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FTW Summer Showdown Results And Winner [With Videos]

Nerd Street Gamers and Spectacor Gaming hosted the all-women Valorant tournament FTW Summer Showdown. The Showdown grew even bigger when both organizations partnered with Riot Games to make the largest all-women Valorant tournament even bigger. Instead of just the original one-day, eight-team event, they extended it to a three-day, twelve-team tournament and raised the stakes from $10,000 to a $50,000 prize pool over the course over this past weekend. 

The weekend was also sponsored by T1 Entertainment & Sports and G FUEL (we even had a team compete). FTW: For The Women’s mission is to champion an inclusive space for women and their allies by empowering them through networking, professional growth opportunities, and tournaments that help drive the industry forward. They put together a wonderful moment together with NSG and SG for women in esports.

Day One was 6 matches and were Best of One. So the matches went quickly but were intense. If you missed any of the action, we are here now to give you a recap.

Day 1: Friday, September 11, 2020

Game 1

Hamboigas vs Majkl

During the pistol round, Hamboigas had a rough start, Majkl was able to plant the Spike. While holding it there the Hamboigas tried to rush the area and ended falling to meL with a triple kill. Majkl had a four-round lead before the Hamboigas have finally been able to gain a win. Emy was able to use her special with her Ult. However, meL was able to take the lead back with a double kill who ended up lining up for her.

In round eight, Hamboigas tried to give some of their econ on Juli, as their top fragger, but Majkl still was able to run through them. AnnieDro was able to clean up Round 9 for Majkl with a few patient kills. Hamboigas down 10-1.

By the second pistol round, Majkl seemed to drop the ball, the Hamboigas were able to finally take another match. They were able to come up around point B to come up behind Majkl and it worked to their advantage. Majkl 11 - 2.

AnnieDro was able to take the last kill and defuse the spike in round 14 to bring Majkl to the match point. Majkl was able to clean up easily in their match point. They were in the Hamboigas heads too much and nearly team wiped. Majkl 13 - 2.


Game 2

G FUEL Krabby Patties vs Dignitas

This matchup was something big for Dignitas, as their male counterparts brought in a win recently in their own tournament. So, it felt as though this wonderful all-women team had something to prove. They were going up against our own G FUEL team made up of some amazing content creators that were there to have some fun and do their best.

Starting once again in a Pistol round, both teams started off exchanging kills, but Dignitas was able to clean up after planting the spike. Dignitas continued to win match after match. By match eight, G FUEL Krabby Patties almost had Dignitas, but by the 1v1, Asikaa wasn’t able to clutch that round win. Dignitas 9 - 0.

Rounds 10 and 11, by the midpoint, Dignitas was able to get two flawless matches. Milkyway got the Ace at the end during the second pistol round. It all ended in a homerun for Dignitas. Dignitas 13 - 0.


Game 3

Hamboigas vs Hardstuck

Hamboigas coming back to the throwdown to give it another try, this time against Hardstuck. While they had a bit of trouble again Majkl, fans and casters were hoping that maybe they got out of their own heads to try and take the win.

The pistol round was a tough one for Hardstuck, Hamboigas were abe to take that round using their flashes and smokes to their advantages. Hamboigas even took a flawless win in round two as well. Round three, Hamboigas actually trapped Hardstuck near the B spot and wiped them in this aggressive defensive moves they didn’t show against Majkl. Hamboigas with a Flawless round four giving them a solid lead. Hamboigas 4 - 0.

Hamboigas continue to dominate against Hardstuck, unlike what we saw from them earlier. VRLXA was able to get a double kill in round nine right through the smoke. Hamboigas are covering the points they needed to, however Hardstuck was able to get a win after the Spike was panted in round 10. Hamboigas 9 - 1.

Dii is able to clutch out round with a triple kill and a spike defuse in round 11 leading up to the midpoint. Second Pistol round, Hamboigas had a little trouble but ultimately were able to pull that win which put Hardstuck in a bad position. Then at game point the game paranoia was rough on Hardpoint and it almost fell apart for them.  Hamboigas 13 - 1.


Game 4

GX3 vs Flawless

With GX3 as the favorite, it was going to be up to Flawless to try and be a little more aggressive. The Pistol round goes to Flawless. Which gave them the set up to take the next four rounds. In round five, Flawless planted the spike in a perfect position with a view from both in short and long A site. It helped them hold down the site up until the last second possible to still grab the win. Flawless 5 - 0.

GX3 finally gets a win in round 7. Their econ gave them the necessary guns to help them and defuse the spike at the end. Clawdia grabbing a double kill snipe to take round eight as well. GX3 now has a fantastic econ and on par with Flawless. Clawdia has been sniping like it’s her job, so much so that round nine and ten went to GX3 just because of her random pick offs. Even with Flawless being able to plant the spike. Flawless 6 - 4.

Just before the change up Flawless was able to grab a round win. However, in round 12 EleganceFox wasn’t quite able to hold off GX3 so they grabbed another point as well. Flawless 7 - 5.

During the second pistol round GX3 really ran through Flawless in almost a flawless win. This gave them the econ upper hand. Clawdia again gets two headshots in the next round and gets a spike plant but take the flawless win regardless. Tied up 7 - 7.

Despite Flawless’ flowerful’s 18 kills, it wasn’t enough to give them a win for a while. GX3 continued to win round after round. In Round 17 GX3 was able to plant a spike before Flawless even knew where they were. GX3 11 - 7.

However, flowerful was able to grab round 18 with a double kill early on (three kills total for the round). Clawdia answers with three kills of her own and GX3 get a flawless round on Flawless. Did I make that joke yet? This sits them at match point with three of their own Ults. Clawdia clutches that win after Blush still had two of her own kills on Flawless. The spike was planted and unfortunately for Flawless they missed an Orbital strike. However, GX grabbed the win 13 - 8.


Game 5

Sailor Scouts vs Silhouettes 

As Sailor Scouts came in second in the qualifiers they came in as the favorite. Silhouette ended up also having to change up some player’s last-minute which gave them an uphill battle from the start.

Even with that new team makeup, Silhouettes were able to take the first pistol round. Sailor Scouts had mid control locked down on this level and were able to take round three. SS able to plant the spike in A site after teasing Silhouettes in B. They still were able to get the kills either way. Tied up 2 - 2.

Jance gets a four kill, one through a wall, triple kill at the end to take round five easily. A few back and fourth rounds for each team brought them to round 9 when Silhouettes were able to take a strong lead. Kass and Jance with 10 and 11 kills respectively but not enough to get them the wins they needed. Not until round 10 when Sailor Scouts’ Kass is able to hold down a win. However, Silhouettes dominated the last round before the flip. Silhouettes 8 - 4.

For the second pistol round, the spike was planted and kills were exchanged but Jance was able to clinch the last kill in the crossfire while Kass was able to defuse. Sailor Scout’s defense are looking a lot better than their offense. They let the spike goes down and then push onto the point from different angles. They were able to take four rounds in a row to tie it up. Tied up 8 - 8.

In round 17 Sailor Scouts took their second lead of the game with a flawless round. However, started round 18 with two deaths pretty quickly. And Silhouettes were able to get a spike plant to win. Tied up 9 - 9.

MsxShots were able to give the Scouts a three kill but, unfortunately, Jance drops that win for them, Silhouettes take round 19. The back and forth of this game made each team start to slow down a little and in that safe type play Silhouettes were able to take a three-round lead to match point. Matchpoint for Silhouettes, they were able to plant the Spike and then clean up the Sailor Scouts as they started to drip in to A site. Silohuettes 13 - 9.

Game 6

Chick Fil Ayy vs Bloom

Chick Fil Ayy have been CS:GO players, so their mechanics are a little bit more set of for a Valorant gameplay. However, Bloom has a mix of the professional and the content creator mix which could throw off Chick Fil Ayy. In the first pistol round, however, Chick Fil Ayy get all five kills but with only two players left. Chick Fil Ayy in round two - four are able to bomb plant early and pull Bloom in as kaykay and tokki wipe them out as they try to get to the spike. Chick Fil Ayy 4 - 0.

Tokki was left alone in round 5 who tried a bait in switch as Omen and planted at site B. Unfortunately she couldn’t survive and Bloom was able to defuse the spike for their first win. Playful also clutched another spike defusal in the next round. Chick Fil Ayy 4 - 2.

Round seven, Chick Fil Ayy have been leading Bloom on a wild goose chase on planting the spike. Shuume played it sneaky near the ropes at mid to make sure the spike plant works out as long as possible. After another five wins for Chick Fil Ayy, Bloom wasn’t able to get another win before the flip. Pisces was able to take three kills in round 12 Chick Fil Ayy 10 - 2.

For the second pistol round, Shuume took a double kill in a sneaky run around taking that win again. Shuume again with a flash double kill in the next round giving This brought Chick Fil Ayy to match point in a flawless round. However, Bloom was able to stop them for a match. They need to win nine in a row from this point. Unfortunately, the aggression of Pisces and her final triple kill gave Chick Fil Ayy the victory they needed. Chick Fil Ayy 13 - 3.


Quarter-Final #1

GX3 vs Hardstuck

Map 1

Hardstuck had some hardship in their match against Hamboigas, so going up against GX3 who dominated their own earlier match must be a little intimidating. However, unlike the last few matches, the Quarter Finals are the best of three. So they can stay in a little longer to try and finger out each other’s strategies.

The first pistol match, Hardstuck came in swinging but, unfortunately, GX3 was ready for them and while they lost two players they still overwhelmed them. It was almost exactly the same for round 2. However, Zoe was able to get the last kill in round 3 after both teams were trading kills that whole round. GX3 2 - 1.

GX3 has been trying to make it difficult for Hardstuck but they are ready to answer for a few rounds. It becomes a back and forth, bot teams being aggressive. By round eight Hardstuck was able to plant the spike and came out with a flawless round. Tied up 4 - 4.

Round nine all went to omgitspotter with a three kill who just seemed to be in all the right places at all the right times. Alimonstr clutches a big win for the next round for GX3 with a long kill from a raised view into the boathouse where both Hardstuck players were hiding after planting the Spike. GX3 6 - 4.

On the flip in the second pistol match, missharvey and clawdia were able to hold down site A to take that round win when Hardstuck were coming in with three agents. GX3’s bENITA took the flank for a three kill in round 15 to give GX3 a big lead. GX3 10 - 5.

Hardstuck came in with a vengeance for the next round and was able to finally put a stop to that lead but using an Omen sneak play. But omgitspotter, bENITA, and Clawdia answered with an aggressive push. GX3 11 - 6.

Those three MVPs answer again to take GX3 to match point. Clawdia gets a two kill, omgitspotter also with a two kill and GX3 shuts down Map 1. GX3 13 - 6.

Map 2

The first pistol round goes pretty smoothly for Hardstuck, it looked like GX3 could have taken that but Hardstuck caught them off guard by waiting in Heaven (the high ground) and jumped them after they planted the spike. Hardstuck takes round two as well after alimonster fails to hold site A alone. After taking out Hardstuck’s Zoe in round three, GX was able to finish out the round with an orbital strike double kill. Hardstuck 2 - 1.

After a GX3 seven-round win streak, Hardstuck is finding it hard to break GX3’s offense. After seven rounds of pushing A, in round 9 they plant in B and take another win. GX3 8 - 2.

After another nearly flawless match, it brings them to the round just before the flip, GX3 is still on a winning streak however Zoe is able to get a few kills including a knife kill. This takes them into the next pistol match. GX3 took the pistol round and the round after as omgitspotter sets up her own traps. Hardstuck tries to slowly push in a few times but gets completely shut down. Matchpoint for GX3 in round 16, but GX3 reads them like a book, and Hardstuck walk right into Clawdia, omgitspotter, and bENITA. GX3 13 - 2.

GX3 takes the first round of the Quarter Finals.

That was just the end of Day One of the FTW: Summer Showdown. All the teams gave their best and some were, unfortunately, steamrolled but everyone gave their all. Day 2 will continue with the Quarter Finals as Day Three will be the matches played for the Finals. 

Who will end up with the lion’s share of the $50k pot? Come back for the rest of this the recap for this amazing competition that is happening all weekend to find out!

Day 2: Saturday, September 12, 2020

Today focused on the Quarter Finals and few teams left that are fighting for first place and half of the $50k! Yesterday we left off with GX3 winning against Hardstuck in a best two out of three match up. Today will be the rest of the teams.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our own G FUEL Krabbie Patties. We also lost Zenith, Bloom, and Hardstuck, but every woman played their hearts out and hopefully had some fun while doing it. GG!

Who has what it takes to take home the gold? Let’s find out in today’s FTW: Summer Showdown Recap!

Quarter-Final #2

Majkl Vs Sailor Scouts

Map 1

The Majkl girls have been undefeatable this weekend so far and are the favorite to win this weekend. So, the Sailor Scouts have an uphill battle but don’t put them out just yet. This is going to be an all-out anime battle.

The starting pistol round Majkl comes in with chaotic crossfire with Jazzyk1ns and AnnieDro taking out the Sailor Scouts before they knew what happened. Jazzyk1ns makes a huge play in round two with putting on damage, escaping up the ropes in mid, and uses the angles to take out a double kill. Majkl pulled out a flawless victory in round three also. Majkl 3 - 0.

After another two round wins for Majkl, Sailor Scouts were able to toss in a bunch of  utilities and pushed hard for a clutch win with one agent left to give them a round win. However AnnieDro answered with a hard runthrough fire. Jazzyk1ns adds to the chaos in the next round with three sniper kills pushing them up another two wins. Majkl 7 -1.

Jazzyk1ns and AnnieDro continued to wreak havoc for another three rounds until Sailor Scouts finally slowed down to play the angles to just eek out a win. Majkl 10 - 2.

This brings us to the flip and the second pistol round. Unfortunately, for Sailor Scouts, Kass was the only one on her team to get a kill, whereas Jazzyk1ns ended with a triple kill to give Majkl the pistol win. After another round Majkl makes it to match point which, and while Sailor Scouts were able to take out three of Majkl, it was all for naught after the spike was planted and Jazzyk1ns was able to clean up. Majkl 13 -  2.


Map 2

Sailor Scouts aren’t out yet, Map 2 gives them a chance to try and knock Jazzyk1ns off her game to try and make a comeback. However in the first pistol match, despite the Sailor Scouts running flashes and their one kill from Jance, they never got the upperhand.

Sailor Scouts were able sneak a few kills after spike was planted in round two but still couldn't hold it long enough for a round win. Majkl continued their win streak, that included a flawless match, for another four rounds. In round six AnnieDro made an amazing rocket jump with a rocket double kill and continued to slaughter the Scouts. Majkl 6 - 0.

Majkl’s gameplay felt like they were Spiders. Just setting trap and trap for the Sailor Scouts to walk into. However, Sailor Scouts get themselves a win when Zeira mixes it up a little with a few AWP kills which they were able to take Majkl off guard. However, Majkl answered as meL went into an all-out rush into some of the normal corners. Majkl 9 - 1.

As we get to the flip match, Zeira goes down almost immediately which psyched out the Sailor Scouts and Majkl are able to take it. This brings us to the second pistol round. Majkl 11 - 1.

Sailor Scouts were able to push strongly in, Jance was able to trade out a kill to give SS the information they needed to take a win. However, Majkl didn’t take that lying down, and like a cat playing with a trapped mouse, AnnieDro and her Judge really just ran through them for two rounds for their map win. Majkl 13 - 2.


Majkl moves on to the Semi Finals.

Quarter-Finals #3

Silhouettes vs Dignitas

Map 1

Silhouettes may have been the favorite here in this match but it is hard to count out Dignitas. This is probably the strongest match up in the Quarter Finals and these ladies are going to go all out.

Obviously, as always, the pistol round starts us off. Dignitas starts aggressively and starts with smokes and flashes and it ends up working out for them. They continue that aggression with ARIANARCHIST and EMUHLEET are able to play the corners and hold it down for another two rounds. Dignitas 3 - 0.

Dignitas continues the onslaught catching silhouettes on all the right angles and corners. EMUHLEET and rain cleaning house with seven and nine kills already respectively. Round six, ARIANARCHIST gets a double kill to help with a Flawless win. Dignitas 6 - 0.

Round seven shows the Ults popoff which leaves the Omens at the end but milkyway takes the win for Dignitas. Before the flip, Rain and milkyway went hard on the Silhouettes, giving each other the cross fires and Dignitas continued to rack up the wins. It was almost unfair how Dignitas continued on this. ARIANARCHIST never lost a battle, even one where her gun wasn't even out. Dignitas 12 - 0.

The second pistol round were finally able to eek out a win, LunarKats closed out a last kill for Silhouettes, but they need to win another 12 rounds for the win. Unfortunately for them, Dignitas didn’t let that happen for long. Dignitas wins the first map with a flawless conclusion. Dignitas 13 - 2.




Map 2

Dignitas gets the first kill in the pistol round almost immediately. However after a few kill exchanges, ARIANARCHIST is able to fake out Bouchard twice for the win. Round 2, like the previous round ended in a 1v1 but Dignitas is still able to take the win. ARIANARCHIST gets a double kill through the smoke all while Theia plays her abilities. Dignitas 3 - 0.

In round five Ari gets a triple kill, however in round six Silhouettes' Naomi tricks out rain for their first win. Then ARIANARCHIST answered with a few more fills in round seven using the corners. Dignitas 6 - 1.

Round eight EMUHLEET pops a Rolling Thunder that stops Silhouette dead in their tracks but Ari and Theia, and milkway continue to clean house with all of them in double digit kill count. Dignitas showing absolute confidence in their retakes. Silhouette has been taking it slow and trying their hardest but Dignitas just gives them just enough space and then pouncing like tigers. Just before the flip, in round 10, Theia gets a quad kill helping them take that easily. However, Silhouette answered hard and was able to take a flawless win at the flip. Dignitas 10 - 2.

During the second pistol round, Dignitas needs only three rounds for their second map win. Silhouette needs a super comeback here. While the rest of Dignitas played it slow ARIANARCHIST goes hard on her own and rushes in for a few kills and they end that pistol round with a flawless win. They continue that into the next round with another flawless round. This took them to a match point. Dignitas 12 - 2.

Silhouette needed to get some kind of opening and Athxna was able to answer the call with a few early kills, making Dignitas needing to fight another round. However, Athxna takes out another three of Dignitas through a smoke which gives them another round win. Dignitas still on match point. Dignitas 12 - 4.

Even after an Orbital strike early on in round 16 Dignitas wasn’t able to get that win. Next round, Silhouette used Hunter’s Fury for a two kill against Dignitaswhich sets them up for another win. Perhaps Dignitas got too cocky because Athxna and Lunarkats just trying to scrape out those kills. Dignitas 12 - 7.

The round win for Dignitas included two Ults and even though Silhouette had the upper hand, they went to go defuse, but moved and got taken out in the final 1v1. Dignitas 13 - 7.


It was a huge comeback for Silhouette, but Dignitas will move on to the Semi Finals.

Quarter-Finals #4

Hamboigas vs Flawless

Map 1

While both teams have a few losses this weekend they aren’t out of the game just yet. This is another pretty even match up, even if Hamboigas have more pro players. So, we start off with our usual pistol match and Hamboigas show that pro player cool. Flawless tried to rush them but they were able to hold them off. In round three Refinnej was able to clutch the win just waiting at the Spike plant. Hamboigas 3 - 0.

Flawless continues to try and push aggressively but they keep forgetting their flanks and even with a Spike plant, Cath was able to wallbang her and defuse. Flawless doesn’t give up and keeps their plan as aggressive. Juli clean shots through a 2v1 and then goes gun shopping on the ground before going to defuse. Hamboigas 6 - 0.

Cath, Dii, and Refinnej continue to dominate in the next few rounds boosting their kill count into double digits. Flawless is having issues trying to get through the Hamboigas defense. Flawless lost every match and fell for every trap up until the flip. Hamboigas 12 - 0.

The second pistol match was actually a match point for Hamboigas, and lost only two players to take the win. This gave Hamboigas a flawless map win against Flawless. Hamboigas 13 - 0.

Map 2

Unfortunately for Flawless was in their own heads. This type of thing happens and Flawless needs to try and keep cool and not feel defeated. So we jump to our first pistol round and Hamboigas start to play aggressively with Refinnej racking up four kills in garage. Hamboigas also took a flawless win in round 2. However, Flawless gets their first round win by holding the garage. They seemed to have gotten a hold of their cool and watched their angles. Hamboigas 2 - 1.

Refinnej and Dii had a great crossfire happening at Site B to plant the Spike but they were able to take out the rest of Flawless before the spike went off. However in wound five flowerful was able to grab the Ace win and the defuse which will dramatically help their econ. Hamboigas lose the cypher early on, but were able to use Pheonix to grab some intel. Dii was able to push up and set up the 2v2. And Flowerful in the 2v1 takes it again and the defuse to tie it all up. Tie up 3 - 3.

Hamboigas settles down a bit to take another comeback, they change strategies to keep back a little, they start watching the corners again. It felt like they turned off joking around since they up a full map win. In round 10, Hamboigas get an early spike plant on C site and mowed down Flawless as they showed up. They grab another round win for the flip Hamboigas 8 - 4.

On the second pistol round, Hamboigas lost two very early, but Juli completely uncontested in Heaven, and Refinnej, making clutch crossfire were able to take the kills they needed and defused. Flawless answer back in round 13 taking out Refinnej as early as possible. Flawless played a little too aggressive in the next round by scattering themselves to try and stop the Hamboigas but the plan backfired while Juli made short work of them. The next round Dii picks up four kills by just waiting in the corners. Flawless didn’t even check their corners. Hamboigas 11 - 5.

Emy and Cath both get double kills in round 16 to give Hamboigas match point. Emy and Dii are able to finish the round off as Refinnej crossfires from Heaven and they wipe out Flawless. Hamboigas 13 - 5.


Hamboigas will move on to the Semi Finals.

The set up for the Semi Finals and the Grand Finals for Sunday are set and ready. Unfortunately, we will have to say goodbye to Flawless, Silhouette, and Sailor Scouts. All the women playing today tried their best and we saw some amazing battles. Semi Finals are going to start the distribution of $50K and all these teams are going to have to bring their A-game!

That was it for Day Two and the Quarter Finals. Make sure you don't miss out tomorrow for more amazing gameplay from the FTW Summer Showdown. If you somehow do miss out on it live, come back here to G FUEL for a recap. We have you covered.

Day 3: Sunday, September 13, 2020

Day three consisted of the Semi Finals and the Grand Finals themselves. The FTW Summer Showdown pitted 12 teams of women in the esports and gaming content creation world. They played with just as much ferocity and excitement as everyone else plays Valorant, except all the women here could totally kick our butts in it.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard they all played, only one team can bring home the trophy and a huge share of the $50k. Find out who won in this recap.

Semi-Final #1

Majkl vs Dignitas

Map 1

These two teams really showed domination the last few days and it's hard to tell who the favorite team is in this match. Both teams are so talented but it is hard to tell who has the upper hand. Majkl plays aggressive and tries to move for the spike plant as fast as possible, but Dignitas could take advantage of that by playing their corners.

As always we started off in the pistol round, in which Dignitas was able to get a spike plant, However meL was able to get the kills they needed early and let Majkl take out the rest of Dignitas and defuse the spike. Alexis gets a finishing triple kill to end round two in favor of Majkl. However, in round three after Dignitas pushes the get a spike plant, jazzyk1ns found herself in a 2v1 but she wasn’t able to pull through. Majkl 2 - 1.

ARIANARCHIST gets two AWP kills bringing Dignitas to a tie up in round four. Both teams at this point start to slow it down and with a spike plant, Dignitas baited Majkl into site B, Ari taking the 1v1. EMUHLEET gets the Clutch win in round five in a 1v2 after she planted the spike. Dignitas 4 - 2.

Theia got herself a Clutch win as well in the next round on a 1v2 by hitting Majkl with a Rolling Thunder. However, Jazzyk1ns finally stops the bleeding after so many loses in a row with three kills from her AWP. Dignitas 5 - 3.

MeL had a few great rounds as she lurked in the boat house, and the previous round were expensive for Dignitas and Majkl was able to tie it up once again. Majkl is in fierce attack mode at this point again they were able have Jazzyk1ns and meL just hunt taking a few kills each by the flip. However, after taking AnnieDro and meL, Dignitas were able to tie it for the flip. Tie Up 6 - 6.

Second pistol round, Jazzyk1ns gets a kill early on and then Majkl just steamrolls the rest of Dignitas taking the lead now. Majkl continues to dominate as meL, katsumi, and Jazzk1ns continue to frag over and over. Majkl 10 - 6.

Time actually ran out in round 16 as Dignitas needed to save some econ. However Majkl still playing smart and watching the corners. Jazzyk1ns waited after being pin pointed only to have alexis in the crossfire to help her out. Brings those wins to match point. ARIANARCHIST rushed up with an AWP triple kill to give them a savior round. It was still match point for Majkl and so Dignitas had some work to do. Unfortunately, Watching from Hell in the garage, Kasumi was able to take out Ari in the final moments for the map win. Majkl 13 - 7.


Map 2

With one win down, Majkl must have been feeling good, they start the pistol round as aggressive as usual, AnnieDro unstoppable with a double kill, Jazzyk1ns cleaning up, Majkl gets the flawless win. Majkl’s comfortability with this map is shown right out the bag, rounds one and two AnnieDro showing why she's the queen of the hookah entrance. However, with AnnieDro taken out in round three, Jazzyk1ns and meL have no problem taking out Dignitas leaving rain by herself which she escaped with her gun but the round loss. Majkl 3 - 0.

Majkl’s reign of terror continued for another seven rounds with a few close calls but they were just unstoppable. Jazzyk1ns and meL with double digit kill counts. Round 11 and 12 Dignitas were finally able to get two wins with ARIANARCHIST and getting the kills they needed by popping Orbital Strike and Rolling Thunder. During the second pistol round, Ari continues the onslaught on a 2v1 against her, getting those Clutch wins. Majkl 10 - 3.

As round 14 starts, rain and ARIANARCHIST both getting kills while theia helping clean up for another win. Majkl finally shuts them down again in round 15 as EMUHLEET wasn’t able to kill off the rest that Ari left for her. Majkl 11 - 4.

Two away from a win with Majkl, Dignitas needs to continue playing that aggressive way by throwing a Rolling Thunder out to give them the advantage and another round win. Unfortunately, Dignitas wasn’t able to shut them down as EMUHLEET found herself in a 5v1 to bring Majkl to match point. Both teams have three Ults to use in round 17. Majkl pulls out all the stops and pops all three Ults to take the win. Majkl 13 - 5.


Majkl moves on to the Grand Finals.

Semi-Final #2

GX3 vs Hamboigas

Map 1

While GX3 is definitely the favorite here as they have been undefeated with a lot of professionals playing, Hamboigas are still a force to be reckoned with as they have been able to also bury their competition coming all the way up from the qualifier.

We start the first pistol round off with a bang as GX3 just mows over Hamboigas. Omgitspotter with the double kill and Clawdia cleaning up at the end. Round two is a little more slowed down however the action came fast and hard as they all meet at the site. Alimoster gets the crossfire kill as Clawdia teases the Hamboigas, this disorients them and GX3 takes the win again. Round three ends with a spike plant as Refinnej goes into a 3v1 and gets taken out. GX3 3 - 0.

Even after a technical issue, the GX3 steamroller continued to pave the road right over the Hamboigas. The first match back omgitspotter started almost immediately with a double kill. This onslaught continued for another few rounds until Hamboigas finally were able to take a win. They popped an Ult and in the 2v2, Refinnej takes out Clawdia and alimonster. However, bENITA answers the next round by using her Ult for a double kill which lets them roll over Hamboigas again. GX3 9 - 1.

Another two wins for GX3 going into the flip. In the second pistol round, omgitspotter with a four kills on her own and they get the flawless. This brings GX3 to match point. Which they end up taking so fast that if you blinked you would have missed the action. GX3 13 - 1.


Map 2

Hamboigas might be in their own heads right now but they still have a chance to answer for that last round. As we head into our first pistol round, Hamboigas try and play it safe and it ends up working for them as they travel together to take out omgitspotter first. Refinnej cleaning up in round two while Juli and dii teaming up to take round three. Hamboigas 3 - 0.

bENITA gets four kills in round five to answer for GX3’s first round win. Alimonster and omgitspotter make some chaos in the next round while catching the flanks to take another win. Two headshots from bENITA in round seven which let’s GX3’s wins start to climb again. They tie it up in round eight as they pop off Rolling Thunder to push up and Clawdia getting the AWP kill, alimonster taking two, and bENITA cleaning up the rest. Tied up 4 - 4.

Hamboigas end the run that GX3 was on by taking the flank that GX3 wasn’t ready for. Hamboigas use some utility to try and take the back the spike plant but GX3 pops an Orbital Strike to keep them off the site. Tie up 5 - 5.

Emy takes the big clutch win as she takes on three of GX3 all on her own. They get another win going into the flip which takes us to pistol round number two. Clawdia starts the match with a double kill plus another kill afterwards, alimonster cleans it up to give them the round win. Another round with a flawless win to tie it up again. Tie Up 7 - 7.

Going into round 15, kill exchange was strong but Hamboigas came up with one woman standing as Refinnej picked up a win. Missharvey and bENITA answered with two kills each in the next round. Tie Up 8 - 8.

GX3 starts to put the aggressive plays into order now and clawdia, alimonster, and omgitspotter just stalk and wait and play the corners to give them a few more wins. However, in round 19 Hamboigas answered with a Boom Bot to catch GX3 off guard to get them another win. Clawdia removes Refinnej almost immediately in round 20, she also flies up with Tailwind getting two kills with her blades putting them at match point. Which Clawdia gets three AWP kills, the last of which was a 360 spin kill (show-off ha ha) for a map win. GX3 13 - 9.


GX3 moves on to the Grand Finals against Majkl.

Grand Finals

Majkl vs GX3

Map 1

This was for all the marbles. Both teams fought for that first place prize money. Both teams have amazing talent. This match-up brings a lot of good strategy from each side. Majkl as the up and comers, GX3 as the seasoned vets. They are both so aggressive so this was absolutely exciting to watch.

In the first pistol round, both teams started a little slow Majkl was able to take the first kill but it came down to kill for kill. However, Majkl takes the first win. AnnieDro cleans up the last GX3 agent as katsumi defuses the spike for the second round win. Round three is a Majkl flawless win. Majkl 3 - 0.

Majkl seems to put up a great fight for GX3, they win another two rounds before GX3 finally reads their strategy. Clawdia was able to take three kills for herself. Unfortunately, Majkl answered hard by taking everyone but omgitspotter. Majkl 6 - 1.

Round eight Jazzyk1ns pops a double kill with one AWP fire, AnnieDro becoming unstoppable as well, which leads Majkl with a flawless round win. Jazzyk1ns continues her AWP hunting round after round. Clawdia tries pull out Blade Storm which takes out Jazzy and Annie and puts missharvey the 1v2 and she picks up the Clutch win. Majkl 9 - 2.

Majkl answers with another win before the flip and we enter the second pistol round. Which becomes a complete gun brawl. However, AnnieDro comes in at the end with a double kill to take that round. Majkl just drives away with another win as meL picks up a few kills which brings them to match point. Majkl pushes up as aggressively as possible but unfortunately it doesn't work as well for them. They got the spike plant but omgitspotter took four kills for herself. Majkl 12 - 3.

Majkl tries the aggressive push again in their perpetual match point. Jazzyk1ns uses Blade Storm with a triple kill that brings them to that map win. Majkl 13 - 3.


Map 2

We, as usual, start with our first pistol round. AnnieDro picked up three kills as Majkl grabbed their first win. Jazzyk1ns grabs the Clutch win after crossfire setups on both teams. GX3 using a few utilities to try and get the upper hand, but unfortunately Jazzyk1ns is still able to bait GX3 in to their demise. Majkl 3 - 0.

Clawdia popped Blade Storm almost immediately to get the two early headshots that helped them pick up their first point on the board. GX3 grabs another point as omgitspotter picks up a few kills and even though Katsumi answers with three kills of her own it just wasn’t enough. GX3 gets a flawless win in the next round as well. Tie up 3 - 3.

Omgitspotter continues her onslaught with four kills in round seven. In Round nine Clawdia just goes on a rampage, quad kill that included the AWP double kill with one bullet as well as the no scope kill. GX3 6 - 4.

Round 10 felt like the Ult round as both teams just popped them like tic tacs, however, GX3 was able to still take the round win. GX3 went aggressive before the flip having missharvey with four of her own kills as bENITA cleaned up the final kill. The second pistol match starts a little slow but Jazzyk1ns gets the first kill, but unfortunately cant take the win. They try to defuse on a 1v1 and doesn't come out of the animation soon enough to pick up their final kill. GX3 9 - 4.

GX3 keeps the ball rolling for themselves, however, meL finally answered with a double kill with another two halfway through as AnnieDro cleans up, using the Boom Bot as bait, for a flawless point. GX3 10 - 5.

Majkl tries to ride out that good econ to mow down GX3. In round 17, Jazzyk1ns gets the Ace win as she takes everyone out for another point on the board. Round 18 starts off very slow with the first kill with 20 seconds left, while omgitspotter takes out three on her own it wasn't enough once alexis pulls out a clutches out the situation by using an ability to blind missharvey to take her out and defuse the spike. GX3 10 - 8.

Majkl makes the perfect comeback with two more wins to tie it up. Jazzyk1ns’ shots start to connect again. GX3 tries to throw out some utilities but they hesitate a little too long but Jazzyk1ns gets the final kill on missharvey and the defuse to pull ahead for the first time this map. Majkl 11 - 10.

However, missharvey answers with a double kill in the next round, it leaves alexia on a 1v2 but even though alexia lasted she couldn't get the defuse and now its tied up again. However, GX3 has used a lot of econ in their utilities in that round. Jazzyk1ns and meL bring it to a 5v2 but they get cleaned up easily enough for another win to get them to the match point. GX3 plants the spike very quickly as they have nothing to lose but despite popping a Rolling Thunder, Majkl still was able take them all out and defuse for the second map win. Majkl 13 - 11.


Majkl wins the Grand Finals!

This was an amazing tournament. All the women participating really played their hearts out and put in so much effort. Majkl took the win with an enormous comeback on GX3! Majkl will take home $25k and the title of the first Ignition Series all-female Valorant FTW Summer Showdown winners. Congratulations!

Did you watch it all? What were your favorite moments? Tell us in the comments section below!


This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.

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