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5 Things You Should Know Before Playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint

One of Ubisoft’s longest-running series, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, is getting a new installment in the form of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ghost Recon Breakpoint hit the shelves on October 4th, and fans all over the world can't wait to load into the sandbox land of Aurora.

It’s been over a month since Ubisoft released the closed beta that was exclusive to pre-ordered players, which received a ton of positive feedback from the community.

Ghost Recon has become synonymous with the gaming world, from its traditional ways of being a linear stealth-based third-person shooter, to an open world sandbox game much like another Ubisoft title, Far Cry.

This new formula for the Ghost Recon series has resonated well with fans. They know what Ubisoft is capable of when it comes to open-world games, and they expect that this year with Breakpoint.

Here are five things you should know before loading up Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

1. Ghost Recon Breakpoint features a revamped PVP mode


Announced a little while ago at Gamescom 2019 via the Ghost Recon Breakpoint trailer, Ghost Recon Breakpoint features an entirely new PVP system that includes an all-new class system, perks, and much more!

We got a unique look at these classes when the closed beta was available to players worldwide. At first, you only get to choose one class, but as you progress your character, you can unlock multiple classes and switch them whenever you want. 

The four classes in Breakpoint are as follows:

  1. 1. Assault – Specializes in direct combat, perhaps the most generic class out of the four
  2. 2. Panther – Used to flank your enemy and get the upper hand on them
  3. 3. Sharpshooter – A master in long-range attacks
  4. 4. Medic – Team healer

Each of these classes have a unique ability. The Assault class has the true grit ability, which makes the player much like a super-soldier for a limited time, granting them additional stamina and health.

Panther’s special ability is the cloak and run mechanic. Players can throw down a smoke grenade to shield themselves from their enemy’s vision, and they can maneuver much faster while in this smoke. It’s a fresh sight for many Ghost Recon fans that there isn’t just one generic class for all players to use.

Sharpshooter’s Armor Buster grants the player the power to pierce any object with their sniper shots, practically making any shot a one-hit kill during the game. Another ability the sharpshooter class has access to is an equipment device that acts as a motion tracker for the surrounding area.

Medic’s Healing Drone can heal and revive teammates whenever they go down in combat.

2. The world is HUGE

Snow biomes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

During the opening scene in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta, players see that their helicopter has crashed into a tropical island. They’re stuck there for the majority of the game.

Upon first glance at the map, the archipelago named “Aurora” is HUGE. Even in the beta, where you’re restricted to a small portion of the map, the landmass is immense.

Hills scale all over the place. There are even swampy sections where there are some side missions for players to try out.

As you explore more of the map in-game, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of mountains towards the south side of the map. There’s also a snow biome present on the map, and it looks like there may be a more green land section farther down the map.

Breakpoint features some lush rainforests, urban areas, and much more for players to explore and go on some missions. Ubisoft has always been known for creating an immersive and extensive world for players to explore, similar to what we saw in the recent Far Cry iterations.

An urban area in Ghost Recon Breakpoint with buildings that have grass on their roofs.Ubisoft

3. The Wolves are your deadliest enemies yet


The Wolves are the main enemies who players go up against throughout Breakpoint’s story mode. Led by former Ghost member Cole D. Walker, his gang of goons are fearsome in the showcased cinematic.

All of the members are decked out in full body armor, and at the time, we stand no chance against them. We don’t know the internal motive behind Cole’s betrayal of the Ghosts, but we do know that they’re keeping all of the citizens of Aurora captive on the island.

With a fleet of dangerous drones patrolling the surrounding waters, we may not see the player leave the island at all. We can assume later in the main storyline that we’ll get a full background into why The Wolves were formed. Only time will tell.

4. Buy perks using skill points in the skill tree

One of the major changes from Wildlands is the revamped skill tree present in Breakpoint. The skills were fully accessible to all players during the closed beta, and they can now be unlocked through skill points.

In the previous title, you’d have to complete random side missions to get resources to unlock certain perks. Now, we have a much more reliable and efficient way to unlock skills to further our player development in the main story mode. You can get skill points by earning XP from completing missions, killing enemies, or progressing the story.

There’s also an ample amount of new perks for players to unlock, and different subcategories for us to dive into, such as drone specific unlockable perks to perhaps improve our drone’s battery life.

Here’s the full list of perks you can unlock throughout your time playing Breakpoint:


  • Close and Personal: +15% reload speed and +10 to mobility
  • Experience Upgrade: +20% XP bonus
  • Parachute: Press the space bar to deploy your parachute
  • Night Vision: Activate by pressing the V key
  • Perk Slot: Equip an extra perk
  • Perk Slot: Equip an extra perk


  • Pack Mule: +40% maximum ammo and +10% ammo pick up
  • Pistolero: +15% reload speed and +20% damage while using a hand cannon
  • Maximum Ammo: +25% maximum ammo
  • Better Dismantle: Scavenge more parts when dismantling weapons

Mark Upgrades

  • Mark Upgrade: Upgrade weapons to MK.2 in the gunsmith to refine and customize them
  • Mark Upgrade: Upgrade weapons to MK.3 in the gunsmith to refine and customize them


  • Thermal Vision: Hit the V key to activate
  • Intel Grenade: Marks enemies in an area
  • Resources Detection: Adds icons on your mini-map that indicate nearby resources to pick up
  • Recon Mastery: Every enemy marked with your drone reduces your technique cooldown by 10% and increases your XP gain by 40%

Drone Upgrades

  • Drone Upgrade: +20% to drone range
  • Drone Upgrade: +20% to drone speed
  • Drone Upgrade: +50% to drone cooldown
  • Drone Upgrade: +50% to drone mark area
  • Drone Visions: Hit the V key to use the drone’s night and thermal vision


  • Rolling Thunder: +20% to weapon damage and drone damage while using a sniper rifle
  • Gunslinger: +15% accuracy and handling on every hit
  • Iron Lungs: +100% breath control while aiming and swimming
  • Ballistic Advantage: +40 to range and +20 to accuracy


  • Stamina Regen Speed: +20% to, well, stamina regen speed
  • Rations Lvl.2: Craft advanced rations in the bivouac for better effects and longer durations
  • Tireless: -20% stamina costs
  • Burst Forth: +10% to movement speed and +75% stamina regen speed


  • Specialized Item Carrier: +1 item class capacity
  • Inspired: Instantly heal some of your health when your ally snags a kill
  • Technique Accelerant: -10% technique cooldown
  • Revivalist: After an ally is downed, you’ll pick up +20% movement speed and +40% damage resistance

Tactics II

  • Technique Accelerant: -10% technique cooldown
  • Specialized Item Carrier: +1 item class capacity
  • Convoy Upgrade: Get better gear and weapons from convoys
  • Drone Hunter: After destroying a drone, you’ll instantly heal back some of your health


  • Armory Upgrade: Get better quality weapons when buying them on demand
  • Skell Credits: Better gains from kills and in Ghost War
  • Skell Credits: Better gains from kills and in Ghost War
  • Helicopter Sale: Helicopters become available for purchase in the store
  • Weaponized Vehicles: Heavy and weaponized vehicles become available in the shop


  • Mountaineer: +75% slide control
  • Water Filter: Fill your water bottle in swamps and saltwater
  • Speed climber: +20% climb speed
  • Rations LV.3: Craft extreme rations in the bivouac for better effects and longer durations


  • Sixth Sense: +25m automatic marking – marks all enemies in range, although it can’t be used in Ghost War
  • Syncshot Drone: Remote killer – press the G key to put on the target, and hold the same key to activate it
  • Sensor Hack: +10% damage to drones and +40% drone evasion
  • Slim Shadow: +50 stealth


  • Explosives MK.2: Upgrades C4, frag grenades, and mines, and it also improves damage and area of effect
  • Item Capacity: +1 item capacity to everything apart from class items and syringes
  • Breach Torch: A high-temperature tech torch that cuts holes in wire fences
  • Explosives Expert: +20% to items’ area of effect, +20% explosive damage, and +40% throw damage

Gadgets II

  • Shop Clearance: Consumables are 50% cheaper in Maria’s shop
  • EMP Grenades: Stuns enemy drones
  • Item Capacity: +1 item capacity to everything apart from class items and syringes
  • Drone Scavenger: Scavenge more parts from destroyed drones


  • Guerrilla: For every hit with a shotgun, you’ll pick up +10% damage resistance and +20% health regen speed
  • Healing Pouch: +1 syringe capacity
  • Adrenaline: Get some of your health back after scoring a kill in close quarters
  • Rocket Launcher: Get a rocket launcher through crafting or in Maria’s shop

Assault II

  • Healing Pouch: +1 syringe capacity
  • Feel No Pain: Pick up the relentless perk, which means you can’t reach critical injury levels, along with +25% to injury resistance
  • Syringe MK.2: Heal faster and remove some injuries
  • Twig: -30% damage resistance, -30% health regen delay, and +100% health regen speed

5. After unlocking attachments, deck out your weapon using the Gunsmith menu

It’s almost certain that most open-world games will include some type of weapon customization screen for players' weapons, gear, or vehicles. Breakpoint is adopting one of these features into the main storyline.

Doing specific missions or buying certain gear from the shop at your main base in the main story mode will unlock weapon-specific attachments. After you unlock some of these attachable parts, you can load up the gunsmith menu and fully deck out your weapon to your heart's desire.

Any gunsmith mechanic is always well appreciated in any game nowadays. After experimenting with the gunsmith tool in the closed beta, it seems a majority of the players are very pleased with it so far.

What are you most excited about in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

Let us know by commenting down below!


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