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G FUEL Fitness And Gaming Series: Terron Beckham

Everyone has heard the old stereotypes:

Gamers are lazy.

Gamers are out of shape.

Gamers are antisocial. 

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Of course, these outdated sayings couldn’t be further from the truth. G FUEL ambassadors like Terron Beckham are breaking the mold and proving that a love for gaming and fitness go hand-in-hand. 

Who is Terron Beckham?

Terron Beckham is a 27-year-old content creator living in Los Angeles, California. If his name sounds familiar, it could be because he made news headlines in 2016 when he was an NFL-hopeful trying out for the New York Jets. He also tried out for the WWE.

It could also be because he shares a last name with his cousin, Odell Beckham Jr., who currently plays for the Cleveland Browns. Or maybe you already follow one of his social media channels. Terron Beckham is a celebrity in his own right: he has 555K followers on Instagram and 348K subscribers on YouTube where he posts fitness content, and around 15K on both Twitter and Twitch.

Terron Beckham is best-known for his weightlifting content. He began uploading videos four years ago and has created a content library containing hundreds of videos, with new ones arriving every few days.


An average day in the life of Terron Beckham looks something like this:

  1. 1. Wake up 
  2. 2. Go to the gym
  3. 3. Check email and check in on clients 
  4. 4. Game and stream
  5. 5. Sleep

Beckham acknowledges that his is a lifestyle many people wish they could have for themselves — getting paid to work out and play video games. But doing it day after day can wear on you, and Beckham is still trying to grow his brand, despite the following he has already achieved after four years in the business.

Beckham originally hails from Dallas, Texas where he was a star high school running back. It was in high school when he began to excel in weight training, but his love for fitness started way before that. Surprisingly enough, Beckham says that gaming is how he got into fitness. Yes, you read that right.

A big fan of anime and fighting games, Beckham explained, “We play these characters in games and we want to be like them: strong, fast, and agile...It’s always about being number one, getting stronger, and helping people. No matter how long it takes, always aiming for the top. That’s pretty much my life.”

Beckham was first introduced to weight training in junior high, but his experience in high school was on a different level.

“Weight training is different in Texas,” Beckham said. “You’d wake up at 5:30, get to school at 6:30 and work out until 7:30. After workouts, you’d have school for the rest of the day...I started to love the weight training more than I loved [football],” he explained.


Terron Beckham is human: just like everyone else he sometimes lacks the motivation to hit the gym. When asked how he deals with a day like that, Beckham replied, “I do it all the time, sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it today. I just slap myself silly and get back [on it]. I think about it: it’s my body, it’s my life ... Keep the body happy and it will provide back for you. You just have to keep that in mind.”

The fitness lifestyle and the gaming lifestyle can exist in harmony. That’s something Beckham is passionate about proving.

“If you’re an esports gamer and your whole lifestyle is gaming 10 hours a day, that’s 10 hours a day sitting down, that’s a lot of hours to spend sitting down in front of a computer,” Beckham said. “You can easily get in the state of being lazy and not getting hydrated, or eating trash, not moving around enough nor taking breaks in between.”

Beckham gave a few pointers for gamers hoping to achieve a healthier lifestyle, saying, “They need to find at least an hour in the day to go do some cardio or weight training. Eat right, stay hydrated throughout the day, make sure they get a good amount of rest. It’s all about a good balance. I would suggest getting good sleep, wake up, and go straight to the gym. Usually, when I work out early, my days feel better. I feel some type of workout high, more energized.”

When he lifts, Beckham likes to use Gamma Labs preworkouts and also drinks G FUEL energy drinks daily. His favorite flavors? Sour Cherry and Blue Ice in the cans, FaZeberry and Strawberry Shortcake in powder form.



Not sure where to start when it comes to lifting weights?

Check out Beckham’s YouTube channel, which has hundreds of videos you can watch for inspiration, including a new series titled “Gamers to Gainers” that’s tailored to gamers looking to get fit. 


G FUEL asked Beckham what he would suggest to someone working out for the first time:

  • A good warmup exercise
    • Start off with cardio
    • 20 minutes on the treadmill, nice easy walk with an incline
  • Dumbbell exercises 
    • Start with this for a few weeks to build up muscles on both sides of the body evenly
    • Transition into barbell exercises later
  • Goblet squats, dumbbell squats, lunges
  • Do these full body workouts three times a week, or every other day

Simple, easy, and basic. For more in-depth workouts for those with experience, search Beckham’s YouTube and you’ll find something new.

Navigating the content creation lifestyle gave Beckham the tools to expand beyond fitness and into his other favorite hobbies. Beckham first began streaming on Twitch three years ago, around the same time he became affiliated with G FUEL.

“I’m still trying to break into the gaming industry, which has been tough,” Beckham said. “Trying to [bridge the] gap between gaming and fitness, it’s a huge struggle. I’m trying to break the stereotype of what a gamer should look like and what a fitness person should be like. I want to get a controller in a barbeller’s hand and a barbell in a gamer’s hand.”


Old stereotypes around what it means to be a gamer are hard to shake off, and it can be hard to explain his lifestyle to family members, Beckham says.

“You can enjoy both [gaming and fitness]. People think gaming is lame or for kids, I’m like, ‘I’m 27 years old and I’ve been gaming all my life.’ My parents don’t understand what I do, but they’re glad it’s working out for me,” said Beckham. 

Even so, Beckham says his mom still pokes fun at his gaming lifestyle. But every success is more proof that it’s worth it. Beckham even hopes to build his gaming career to be larger than his fitness one.

“When people ask me, ‘Would you rather be a fitness YouTuber or a gaming streamer?,’ I’m like, ‘A streamer, for sure.’”

Not only does he plan to produce more gaming content, Beckham wants to play Apex Legends on a competitive level. It’s a game he says he has fallen in love with, which is clear to his Twitch followers who can watch him playing most nights.


Terron Beckham has proven that a healthy and active lifestyle can coincide with a gaming career and he wants others to know it too.

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This article was written by Josh Billy, an esports fan living in Columbus, Ohio. Follow him on Twitter @CH3MISTRY_.

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