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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Community Reactions

On October 25th, the world will be able to purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which will act as a soft reboot of 2007’s release. At the end of August, fans were able to participate in the new 2v2 Gunfight alpha that received positive remarks from the community, which certainly set our expectations for the standard multiplayer beta.


Modern Warfare will be following Black Ops 4’s 5-man teams, but it won’t offer advanced movement with boost sliding or jet packs. Call of Duty will take its roots back to boots on the ground movement and strategic gameplay. Many fans have compared Modern Warfare to Rainbow Six Seige or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the game’s movement and feel.

Weekend 1

The first few days of the beta were reserved for fans who pre-ordered Modern Warfare on PlayStation 4 until September 16th, with the following days being available for everybody. Fans were able to play through different gameplay modes ranging from standard Team Deathmatch to a 10v10 mode.

Fans were not happy the first couple of days due to Infinity Ward’s decision to remove the mini-map from all standard modes. In previous Call of Duty games, casual modes would display a mini-map showing players the location of enemies who fired their weapon or eliminated teammates. Doug “Censor” Martin shared his thoughts on Call of Duty with no mini-map.


After a few days, Infinity Ward took the community’s feedback to heart and added the mini-map back into casual game modes including Search and Destroy. FaZe Clan’s Tommy “Zoomaa” Paparratto posted a clip of him taking advantage of the mini-map and wiping the entire enemy team within the first couple seconds of the match.


Team Kaliber owner Justin “KOSDFF” Chandler shared his love for snipers in the beta, specifically the AX-50. Players who leveled up within the beta were allowed to add attachments and upgrades, similar to previous Call of Duty games.


Professional Call of Duty player Christopher “Profeezy” Astudillo for Team Elevate shared his clip of using the MP5 submachine gun to earn seven impressive kills in a row.


Fans were able to hop back into Modern Warfare on Thursday, September 19th on PlayStation 4, and so were players who pre-ordered on PC and Xbox One. The beta became available for everybody on Friday, September 20th and ended on Monday, September 23rd. 

Weekend 2

Call of Duty fans and pros were eager to hop back onto the beta, especially with the second weekend for the Modern Warfare beta featuring crossplay. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players were able to play together in multiplayer for the first time in Call of Duty history.


Ashley “Electra” was able to enjoy the beta on PlayStation 4 and PC across both weekends and made sure to note that movement on PC felt great, especially in the previous 2v2 Gunfight alpha.


Phil “Momo” Whitfield also agreed that movement felt nice, but took some time adjusting since Modern Warfare played slower than previous Call of Duty titles.


Activision listened to player feedback and kept the mini-map remaining in all regular modes, which drew positive criticism from the entire community. In fact, Brandon “Sharp” Rodgers believes that week two Modern Warfare beta was the most intense, but one of the best he has ever played!


Other players were not happy with the spawn rotations in the beta, especially for Team Deathmatch. SoaR Ziytex also hit out at the lack of maps, since there was only a handful available for the beta. 


MercAnthony from Elevate felt that sniping while aiming down sights was slow, especially since he primarily plays with snipers. With Modern Warfare allowing players to customize their weapons with attachments, it’s possible this problem can be corrected with the right build.


Another member of Elevate, Entxurage, agreed that snipers felt slow but also acknowledged that he played a beta version and there was room for improvement.


SoaR Eli had fun with the beta, but he felt that the beta promoted camping and could potentially be a turn-off for players. Camping in Modern Warfare could be due to the abundance of claymores, which were certainly a popular item.


One of the most established personalities in the Call of Duty scene, Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler agreed that claymores were too much for the beta, but felt that Modern Warfare’s movement felt great.


Locals, the latest member to join KARNAGE, also agreed with the general opinion on claymores.


Even ShortysDesigns hopped in on the conversation and agreed that there was an abundance of campers throughout the beta.


The second weekend of the beta also included Ground Wars, a 32v32 mode played on a humongous map with multiple points that players have to capture. Social media was full of players, such as Ben “Benson” Bowe, who were impressed by Ground Wars.


NoisyButters was head over heels in love with the beta and expressed that she wished she played more! Good thing she will only have to wait less than a month until Modern Warfare releases worldwide. 


Even DougisRaw was happy to play with players across most major systems and felt that the time to kill ratio was a great way to balance cross-platform play. 


Giomilano felt it took a bit of time to adjust to the change of pace and time to kill, but felt the beta was overall positive. 


While we may be biased, we felt that Colbeyyy had the best review by claiming the beta was good, but drinking G FUEL while playing the beta was even better.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release worldwide on October 25th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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