomes (99 OVR) and Tight End Travis Kelce (99 OVR) along with 98 OVR WR Tyreek Hill and 84 OVR HB Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

3. Green Bay Packers: 89 Overall Rating

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams in Madden 21Electronic Arts Inc.

Packers Defense Rating: 85

The Green Bay Packers have quietly built a strong defense, which is led by 95 OVR CB Jaire Alexander and 89 OVR SS Adrian Amos.

Packers Offense Rating: 91

The Packers' real strength lies in their offense, which is looking to take them back to the promise land with the return of 96 OVR QB Aaron Rodgers. The franchise QB is looking to make more connections with 99 club member and WR Davante Adams (99 OVR).

EA has rewarded some Packers players with incredible player ratings including talents such as 96 OVR LT David Bakhtiari.

4. Baltimore Ravens: 88 Overall Rating

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Ravens Defense Rating: 85

The Baltimore Ravens have a few key players that'll keep you on your toes when you're lined up against their defense.

Led by 92 OVR CB Marlon Humphrey, 88 OVR CB Marcus Peters, and 88 OVR Tight End Mark Andrews, the Ravens have one of the top secondaries in the NFL. This should prevent your opponent from going to the deep ball as much as they do against other teams.

Ravens Offense Rating: 84

On the offensive side, the Ravens are looking to bounce back from an average season. Their star player: 91 OVR Lamar Jackson as quarterback.

The offense will look to capitalize on their youthful talent, and if Jackson can replicate his MVP season, the Ravens will have one of the top rosters.

5. Cleveland Browns 87 Overall Rating

Cleveland Browns halfback Nick Chubb in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Browns Defense Rating: 79

While the Cleveland Browns have a lackluster defensive roster, they do feature 98 OVR RE Myles Garrett, one of the league's premier defensive specialists. 89 OVR CB Denzel Ward is among the other players equipped to wreck havoc in the AFC North, where the Browns will look to finally claim the division from the Ravens and Steelers.

Browns Offense Rating: 89

It finally happened. The Browns have an offense that fans can get behind. This is largely due to their component players who are ready to play. 84 OVR Quarterback Baker Mayfield, 96 OVR HB Nick Chubb, and 89 OVR WR Odell Beckham Jr are just a few of the players who can be difference makers on the offense.

6. Buffalo Bills: 86 Overall Rating

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steffon Diggs and Green Bay Packers cornerback Kevin King in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Bills Defense Rating: 82

Similar to some of the other top teams on this Madden 22 ratings list, the Buffalo Bills defense is usually not in the spotlight.

But when starters such as 93 OVR CB Tre'Davious White and 88 OVR FS Micah Hyde get going, there's little other teams can muster against them.

Bills Offense Rating: 86

The Bills feature one of the league's most explosive offenses. 88 OVR QB Josh Allen will be looking to drop some dimes to 97 OVR WR Stefon Diggs yet again. They're one of the league's best combinations.

7. Dallas Cowboys: 86 Overall Rating

Dallas Cowboys halfback Ezekiel Elliott in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Cowboys Defense Rating: 76

After a turbulent year for the Dallas Cowboys, their defensive side is where they'll be looking to make some ground on. While the Cowboys don't have any star headliners on this side of the ball, they do have sack master and 87 OVR LE DeMarcus Lawrence.

Cowboys Offense Rating: 88

After an unfortunate injury to 87 OVR QB Dak Prescott last year, the Cowboys offense struggled to maintain relevance. But in 2021, they're looking to capitalize on Prescott's return. 92 OVR WR Amari Cooper and 88 HB Ezekiel Elliott are two of the driving forces behind this movement.

The offensive line, especially 98 OVR RG Zack Martin, needs to protect Prescott as much as possible.

8. Arizona Cardinals: 85 Overall Rating

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in Madden 22
Electronic Arts Inc.

Cardinals Defense Rating: 84

The Arizona Cardinals' acquisition of 94 OVR LE JJ Watt should help strengthen their defensive roster, which also features stars like 94 OVR LOLB Chandler Jones.

Cardinals Offense Rating: 83

82 OVR QB Kyler Murray is going to have a lot of the same options as he did last year, and no other wide receiver is best cut out for this role than 98 OVR DeAndre Hopkins. The Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and LA Rams better watch out.

9. Tennessee Titans: 85 Overall Rating

Tennessee Titans halfback Derrick Henry in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Titans Defense Rating: 80

The Tennessee Titans will try to shut down the newly drafted Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence who was picked first in the NFL Draft this past spring. To do this, they'll rely on 88 OVR FS Kevin Byard and 84 MLB Rashaan Evans.

Titans Offense Rating: 87

The reigning rushing leader, 96 OVR HB Derrick Henry, will assert his dominance. He's always a threat to rush for over 200 yards a game. And with a lackluster Texans lineup, this looks to be the Titans' time to shine.

10. Los Angeles Chargers: 84 Overall Rating

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen catches the football in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Chargers Defense Rating: 80

Leveraging 92 OVR LOLB Joey Bosa's incredible ability, along with having 88 OVR Derwin James Jr as strong safety, is a top strategy to use in Madden 22 when playing as the LA Chargers.

Chargers Offense Rating: 82

The Chargers are without a doubt one of the up-and-coming teams in the league, mainly due to the sensational 80 OVR QB Justin Herbert. This is paired with solid offensive contributors such as 85 HB Austin Ekeler and 93 OVR WR Keenan Allen.

11. Los Angeles Rams: 84 Overall Rating

Los Angeles Rams right end Aaron Donald in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Rams Defense Rating: 83

The LA Rams have one of the few rosters with members of the 99 club: 99 OVR RE Aaron Donald, three-time winner of the Defensive Player of the Year award, and 99 OVR CB Jalen Ramsey, one of the league's top defenders.

Rams Offense Rating: 81

While the defense is the shining light of the Rams, the offense has been improving over the years, and this year the spotlight will be on new 83 OVR QB Matthew Stafford. He will have targets such as 86 OVR Cooper Kupp and 87 OVR WR Robert Woods.

12. New Orleans Saints: 84 Overall Rating

New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in Madden 22Electronic Arts Inc.

Saints Defense Rating: 83

It may come as a surprise that the Saints are rated in the top 12, especially over the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers. But with stars like 93 LE Cameron Jordan and 91 OVR MLB Demario Davis, the Saints are formidable on this side of the ball.

Saints Offense Rating: 80

With future Hall of Famer QB Drew Brees retired, the Saints offense will flow through 61 OVR QB Ian Brook (the winningest QB in Notre Dame history with 30 wins), 94 OVR HB Alvin Kamara, and 94 OVR WR Michael Thomas. We'll have to wait and see if the Saints can hold their spot among the 12 top-rated teams in Madden 22.

Official Madden NFL 22 Team Ratings

Here's the official Madden 22 teams list and ratings from EA — sorted by Overall Rating:

1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 92 90 92
2 Kansas City Chiefs 90 78 96
3 Green Bay Packers 89 85 91
4 Baltimore Ravens 88 85 84
5 Cleveland Browns 87 79 89
6 Buffalo Bills 86 82 86
7 Dallas Cowboys 86 76 88
8 Arizona Cardinals 85 84 83
9 Tennessee Titans 85 80 87
10 Los Angeles Chargers 84 80 82
11 Los Angeles Rams 84 83 81
12 New Orleans Saints 84 83 80
13 San Francisco 49ers 83 84 80
14 New England Patriots 83 86 78
15 Denver Broncos 82 86 72
16 Seattle Seahawks 82 77 85
17 Washington Football Team 81 81 76
18 Las Vegas Raiders 81 75 82
19 Indianapolis Colts 80 78 75
20 Pittsburgh Steelers 80 88 74
21 Chicago Bears 79 87 73
22 Miami Dolphins 79 79 70
23 New York Giants 78 82 72
24 Minnesota Vikings 78 81 77
25 Atlanta Falcons 77 73 79
26 Philadelphia Eagles 76 77 73
27 Houston Texans 76 72 78
28 Cincinnati Bengals 75 74 74
29 Jacksonville Jaguars 75 75 76
30 Detroit Lions 74 74 75
31 Carolina Panthers 73 76 71
32 New York Jets 72 74 69


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