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The Ultimate Holiday Gaming Gift Giving Guide 2019

Now that the big gift giving holidays are upon us, it is time to buckle down and figure out what to buy the gamer in your life. We know you saved them for last because many of you may need help. G FUEL is here to help you. Whether you are a parent/family member, friend, or IRL/“online” significant other, this guide will help you figure out the perfect gift to buy the gamer in your life.

Having dealt with family and friends who have no idea what I would want as a gift in the realm of video games over the last 30 years, I’m more than willing to help our readers. Now I understand that our readers are mostly gaming experts, so your job is to hand this article to your “clueless aunt” that somehow buys you the same Mario t-shirt every year.

We know that shopping for a gamer is always tough. Sometimes you don’t want to just buy a video game for them because they may already have it. This guide is more about some of the paraphernalia that your gift receiver will cherish forever.

Here's a huge selection of gifts you can feel good about giving the video game-loving individuals in your life:

The Legend Of Zelda: Ultimate Defense Hylian Shield Fleece Blanket

legend of zelda: the ultimate defence hylian shield fleece blanketMerchoid

Now this is one of those gifts that speaks to all gamers. It represents most of our childhoods and our sense of long winter days gaming. Whether we put it on our couch, bed, or gaming chair, we know we will be warm in style. 

It's a fleece throw blanket in the shape of a Hylian Shield. It's 50" x 60", so your gift can snuggle up. Or if the gamer happens to be taller, the blanket will at least wrap around their legs. 

If for some reason they aren't Zelda fans, disown them. Totally kidding, but they can fold it lovingly and put it in their dog's crate so their fluffy companion has a sweet new blankie.

Price: $30.99

Buy it here

Nintendo Game Console 3-Pack Crew Socks For Adults

nintendo game console 3-pack crew socks featuring link, donkey kong, and marioFirst Person Clothing

While it is true that most people dislike getting socks for the holidays, this might actually change their mind. Your gift receiver will be able to show off the old school games and keep their feet warm at the same time.

The box is a replica of the old NES and holds three different pairs of Nintendo character-themed printed socks:. Link, Donkey Kong, and Mario. It is a cool little addition to anyone’s wardrobe that they can show off at school or work after the holidays end.

Price: $24.99

Buy it here

Puma & Tetris RS Sneakers

puma tetris rs 9.8 sneakersPuma

Something that never goes out of style is fashion. Also the game created in 1984, Tetris, seems to never go out of style either. Puma is now giving the gift of fashion and classic gaming mixed in these new kicks. 

You'll have to know a shoe size for the person you are buying for, but you can certainly guarantee no one else will be gifting these babies. 

Make sure you adjust for women’s sizes since the website only has Men’s and children’s sizes. Which seems to just be an oversight. We all know women love Tetris too!

Price: $100

Buy it here

SCUF Vantage 2 Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® controller Vantage 2

scuf vantage 2 call of duty modern warfare controllerScuf Gaming

SCUF has all kinds of controllers for your gamers. They come in a wide variety of looks. This one, however, will very much appeal to your Call of Duty fans. SCUF’s Vantage controllers have over 15 unique features created to accelerate gameplay and provide you with game-changing milliseconds.

This is a limited edition controller at SCUF, so you may want to buy it before the stock is all gone. This controller is for PlayStation only but comes with a traveling case, charger wire, an “in-game charm,” and much more.

Price: $219.95

Buy it here

SCUF Prestige Cherry Blossom Xbox One Controller

scuf prestige cherry blossom xbox one controllerScuf Gaming

Playstation isn’t the only one at SCUF that gets a cool-looking controller. This is the perfect controller for those gamers that are into fighter games. Especially the anime fighters.

While adding the Cherry Blossom casing to the controller runs you an extra $20, it is well worth the beauty. In fact, you can alter almost everything about the controller: from the D-pad to the bumpers.

SCUF has upped the game with the Prestige for Xbox One. This wireless pro-level custom controller is designed to improve your speed, accuracy, precision, and comfort.

Price: Starts at $159.99

Buy it here

SteelSeries - Sensei Ten Mouse

steelseries sensei ten mouseSteelSeries

There isn’t a gamer alive that doesn’t need new tech to outlast the competition. Sometimes they just need that extra edge. Steel Series can help them out a little with the Sensei Ten. With an unreal 18,000 CPI, 450 IPS, and 50G acceleration, the sensor in the Sensei Ten is optimized so that your aim is more precise than ever.

Price: $69.99

Buy it here

SteelSeries - Apex Pro Keyboard

steelseries apex pro keyboardSteelSeries

SteelSeries continues to roll out the hits this holiday season. PC gamers would love to be showered with something new to play with. With the Apex Pro, they can adjust each key to meet their preferred sensitivity level, whether it's for gaming, work, or anything else they’ll use it for.

The Apex Pro is 8x faster in response, 5x faster in actuation, and 2x in durability. Which means even in those rage moments, your gamer won’t break anything.

Price: $199.99

Buy it here

SteelSeries - Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox

steelseries arctis 9x wireless gaming headset for XboxSteelSeries

As with a keyboard and mouse, a great headset is just as important. The Arctis 9X, although made for the Xbox console, works with Simultaneous Bluetooth. This will let your gamer mix in audio from another device while connected to the Xbox or use the headset when on the go. It can be used for anything, even their phone.

It also has 20 hours of battery life. So your gamer won’t lose sound right in the middle of a match.

Price: $199.99

Buy it here

Paladone Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets

paladone super mario bros fridge magnetsAmazon/Paladone

The one thing that every great refrigerator needs are magnets. Who couldn't use some new fridge magnets? 

Maybe the person you're buying a gift for doesn't have a refrigerator. Well good news, they’re magnets. They stick to most metals. 

There are over 80 different characters and blocks to turn any gamer’s fridge into their own Mario level, and that's pretty cool.

Price: $9.99

Buy it here

Fallout 76 Vault-Tec Tactical Backpack

bioworld fallout 76 vault-tec tactical backpackFirst Person Clothing

Every time I play a Fallout game, I hope that I can carry as much as my character does in a post apocalyptic setting. With this Fallout 76 Vault-Tec Tactical backpack, that may now be possible.

This backpack is not only easily cleanable, but it also holds everything you might need for a hike in the wastelands or for school. It has a ton of organizing pockets as well as a padded laptop pocket to keep your computer safe. It will fit up to a 15" laptop inside.

Price: $54.99

Buy it here

Paladone Game Boy Watch

paladone nintendo game boy watchAmazon/Paladone

What time is it? It's time for the gamer in your life to flash this awesome retro Game Boy watch. The Game Boy buttons actually work and are used to set the time and date and an alarm. They even make official Super Mario Land alarm sounds. 

It will be apparent very quickly how many times your gift receiver is asked if the watch actually plays games. It doesn’t, but it’s a great conversation starter if nothing else.

Price: $29.98

Buy it here

Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman Action Figure

half-life gordon freeman action figureEntertainment Earth

If there is one thing that we nerds appreciate, its a good action figure/statue to put on display for everyone to see. I have 12 or so myself. With the new Half Life: Alyx VR game, it will be a hard time to get Half Life figures. So now is your chance to grab something.

Freeman stands nearly 7-inches tall and is pretty bendable, as he sports over 20 points of articulation, which is more than we can say for his character in the game. He comes with two sets of interchangeable hands, a crowbar, bug bomb, the gravity gun, and head-crab figure to complete the package.

Price: $23.99

Buy it here

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Ciri Figure

the witcher 3 wild hunt ciri figureEntertainment Earth

As I mentioned above, we love figures, and the more the better. The Witcher III was massively popular, and Ciri won the hearts of so many fans. If your gift receiver was a fan at all, then they will absolutely love this Dark Horse statue. This would be proudly displayed.

Ciri, Princess of Cintra, stands approximately 7 3/4-inches tall (including base). Designed to the character's likeness and custom painted, this figure comes displayed in a deluxe window box. If you are a barbarian like me, it looks just as even nicer outside of the box.

Price: $39.99

Buy it here

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mat

legend of zelda majoras doormatMerchoid

We all need something to come home to that welcomes us back after a long day. This could be the sound of family, a faithful dog, or this colorful welcome mat that will proclaim to all who enter your home that you are a massive Majora's Mask fan. 

Although because of how cool this is, you may want to advise the person who gets this to leave it on the inside of the door. Wiping your shoes is important, but getting this stolen would cause heartbreak. 

Price: $34.99

Buy it here

100 Video Games Bucket List Scratch Poster

100 video games bucket list scratch posterAmazon/Gift Republic

This gift would be a better buy for those newer gamers that go through the “I never really got to play a lot of other games, where do I start?” moment. This scratch-off poster will help decide on some classics from Tetris to Far Cry 3. The poster carefully selected a list of 100 video games to play.  All of them are Pokemon. I'm kidding.

The idea is to scratch off a square whenever you're ready to try something new. 

Warning: while there may be 100 squares on here, gamers that have been playing a long time have probably already gotten through all of these.

Price: $14.95

Buy it here

Ditto as Jigglypuff Poké Plush

ditto as jigglypuff poke plushPokémon Center

You caught a wild Jigglypuff. Oops. Wait, that’s a Ditto pretending to be a Jigglypuff. The Pokémon Center produced a whole bunch of different plushies that are actually Ditto’s in disguise.

Now you’ll be able to stare into those beady eyes as Ditto embodies Pikachu, Snorlax, Vulpix and more.

Price: $14.99

Buy it here

God of War Axe Life Size Foam Replica

god of war axe life size foam replicaEntertainment Earth

This is the axe that is based off the 2018 video game God of War. While this is still for pre-order, any fan would love to open a card with a receipt for this gift. It would ship in January, so when the hype of the holiday season dies down and one day a package shows up for them, it’s like the holiday season all over again.

It is pretty highly detailed for a foam replica. It features all the authentic details as seen from the game and is also life-size at about 3-feet long.

Price: $49.99

Buy it here

Pokémon: Pika Power Shaped Mug

pokemon pika power shaped mugMerchoid

Everyone uses cups. Everyone has a huge soft spot for Pikachu, whether they want to admit it or not. Really, buying this mug for someone is a win-win situation. 

Honestly, if the gamer in your life hates cups and hates Pikachu, well, then just give them coal instead. There is no other gift that warrants that behavior. However, if they really don’t like Pikachu, you can always go for the generic Pokéball mug.

Price: $26.99

Buy it here

Bulbasaur Ceramic Flower Pot

bulbasaur ceramic flower pot

Pikachu isn’t the only Pokémon around here to show off in ceramic style. This minimalist Bulbasaur flower pot is super cute. If your gamer is the more artistic type (or maybe you are), you can paint the flower pot  for a more “authentic” look.

Note that this flower pot comes empty. So you also have to buy the flowers or succulent that would live there. Although I guess it could also be a pen holder if you really didn’t want to buy the plant.

Price: $9.86

Buy it here

Adidas Star Wars Shoes

adidas top ten hi star wars obi-wan kenobi shoesAdidas

Since the newest Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order, just came out, it might be an absolute win for you if you buy your gamer some Star Wars sneakers. 

Adidas actually made a whole bunch of sneakers. So if you can narrow down the gift recipient’s favorite character and shoe size, you will probably blow their mind.

Price: $48 (starting)

Buy it here

Oculus Quest Vader Immortal Bundle – 64GB

Maybe you are looking to pamper your gamer this year. Get them "virtual reality's next big leap forward." Now that the Oculus has “untethered” itself from the PC, you can use this hardware basically anywhere.

It will also include the two hand controllers, so you won’t have to try and find those somewhere else. Your gamer will be set as soon as they open the box.

If you order soon (the offer ends January 31, 2020), the Oculus Quest comes with all three Episodes of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series and Lightsaber Dojos for free. Which is a pretty great deal.

Price: $399

Buy it here

Displate Metal Prints

displate prints on metal christmas presentsDisplate

All gamers need stuff on their wall to show off. We all need more wall candy. Well, present buyer, look no further than Displate. They create awesome metal posters that are designed by artists from all over the world.

Does your gamer love the Witcher series? Perhaps they are into (and have a favorite card from) Hearthstone or Gwent. You can look through all of those art pieces. Most gamers cross over into the comic book world too. Well, you’re in luck because Displater also have a ton of comic book-themed ones from Marvel and DC.

Whatever your gift receiver might be into, Displate is sure to have something you’ll fall in love with this shopping season.

They will also be having a holiday sale going on. Buy 1-3 posters, get 15% OFF. Buy 4+ posters, get 25% OFF. Just be sure to use code XMAS to get the discount.

Price: Starts at $45 (Use code XMAS for special new prices)

Buy it here

Piranha Plant Puppet

hashtag collectibles pirhana plant puppetAmazon/Hashtag Collectibles

Are you buying a gift for someone younger in the family? How about teaching them the fun hobby of puppetry? Get them the cutest carnivorous plant around with the Piranha Plant puppet. Just put your hand inside and go get your bite of the spotlight. 

The puppet is about 10 inches tall and actually retracts into the pipe just like in the games.

Price: $22.99

Buy it here

Overwatch: The Official Cookbook, $35

overwatch the official cookbookAmazon/Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

While Overwatch doesn’t have a lot of food shown in the game, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel imagines what your favorite characters like to eat between matches in this official Overwatch cookbook. This isn’t Chelsea’s first run at nerdy cookbooks either, so you know it has some quality recipes in it.

If your gamer shows any interest in cooking, this might be the perfect gift idea for their palate. At the very least, it might get them to stop eating Poptarts and chicken nuggets for a few weeks.

Cook up more than 90 recipes inspired by the heroes of Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game.

Price: $18.29

Buy it here

8-bit Game Cartridge Cutting Board

8-bit game cartridge cutting board looks like a nintendo nes cartridgeEtsy/CuttingBoredom

Speaking of a cool thing to have in your house, this is a handcrafted 12"x13" Retro 8-bit Game Cartridge cutting board that is sure to wow any gamer who also loves to cook. Its description alone should be enough to convince you to buy it:

“Need a place to cut up your mushrooms into 8 bits? Grab a controller, blow it off to make sure it works properly, and set up a 2 player meal on this world’s first RETRO 8-bit game cartridge Cutting Board!”

Custom engraving is available on this cutting board, although that may delay the order past the holidays. You even have a choice of wood used: maple, walnut, cherry, or mahogany.

Price: Starts at $50

Buy it here

Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone

blue yeti nano premium usb micAmazon/Blue

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your gift receiver has been thinking about recording their own podcast. Maybe they said they wanted to start streaming but haven’t started purchasing their own setup. Well now you can surprise them with a start-up mic.

Blue microphones are a great start-up mic for people trying new recordings. Even veterans of the craft still use these mics from time to time. So this gift could start your gift receiver's career off right. They are perfect for podcasting, game streaming, Skype calls, YouTube, music, or whatever your gamer is ready to start doing. It also comes in a few colors.

Price $83.71

Buy it here

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Machine

teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade machine with riserWalmart/Arcade1UP

This is another “spoil them” type of gift. If your gamer was an arcade person, then they will remember this classic. It is actually a game that everyone should play. Well, Arcade 1Up makes these popular 3/4 size arcade cabinets. The newest model features the classic arcade beat 'em up, TMNT Turtles in Time

Price $350

Buy it here

Nintendo NES Cartridge Coasters

nintendo nes cartridge coastersBoxLunch

It is important to have cool home decor for a gamer. It is also important to make sure their table/desk doesn’t get those weird rings from their cups. As a gift giver, you can make that apparent with these Nintendo coasters.

The package doesn’t just come with one or two. It features eight different classic NES cartridge designs, from Super Mario Bros. to Excitebike.

Price: $9.90

Buy it here

Fortnite Nerf Blasters and Super Soakers

nerf fortnite rl super soaker water blaster


Ok, winter might not be the ideal time to buy water guns, but if your kids are fans of Fortnite, this is Fortnite IRL. There are a bunch of Nerf Guns in the link below. Let your kids play with the safe foam darts from the game’s famous guns like the AR - Durrr to the mini Fortnite Party Bus blaster. 

What more could they want?

Price: $9.99 (starting)

Buy it here

G FUEL Stocking Stuffers

holiday bogo sweater g fuel green apple fruit punch tubs

Of course G FUEL will have gifts for you to buy your gaming gift receiver. Shaker cups, starter kits, and Energy Crystals make great stocking stuffers, and they are all under $15.

G FUEL will also having another one of our famous BOGO sales. Starting on December 25th and running through December 31st, you’ll be able to buy one tub and get one free. If you’ve been waiting to buy some new flavors or even a refill of your favorites, be sure to shop G FUEL's Holiday Buy One Tub, Get One Tub Free Sale!

But that’s not all …

G FUEL is also doing 12 Days of Deals & Steals.

Here is how it works:

Starting on December 13th, G FUEL will be sharing discount codes and hosting giveaways everyday until Christmas.

The code is for a discount on the product mentioned, and the giveaway is also for the product mentioned. So, on our RTD cans day, we'll offer a discount on RTD cans, but we will also give away RTD cans for free.

12 Days Of Deals And Steals

Day 1 (December 13): Starter Kits (Code + @GFuelEnergy on Twitter Giveaway)

Day 2 (December 14): DX Racer Chair (Giveaway)

Day 3 (December 15): RTD Cans (Code + @GFuelEnergy on Instagram Giveaway)

Day 4 (December 16): SCUF Controller (Giveaway)

Day 5 (December 17): Energy Crystals (Code + Giveaway)

Day 6 (December 18): Dubmelon Mint (Code + Giveaway)

Day 7 (December 19): Displates (Giveaway)

Day 8 (December 20): Steelseries Mousepad! (Code + Giveaway)

Day 9 (December 21): Hydration Tubs (Code + Giveaway)

Day 10 (December 22): Colorware Nintendo Switch (Giveaway)

Day 11 (December 23): Ugly Christmas Sweater (Giveaway)

Day 12 (December 24): BOGO Free Tubs (Year-Supply Giveaway)

So check out @GFuelEnergy on Twitter on each of those days to try your luck!

Does anything on this massive list strike your fancy?

Tell us in the comments section below.

And happy holidays from everyone here at G FUEL!

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This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a bow tie tattoo, and watches anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.