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31, 07, 2019 | The G FUEL Team | comments(0)

The 3 Best Teams To Use In Madden 20 [With Ratings]

Madden fans rejoice, as the newest entry in the long-running franchise is set to drop this Friday, August 2nd.

And with that, here are the three best teams to use in Madden 20:

1. Cleveland Browns: 83 Overall

odell beckham jr from the cleveland browns in madden 20

Electronic Arts Inc.


Yes, it’s going to take us all some time to get used to the idea of the Cleveland Browns being one of the most exciting teams in the NFL. However, this isn’t the same Dawg Pound we have been making fun of since drafting Tim Couch back in 1999.

Cleveland Browns Offense: 83

We start with the obvious addition, Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL and has forced his way into that argument with noodle-armed Eli Manning throwing him the ball the past few seasons. OBJ has a 99-spectacular catch, 98 agility, and 94 speed, which basically means he is set to roast DBs constantly in Madden 20.

The Browns’ offense really centers around Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has a cannon for an arm with 93 throw power, and he’s also incredibly accurate on deep throws with 88 deep accuracy rating. Which means that bombing the ball constantly downfield to OBJ is a legitimate, and thoroughly enjoyable, strategy in Madden 20.

Cleveland Browns Defense: 82

Whether you’re a sack-hungry player or looking to snag your own user-picks, the Browns have what you want in Madden 20. Myles Garrett has the fourth-highest rating of any defensive end in the game (91 overall) and the third-highest power moves (93), which means you can just bowl over opposing offensive linemen.

In the secondary, the Browns have one of the best, young shutdown corners in the NFL in Denzel Ward. The 22-year old has an 88 overall but carries a 90 rating in man coverage and an 89 in press coverage. That means that Ward has all the tools to remove your opponents No.1 option on offense and frustrate them all day long.

2. Los Angeles Rams: 85 Overall

aaron donald from the los angeles rams in madden 20

Electronic Arts Inc.


Don’t let their terrible offensive performance in the Super Bowl sour you on the Los Angeles Rams. This is still a roster stacked with playmakers all over the field. The offense is built to make it as easy as possible to move the ball while the defense is built on aggression.

Los Angeles Rams Offense: 83

You don’t need to worry about Todd Gurley’s arthritic knees in Madden, which means you can use the top-rated running back in the game freely. No matter if you want your running back to pound the rock behind the big guys, kick it outside, or have them catching the ball out of the backfield – Gurley is the absolute best. His versatility makes him a go-to option in Madden.

In addition to Gurley, the Rams have a trio of amazing receivers to throw to. Brandin Cooks can take the top off an offense with his 95 speed and 88 deep route running, Robert Woods is a beast in basically every area of the field, and Cooper Kupp is one of the best safety options in the NFL. When you put that trio in a Sean McVay offense, you can easily trot up the field at will.

Los Angeles Rams Defense: 86

Aaron Donald.

That's all you need to now. Donald is the best defensive player in the NFL and is on the shortlist for best player, period. He is one of only four players in Madden to earn the coveted 99 rating, hosting top marks for strength, power moves, and pursuit in the entire game.

If Donald himself is not enough, you have a secondary that is deep with talent. Aqib Talib, John Johnson III, Nickell Robey-Coleman, Marcus Peters, and Eric Weddle are all rated 81 or higher. Plus, the Rams also boast some sack-heavy linebackers with Clay Matthews and Dante Fowler pinning their ears back and rushing the passer.

3. Houston Texans: Overall 83

madden 20 deandre hopkins houston texans

Bob Levey/Getty Images


The Houston Texans are a team filled with fun players all over the field. A defensive front seven that features two of the best players on that side of the ball, one of the best pass-catchers we’ve ever seen, and an electric quarterback capable of ridiculous plays.

Houston Texans Offense: 83

We need to start with DeAndre Hopkins. The only offensive player in Madden 20 to be part of the 99 club. Hopkins will basically catch any ball within a remotely reasonable radius, just like real life with 99 ratings in catching, spectacular catching, and catch in traffic. Basically, just throw the ball in his general direction and you’re good.

Working behind a downright bad offensive line won’t always be the most fun for players, but the fact that you have Deshaun Watson under center makes it a little more tolerable. Watson’s ability to make plays with his legs (88 speed, 88 acceleration) coupled with his massive arm (89 throw power) means a talented player can basically use him as a pseudo-Michael Vick.

Houston Texans Defense: 88

Many people might not think about this, but the Texans are tied for the highest-rated defense in Madden 20. But, that is what happens when you have the combination of JJ Watt (97 overall) and Jadeveon Clowney (92 overall) ruining the lives of opposing quarterbacks. This is a duo that combined for 25 sacks and 43 tackles for a loss last season.

The defense is more than the big names though. The secondary features three players rated above 80 (Justin Reid, Johnathan Joseph, and Tashaun Gipson) while the linebacker unit features the previously mentioned Clowney and a pair of underrated starters (Benardrick McKinney and Whitney Mercilus).

Now it’s your turn. Which teams do you think are the best to use in Madden 20? Tell us in a comment below!


Top image via Electronic Arts Inc.

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