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ESL One New York 2019 Semifinals Results: Team Liquid vs. Astralis and Evil Geniuses vs. G2 Esports

The ESL One New York 2019 Semifinals happened on Saturday, September 28th, and the competition was absolutely intense. Team Liquid went up against Astralis, and Evil Geniuses took on G2 Esports. We saw some amazing plays by all four teams, but only two teams moved on to the Grand Finals on Sunday, September 29th.

These semifinal games could have been anyone’s. Having the top two teams going at it like a pack of wolves made for an unbelievable start. Then, watching who their opponents would be in the Grand Finals really bought the whole event together.

Check out our recap of the semifinals and the results below!

Team Liquid vs. Astralis Results

Map 1 - Vertigo

The handgun round start-off already showed the prowess of these two teams. However, Liquid came out on top and set the pace for the next few matches. ELiGE took out four of Astralis’ players all on his own. By round four, ELiGE was 8-0 K/D.

Liquid started this game on fire. The whole team put in so much work over Astralis. NAF and Twistzz comboing, Stewie2K flanking like a madman, and ELiGE and nitr0 just making the big kills.

In round seven, gla1ve started to make some headway for Astralis. Only ELiGE was left alive as the bomb went off, making it 6-1 Liquid. Round eight was like Wall Street, nothing but trades going on, until Twistzz closed it. It’s clear that Astralis started to feel the heat at this point.

When Liquid’s econ started to drop, Astralis finally started getting some wins in a row. Three rounds went to Astralis until Twistzz got a double kill in round 12, and ELiGE cleaned up the rest. Astralis closed the opening gap by using dev1ce as an aggressive distraction, but Stewie2K AWPed his way to keep them ahead by three rounds at the end of the first half. 9-6 Liquid.

The second half handgun round went to Astralis as they came in like lions, calculated with fast kills. In round 18, gla1ve and Xyp9x rushed the A Ramp and hid in a spot that Liquid didn’t even see. They took out ELiGE and nitr0 almost immediately for a 3-round run, making it a 9-9 tie-up.

The second half was trouble for Liquid as the offense. Astralis took rounds 16 to 23 with ease. The pressure on Liquid was harsh. Device and gla1ve were completely on fire. Liquid started to get quiet with each other. The call-outs and how they started seemed to melt away in their frustration.

Round 25 gave Astralis their first win of the day. They didn’t drop a round in the second half. 

Final score for map 1: 16-9 Astralis

Map 2 - Dust2

Dust2 was Liquid’s pick. However, the first handgun round went to Astralis but using the exact same tactics as the last map. Once again Liquid got in their own heads. Astralis handedly took the first four rounds. Round five finally saw Liquid back in the game. They started to travel as a team and hunt down everyone but dupreeh. They planted the bomb and took the round after 14 losses in a row.

Dupreeh started round six by taking the first kill for Astralis.  Although Astralis had the men up, Liquid planted the bomb and camped it out to take two in a row. Astralis’ econ was down, and Liquid came back another round. In round eight, Liquid planted the bomb, and as Astralis got to it, ELiGE took out all three, tying up the map 4-4.

After an 11-win run, Liquid closed out the first half of Dust2. Astralis got Liquid down to their last two players, but Liquid made some clutch kills to keep them winning. The exact heat that Astralis put on them in Vertigo, Liquid turned around on them.

The second half started with another handgun round. Twistzz pulled off some amazing headshots and had three kills that round. ELiGE did the same the next round. Liquid set the pace once again.

Round 19 came down to the wire with just dev1ce vs. nitr0. Nitr0 killed off dev1ce with very little health left. In round 20, Astralis quickly planted the bomb to finally take a win after gla1ve murdered his way through his frustration. Astralis finally gets back into it by round 21. Dupreeh gets a few kills to take out Team Liquids econ. It’s just enough that in round 22, Liquid starts with only handguns. This gave Astralis the lead they needed as gla1ve comes out with a double kill. 

Gla1ve continued to clean up for his team with a triple kill in round 24 and another win, making it 15-9 Team Liquid. Liquid only needed one more win, but Astralis started to gain some ground again. Once again, EliGE showed why he’s one of the best: he got another triple kill with just 10 health left and closed out round 25 for win 16. Which means they moved to map three.

Final score for map 2: 16-9 Liquid

Map 3 -  Overpass

Astralis and Liquid are both kings of Overpass. This could have gone either way.

The handgun round was a trade-off round, which Liquid took at the very last player. They also took round two pretty handily, but in round three, Astralis came back easy and fast. Gla1ve once again showed himself MVP in round four. But EliGE, being the monster he is, still took the round for Liquid.

In round five, nitr0 got an AWP quad-kill in a smooth-as-butter play. Twistzz got a double kill in round six. Liquid was on fire in the first half’s beginning. However, Astralis got a great bomb plant in round seven after device grabbed two kills on his own.

In round eight, Astralis tried the 5-man bump to look over the train. They end up taking out ELiGE to give themselves a nice little lead. Then, they immediately planted the bomb after killing nitr0 and end up taking that round too. 5-3 Liquid.

These two teams went at each other like the Hatfields and McCoys after this. It was all trade-off wins by round 14. Both teams played aggressively. This round came down to ELiGE vs. gla1ve. Gla1ve planted at A after running away from B. ELiGE finally killed him and gets to the bomb. It comes down to the last millisecond. ELiGE looked like he had the bomb defused, but it blowed up in his face. 

Astralis quickly took out Liquid in the next round. Liquid was clearly still mixed up from that previous round. Going into the half, Astralis led 8-7.

Another handgun round started and was almost over before it began. Astralis absolutely shut Liquid down. Dupreeh, with four kills in round 17, must have been thirsty because he was  just drinking in Liquid.

Liquid almost gave up in round 20 after a few rounds of Astralis just toying with Liquid and leaving ELiGE by himself. After taking out the rest of Astralis besides Dupreeh, NAF planted the bomb and backed up. As Dupreeh looked for a kit, he took out NAF and defuses the bomb.

In a round where he was completely outmatched, Stewie2K took the next round but saw his opponents through the smoke. Liquid was back in the game after two losses in a row. NAF took a double kill at the start of Round 22, and all of Team Liquid survived as they picked off Astralis. However, Astralis were still ahead 13-8.

In Round 23, dev1ce answered with a triple kill for the round win. Liquid answered with another three wins as NAF and nitr0 went full beast mode. They got a few double and triple kills in those matches, making it 14-12 Astralis.

Astralis kept up the pace in round 27, defusing the bomb even after Twistzz, Stewie2K, and NAF almost tooke them all out. Match point for Astralis. They gave up another round to Liquid after a quick bomb plant. 15-13 Astralis. Both teams definitely felt the stress at this point.

Bomb planted early again in round 28. Astralis got Liquid down to just ELiGE having 3v1, but they took him out and got the defusal for the win. 

Final score for map 3: 16-13 Astralis

Astralis advanced to the Grand Finals. 

Evil Geniuses Vs. G2 ESPORTS Results

Map 1 - Dust2


We started off with the handgun round as usual. Geniuses took that round pretty easily, even if AmaNEk gave them a little trouble at first. Geniuses easily took another five rounds. Geniuses picked off G2 like wolves in a playpen. In round seven, however, G2 had killed off everyone but CeRq. By the end, CeRq was able to still plant the bomb. On a 4v1, CeRq still took one with him before G2 defused the bomb for their first win. 6-1 Geniuses.

Geniuses answered back with a fast bomb plant that G2 had no chance to get to in time. There were a few back and forth wins with both teams really working together. But Geniuses were really on top of their game. For every G2 win, Geniuses answered with two wins. 10-3 Geniuses.

The first half still ran rather slow for both teams. No one made real big plays. It was mostly just tight teamwork. Geniuses had some impressive K/Ds, especially CeRq and stanislaw. By the end of the first half, G2 took a few matches at the end by eliminating all of the Geniuses and defusing the bombs. 10-5 Geniuses at the end of the first half.

During the next handgun round, Geniuses once again took it faster than G2 could even realize what was happening. G2 kepti it competitive though by really putting the pressure on Geniuses. Both kennyS and kioShiMa stepped up as duo to start a comeback in this second half. In round 20, Geniuses completely smashed G2 by taking their flanks. G2 never saw it coming. 

In Round 21, CeRq pulls off two amazing lift-snipes that G2 didn’t expect. CeRq jumped on his teammate’s shoulders so that he could jump over the smoke to make a headshot. He then did it again like the animal he is. In round 22, Ethan made the meat grinder through the door and got a quad-kill, giving Geniuses match point.

Evil Geniuses made sure that was the last round of the map by slowly picking off each member of G2.

Final score for map 1: 16-8 Evil Geniuses

Map 2 - Nuke

There was no doubt that Geniuses were going to sweep through the third handgun round. And they did just that, once again setting the tone for the rest of the map. They ran round two again like it was nothing. They do that again for another six rounds. 8-0 Geniuses.

G2’s econ was completely ruined eight rounds in that it was difficult for them to win even one round of the first half. They win one in round nine thanks to Lucky. They take another in round 12/13 by defusing the bombs. In round 14, they had a little speed and took out all of the Evil Geniuses players.

Besides that, though, Geniuses really ran through G2. One or two rounds came close, but after the first half, Geniuses only needed five rounds in the second half to make it to the Grand Finals. 11-4 Geniuses going into the second half.

G2 really needed to take the final handgun map to sure up their points. Did they? They did! They played some fantastic mind games by traveling as a pack and tearing through Geniuses. Tarik lost his cool on a 2v1 to put a stop to another G2 round win. Once they had decent econ and a positive outlook, G2 started to make a small comeback through a few rounds. 11- 7 Geniuses.

However, once Geniuses got their econ up again, they cut through G2 like a hot knife through butter. This gave them all five matches that they needed in a row. 

Final score for map 2: 16-7 Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses advanced to the Grand Finals, meaning we’d see Astralis vs. Evil Geniuses in the Grand Finals at ESL One New York 2019.

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