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13, 09, 2018 | The G FUEL Team | comments(0)

FaZe Cloak Fortnite, Age, Real Name

FaZe Cloak is a professional gamer, YouTuber, and Twitch Partner who is known for his Fortnite streams and other gaming content. He also routinely participates in tournaments with fellow Fortnite Player and FaZe member, Tfue. Cloak currently has over 248k subscribers on YouTube and almost 550k followers on Twitch, where he regularly streams his gameplay content. As a member of gaming clan FaZe, Cloak is a professional Fortnite player and team captain.


Having an interest in gaming from a young age, FaZe Cloak (more commonly referred to as “Cloak”) started his YouTube channel in April of 2015. Though he played various games at the time, he no longer has any content from that time period available. He also has a Twitch channel with the username FaZe Cloakzy (or “Cloakzy”), his other popular handle. Most of his content focuses on first-person shooter games like Fortnite, which he streams regularly.

Besides Fortnite, Cloak is recognized as a player of several other games at a professional level, such as PUBG and H1Z1. He was also once a member of the KnightsGG professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team, where he played before his recent show of fame.


Cloak’s previous gameplay gained him many followers, but he started to gain more popularity after the release of Fortnite. Cloak’s ongoing streams and skill ultimately came to the attention of the well-known gaming clan FaZe, which regularly participates in various tournaments. In March of 2018, Cloak joined the clan, bringing his content and gameplay further recognition.

FaZe Cloak Fortnite tournament participation is one of his most recognizable events across the Fortnite community. Cloak routinely partners up with fellow FaZe Clan member Tfue for the weekly Friday Night Fortnite tournament, earning several victories in the process.

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The duo has routinely walked away as the victors, where no other team has won more than once, earning both prize money and fame in the process. Many fans consider Cloak and Tfue to be the top Fortnite players in the world, and the duo’s level of skill is consistent and subject to praise from fellow players, including Ninja, one of their friendly rivals.


Aside from Tfue, Cloak also interacts with many other Fortnite players and streamers. He has even made guest appearances on other streamers’ channels, including other FaZe Clan members and various other streamers.

Cloak prioritizes his Twitch streams over his YouTube channel, the latter primarily focusing on gameplay highlights. Cloak routinely streams at various times throughout the week, while Friday evenings seem to be his most active time. His streams are either regular gameplay, or trick shot and sniping challenges.

Cloak currently has over 548k followers on Twitch, as well as his recent acquisition of 210k subscribers to his YouTube channel in August, almost double the number he had just two months before. His Twitter channel, which features occasional gameplay clips and miscellaneous thoughts, has over 290k followers. He also has a Discord channel available for fans to use.

Cloak’s current net worth is roughly $250k from tournament winnings alone. He makes most of his income from Twitch Subscriptions, ad revenue, and tournament winnings, allowing him to operate as a full-time professional gamer.


Personal Life

FaZe Cloak’s Real Name is Dennis Lepore, and he was born on December 26, 1994. He moved to the New Jersey/New York area temporarily and has mentioned returning to Austin at the end of Summer 2018.

He has also expressed interest in potentially moving to the FaZe Clan house in California, as many of its members do. The clan recently purchased an extravagant mansion in southern California, near Hollywood, with a dedicated game room for each of the streamers to play and share their content.

Lepore doesn’t talk too much about his background, family, or other relationships, and he hasn’t revealed much to the public. He has, however, mentioned that he’s loved gaming ever since he was a young child, and that is what inspired him to start streaming, and ultimately become the pro that he is today.

Quick Facts about Cloak

Real Name: Dennis Lepore
Popular Name: FaZe Cloak/Cloakzy
Profession: Professional Gamer and Streamer
Nationality: American
Date Of Birth: December 26, 1994
Cloakzy Age: 23 years old [2017]
Net Worth:  Approx. $250,000
Youtube Channel:

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