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ESL One New York 2019 Grand Finals Results: Astralis vs. Evil Geniuses

Yesterday was the ESL One Grand Finals New York 2019 for CS:GO at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Two teams fought their hearts out to win the coveted trophy and $200,000 in prize money. The Danish team Astralis went up against the US team Evil Geniuses in a best of five.

G FUEL was there watching, and it was a fantastic match up. 

Did you favorite team come out on top?

Find out below!

Map 1 - Inferno Results


As always, we start with the first half handgun round. Geniuses started out as aggressive as possible to really throw off Astralis. Astralis tried to answer back in the second round, but Geniuses yielded no ground. Ethan pulled in first blood in round three and CeRq pulled in a double kill to give them the 3-0.

It was clear from the start that Astralis underestimated Geniuses. They didn’t get their first bomb plant until round six, which gave them the win for that round. 5-1 Geniuses.

Round seven was good luck for dev1ce with three kills and one very lucky shot through a smoke bomb. They were able to plant the bomb and take that round. This is where the game picked up because both Econ’s were big enough to give them decent weapons. Brehze was able to hold their team in round eight while taking out two of Astralis’ players while they were lost in the smoke.

In round 10, it came down to a 1v1 of Stanislaw and Gla1ve. Gla1ve took the bomb and tried to fake out stanislaw by running to the opposite bomb site, but stanislaw stood his ground. Gla1ve came back to B site and stanislaw took him out for the win. It was like watching a sitcom with a bad punchline.

Geniuses continued to run down on Astralis for another five rounds. Some of which came down to the wire, but Geniuses still came out on top. Each player was putting in so much work, but stanislaw, Brehze, and CeRq stole the show in the first half, giving a huge lead with 13-2 Geniuses.

That meant Evil Geniuses only needed three rounds to take the map. In the handgun match, they destroyed Astralis once again, setting up their econ to wipe them out. Geniuses planted the bomb with a slow and methodical round, and that gave them map point.

CeRq and Brehze planted the bomb, but Dupreeh and Xyp9x saved Astralis from another loss in round 18. Xyp9x once again had a double kill, but it wasn’t enough to save them another round. Evil Geniuses take map 1 by round 19.

Map 1 Final Score: 16-3 Evil Geniuses

Map 2 - Dust2 Results


Astralis had a lot to make up for from that last map, and Dust2 is one of their best. So, starting off the handgun round, they of course run through Geniuses quick and clean. Tarik takes a triple kill in the second round to quickly turn that around for the tie.

Geniuses and Astralis trade a few rounds with team wipes and bomb plants alike. Round six came down to a 1v1 where Magisk dropped down on Brehze for a kill and a bomb refusal. Tie up 3-3.

Round 8 was a tense time out win for Astralis. Geniuses lost the bomb by spawn point, so stanislaw had to go hunting but couldn’t quite get to it before the clock ran out. Brehze and CeRq tried to make up for their previous lost round and ended up with a bomb plant win.

This map gave both teams a tough time, with each team getting tie ups a few times. Round 6, 10, 12 and 14 were all tie ups in the first half of Dust2. In round 15, Geniuses tried to push site A as gla1ve took up the flank. Gla1ve missed the first flank. But then he quickly came around to the other side to take the other flank and spray down Geniuses as they already looked like the Walking Wounded. Astralis defused the bomb with only a second left on it for the win in the first half. 8-7 Astralis.

Both teams played low and slow in the second handgun round. Dupreeh came out with three kills to sure up that win. Astralis with a 5v2 gets a safe bomb plant in round 17, ensuring another win.

Astralis continued the assault on Geniuses for another three rounds. But in round 20, after dev1ce missed a few AWP shots, tarik defused the bomb. In round 21, tarik and Ethan took out dupreeh and gla1ve with an incendiary grenade and headshots, taking the round with another bomb defusal. Geniuses ran out the clock in the next round, giving Astralis a tough time to try and plant the bomb. 12-10 Astralis.

CeRq and Brehze went in hot. Both players got double kills in round 23 to grab another tie up. Geniuses grabbed another clock out by continually killing Astralis members carrying the bomb. Another team wipe brought Evil Geniuses to map point.

A 5v1 with a 1:20 left on the clock, Evil Geniuses take map too handily.

Map 2 Final Score: 16-12 Evil Geniuses

Map 3 - Train Results

Both teams needed to aggressively start this third map. Evil Geniuses needed to because they wanted to close out the Grand Finals, and Astralis needed to because they had to keep it going. The handgun round started with dupreeh out in the first 10 seconds. Astralis quickly fell one by one after that, giving Geniuses the win. They set the tone here on map three.

CeRq got a double kill early in round two, making it an easy win after that. In round three, Astralis tried to move in slow and steady but ended up in team wipe. They tried again in round four with the same strategy and planted the bomb with 20 seconds left on the clock. They made Geniuses get flustered and start making mistakes that round, and Astralias got a point on the board.

In round five, though, tarik went hard and grabbed a double kill, almost a triple, but couldn’t quite pull it off. Enough to help his team pull the round win. Geniuses take round six. Astralis takes round seven with gla1ve making a fake bomb plant to pull out tarik and wins the 1v1. Geniuses take round eight by just playing the aggressive play. Ethan with a double kill early on gave them the lead.

This gave Astralis a very low econ, which gave them two losses in a row. However, round 10 gave them a really nice bomb plant win. Which they repeated in round 11. Now, Astralis needed to deplete Geniuses econ for them to be able to come back a few rounds to close the gap in the first half. However, in round 13, Geniuses pulled a win they had no right to win. Time just ran out for Astralis. Brehze might have helped Geniuses clutch a full win, but then dev1ce ran for the bomb site. He only had a few seconds to plant. He close-quarters sniped Brehze, leaving stanislaw but then just ran out of time. 8-5 Geniuses.

Astralis and Evil Geniuses took round 14 personal. They traded off kills, but Astralis come out on top. They then ran right over Geniuses in round 15, ending the first half 8-7 Geniuses.

The second half handgun round starts with an early bomb plant by Geniuses, pulling out Astralis to just break down losing another handgun round. Dupreeh started round 17 with a Deagle double kill early, and Geniuses fell apart. Both teams felt exhausted but also tried their best to win this map.

Astralis tied the game up in round 18 with a bomb defusal. Geniuses, however, tied it back up in round 20 with a team wipe after planting the bomb and CeRq’s double kill. Geniuses pulled ahead two rounds with some calculated bomb plants and guarding them. 12-10 Geniuses.

Gla1ve started round 23 with a wicked triple kill, giving Astralis the advantage early enough for Geniuses to completely drop the ball. Although CeRq almost came back with a kill, dupreeh was able to shut him down. Geniuses aggressively hit back in round 24 and 25 with two team wipes. Tarik got Xyp9x through a grate by the ladder for a good lead. Geniuses planted the bomb, which forced out Astalis to start making moves. Unfortunately, once again they can’t make up for it and lose the round. This puts Geniuses at map point. 15-11 Geniuses.

Astralis held their nerve, as they’ve  proven before, and came in aggressive as tarik tried for some early kills and blew it. Then, Astalis easily mowed through them, holding off that map win and stopping their own panic. 15-12 Geniuses.

They needed three rounds to tie it and bring it to overtime. Could Astalis do it? Well, they won round 28 and 29 pretty smoothly. Even if they lost a few players those rounds. Gla1ve and dupreeh showed off some fantastic form. 15-14 Geniuses.

Astralis needed one more for the tie up. Gla1ve got the double kill. CeRq and tarik answer back with two of their own, making it a 3v3. But dev1ce had other plans and AWPs out Brehze while dupreeh flanks around to take out CeRq. Stanislaw was all alone and easily got taken down. Astralis tied it up to go into overtime!

Map 3 Overtime Results

For those who don’t know, there are six rounds in overtime, and you need to get to 19 points for the map win. But if the map ends 18-18,  another overtime begins. Nothing resets as far as econ goes, so you start where you left off.

Tarik started things off with a quick kill on dupreeh, but Magisk answered with a double kill as gla1ve took down two of Geniuses’ players, leaving a 3v1. CeRq didn’t even get to try before he got taken out. Round 2 was very much the same with dev1ce landing a double kill, setting up another team wipe. 17-15 Astralis.

CeRq closed out the next round, keeping Geniuses in the mix. But the next round after the bomb plant, Astralis threw a molotov on top of the bomb to keep anyone from defusing in the last few seconds. This gave them another win and put them one step closer to winning this map.

Map point for Astralis. Geniuses had to win two for double overtime. Geniuses came in like fire and took out Astralis as fast as possible, but not before Astralis planted the bomb. Which Geniuses defused without issue. Geniuses once again brought the heat as they barreled their way in and took out Astralis as fast as possible. Brehze got a doubly kill right out of the gate and picked up another while tarik took out the other two.

18-18 tie means double overtime. Double overtime is the same rules as the first. Another six rounds and econ isn’t changed.

Double overtime usually means that players throw out the rulebook and just go as hard as possible. That remained true in this first round of DO. Astralis planted the bomb with a 1:30 still on the clock. They traded off kills, but overall, Astralis took the first win.

Astralis won the next round easily enough, but then Geniuses took the next round with more of a cool head. CeRq played the cool-handed sniper that we know him for. The nest round was all dupreeh as he took a triple kill at the ladder to end the match.  21-19 Astralis.

Geniuses, not giving up that easily, powerhoused their way through the next round, keeping them around and the pressure on Astralis. This was map point for Astralis, and dupreeh got a triple kill by the stairs while his team takes out the other two Geniuses for the round win! The double overtime gave Astralis the win they needed to keep this game going.

Map 3 Final Score: 22-20 - Astralis

Map 4 - Nuke


After an exhausting Map 3 double overtime, we started Map 4 with a new handgun round. If Train proved anything, it’s that this was still anyone’s championship. This was a back-and-forth round by both teams, but Brehze closed it out after a bomb plant with one final headshot. In round two, Geniuses made a 5v2 and a bomb plant in the blink of an eye. They clearly came out of that last map with fire in their eyes.

Geniuses then tried to take things a little slower in round three, now that they have the upper hand on econ and weaponry. They took out all of Astralis with no issue. However, in round four, Astralis’ gla1ve sprayed out a triple kill for a round win. Geniuses answered with four kills and a bomb plant in round five. 4-1 Geniuses.

With Astralis’ econ low once again, Geniuses won another five rounds with mostly team wipes. In round 10, Astralis finally got a round win with a bomb defusal, but it was at the last second while Ethan tried to keep the bomb safe. 10-2 Geniuses.

Astralis had another win in Round 11 and 12 as they tried to bring down the econ of Geniuses with those team wipes. Gla1ve and dev1ce brought in early double kills to help out with another round. Astralis picks up another four wins in a row close that huge gap in the first half. In round 14, Geniuses lost but Stanislaw got a sweet knife kill. During the end of the first half, Astralis got a bomb defusal through smoke just before the timer ran out.  Ethan and stanislaw tried their hardest to put the pressure on them. The end of the first half ended up 8-7 Geniuses, with Astralis having an amazing six round streak.

The second half of the handgun round started with another fast and hard round with Geniuses coming out on top. CeRq got a triple kill in the next round, continuing the win lead. Brehze went to the flank  for a double kill, putting a hard stop on an Astralis comeback. 11-7 Geniuses.

Geniuses got another three wins with a team wipe and two bomb defusals, which gave them a good lead. Astralis were trying their hardest to make a stop to this run and finally did in round 22, but not before Geniuses nearly doubled their round wins. Magisk got a triple kill from the 3v1. 14-8 Geniuses.

Then in round 23, Ethan cleaned up with a double kill and bomb defusal to put Geniuses into map point. This is where, in the last map, Geniuses got too excited and lost it, so they needed to quickly get through this. But tarik brings in a triple kill, and Geniuses take out the rest for a full win!

Map 4 final score: 16-8 Evil Geniuses

Overall Score: 3:1 Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses got North America the win in ESL One NY 2019 Grand Finals. They only gave up one map, and it was in a fantastic way. Astralis tried their hardest, but in the end, they couldn’t step up. When asked, “What do you have to say to the rest of the CSGO teams?” Tarik responded with, “We’re coming for you.”

What did you think of the matches?

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