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FTW Summer Showdown Qualifier Results

In case you missed it, G FUEL is teaming up with Nerd Street Gamers, Spectacor Gaming, and T1 Entertainment & Sports to host the FTW Summer Showdown, an all-women competitive VALORANT tournament. The tournament features seven professional VALORANT teams, with one additional spot being rewarded this past weekend during our open qualifier on Saturday, September 5th.

The qualifier took place on the official nerdstgamers Twitch account, but don't worry if you didn't have the chance to catch the action.

Here’s what went down and who will be moving onto the main tournament!

The qualifier was open to any all-woman team that wanted to try their shot at becoming the eighth team to compete in the FTW Summer Shodown.

All in all, the event lasted around five hours and had some insane action during the matches.

There was a high level of gameplay that was being displayed from the teams, and it was clear that everyone wanted to be in that elusive eight-team final.

The finals was a heated match between team Hamboigas and Sailor Scouts.

The first match of the grand finals was played on Haven, and it was a one-sided affair for Hambogias from the get-go.

Never missing a beat, the team marched their way to a dominant 13-2 victory capped off by this final round.


Moving onto the next map of this BO3, Hamboigas were looking to book their ticket to the grand finals with this match.

Unlike the first map, this one was much closer, as heading into the second half of Bind, both teams were locked into the game.

Sailor Scouts made a strong comeback in the second half, clawing back at the deficit they took in the first half. But it was unfortunately not enough in the end.

Hamboigas closed out the map 13-9, with the closing moments of the match being captured below!


Our biggest congratulations go out to Hamboigas and the following players who have booked their ticket to the FTW Summer Showdown:

  • Juli
  • Cath
  • Dii
  • Refinnej

We will be keeping a close eye on them in the FTW Summer Showdown this weekend, as their performance in the qualifier was one to lookout for. Stay tuned to the G FUEL Blog for updates and results!

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