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16 Best Mortal Kombat 11 Combos And Variations (And How To Perform Them)

Want to learn the best MK11 combos and variations? Need some tips and tricks that can get you to your favorite fatalities faster? Well, we've got news for you: we did the homework for you and are laying everything out in this guide. We'll dive right into the "Belly of the Beast" and pull out any bones we find.

It should be noted that Mortal Kombat 11 has a high learning curve, but after reading this guide and learning a new moveset or two, you'll be one step closer on your journey up this mountain in the "Dead of Winter". Hopefully, this will help you so you aren't mashing all those buttons.

Here are some of the best MK11 combos and variations from some of the best characters in the game. And yes, we took into account that Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate includes all of the DLC including three characters for people to play in the Kombat Pack 2.

Quick reminder: If you read our 15 Best Mortal Kombat 11 Characters guide, then you already know some of this info. If you haven't read the guide, remember the Mortal Kombat 11 controls and button layout below. It'll help explain a lot of the combos.

Mortal Kombat 11 basic button layout for Xbox and PlayStation.Grip.gg

How We Ranked: Each character has at least three variations. We chose one for each. Different variations can produce different combos, special moves, higher damage rates, Krushing Blows, quicker movements, etc. So we chose the best of the best. We also chose based on the ease in which you can pull off the combos.

Here are two more things to bear in mind:

1. This guide is still pretty subjective and is based on our own opinion of how good a character is.

2. All characters are applicable. Meaning, if you like playing Robocop, Johnny Cage, or even Shang Tsung, then by all means continue to play with any zoner mix-up character you love. The choice is yours. Just because a character is average in our eyes does not make them unplayable. Nor does it mean their combos are weak.

Either way, MK11 is a pretty well-balanced fighting game, with the array of basics that you can wrap your head around, no character is truly terrible. In fact, my favorite characters aren’t even top tier. So remember this info as you play. We're just trying to give you the tips to get a leg up. 🙂

16. Terminator

First up is one of the DLC characters from the distant far-off future of 1997 (unless we take into account the newest movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, in which case it's 2022) that we all know and love. While he may move around like Arnold Schwarzenegger in reality, his combos can be deadly. 

The Terminator will use a Variation called Dark Fate. Yes, just like the newest movie we just mentioned. While it isn’t terribly complicated, it does take practice if you aren't used to his movement.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Albi Back Breaker
  • Slot 2: Death Grip​
  • Slot 3: Running Man


  • Albi Back Breaker replaces Gorilla Press Slam. He will grab the opponent and slam their spine down on his shoulder.
  • Death Grip allows you to grab the opponent out of the air and once again smash them down hard.
  • Running Man is exactly what it sounds like. You sprint at the opponent. Although, while running The Terminator gains access to several additional moves.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Back + Three, One; Down, Back, Forward, Two AMP KB; Forward, Forward; Back + Three, One; Down, Back, Forward, Two

Dark Fate isn’t too complicated for beginners to understand. Terminator is a clunky character, much like Shao Kahn. However, once you get his movement speed down, you can handle this combo without a problem. Your opponents will have trouble every time and will worry when you’ll be back.

15. Noob Saibot

Noob is actually the original Sub-Zero brought back from the dead. Scorpion killed him in Mortal Kombat 2, and so he was stripped of his humanity. Instead of ice, Noob now controls the shadows. The Sub-Zero we know today is his younger brother who decided to take on the mantle. 

His variation, Dark Sabbath, lends itself better to Noobs base playstyle. His starter One, One, Three combo puts out a much higher damage output.  The full string will take out nearly 39% of your opponent's health. While it's kind of difficult to pull off, it's not impossible with some regular practice. 

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Spirit Ball​
  • Slot 2: Shadow Portals​
  • Slot 3: (Air) Sickle Port​​


  • Noob’s fast, high-hitting Ghost Ball in Spirit Ball will help with this combo.
  • Shadow Portals turns his teleport AMP into a combo extension for big combos.
  • (Air) Sickle Port is an alternate teleport out of the air that hits mid and combos when amplified. Sickle Port helps Noob make up for a lack of an air teleport.​

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: One, One, Three; Down, Up, AMP, Forward One; One, One, Three; Back + One, One + Three; Back, Forward, Two AMP

Right after your first Down, Up, AMP, you’ll need to hit Forward. This is to ensure that you actually whiff your first punch after your opponent's body bounces. You’ll need the rest of the One, Three to continue to combo. In addition, make sure you have both AMP bars full to pull off this combo.

14. Kollector

Kollector is a character that many have had trouble with. His timing can be difficult, but this roll counter combo, called Back in the Pack, will bring fear to the opponent’s heart. Kollector will surely be collecting a win if you're able to land it.

While it looks way more complicated than it looks, Back in the Pack punishes roll attempts, which will stop any opponent from trying it more than once against you. Also, you'll have to start your enemy in the corner to get the timing just right.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Up Demonic Mace​
  • Slot 2: Demonic Clutch​
  • Slot 3: Fade Out​


  • Up Demonic Mace is almost identical to Demonic Mace, except it's an anti-air attack. It also has a high attack and has no Krushing Blow attached.
  • Demonic Clutch is a fast command grab that cannot be ducked. It has a KB that can be launched for a full combo if the move punishes a tech roll.
  • Fade Out is a relatively slower teleport with no alternate teleport options. But it remains a strong tool for Kollector to get close or to convert off of his amplified Bola.​

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down, Back, Forward, Three KB; Forward, Forward Three; Back Forward, Four AMP; Jump-Forward, Two; Four, Four, Three; Forward + 1, Two; Down, Back, Three AMP

I know that input looks difficult, but this is Kollector’s deadliest combo for a whopping 503 damage. To be honest, the hardest part will be timing the grab just right to punish the opponent.

13. D’Vorah

This is one of the most viable and common combos you’ll see in this guide, but that doesn’t make the damage any less insane. This combo actually starts as her anti-air grab, which makes jumping at her extremely dangerous and plays into D’vorah’s gameplan.

Her Buzzed variation adds new extensions to several strings that use ovipositors and allows her to launch multiple bugs onto the ground for setups. This combo string isn’t as difficult as Kollector’s, and it takes 450 health points easily away from your opponent as they mistakenly try to attack you from above.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: (Air) Ticking Time Bug​
  • Slot 2: Strepsiptera​
  • Slot 3: Parasite​


  • Ticking Time Bug is a unique move where D'vorah shoots a larva on the ground at one of three ranges, which hatches into a wasp that flies upwards to hit your enemy if they get in the way. The AMP version shoots at all three ranges at once, creating an obstacle course for the opponent.
  • With Strepsiptera, D'vorah drops out a big larva which hatches a mid-hitting tracking projectile that travels half screen. The AMP version shoots three wasps and can grant combos and strong pressure when used correctly.
  • Parasite gives D'vorah three new enders that cause KBs.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down, Forward, Two KB; Jump-Forward, One; Forward + One, Three; Down, Back, One AMP; Forward + One; Down + One; Forward +One, Three; Down, Forward, Two

The requirement for the anti-air grab (Down, Forward, Two KB) is that you counter an opponent’s jumping attack. Luckily, this move is excellent for doing just that. If you need to, practice doing the move from a crouching position for more success. If you roll your input and do Back, Down, Forward, Two beginner, you can do it from crouch without standing (where you might get hit by a jump attack).

Once you’ve mastered that part, the big link here is the Jump-Forward, One after Back, Forward, Two. You're going to want to time your Jump-Forward, One at the top of your arc, and you should be able to land this one consistently.

12. Raiden 

Once you can land this Raiden combo, you’ll make the opponent realize just how dangerous his Back + 2 beginners are. If you pull this one off correctly, you could do 546 damage to your enemy. This will keep their head spinning for the rest of the match.

The Variation you will need for this is Thunder Wave. I assume you read that in the AC/DC voice. It's ok, I did it too.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Sparkport​
  • Slot 2: Sparkport​
  • Slot 3: Storm Cell​


  • Sparkport is Raiden's teleport, which can be done at different ranges and amplified for some double teleport goodness.
  • Storm Cell is a combo starting special when amplified, and the move has a large hitbox but is unsafe.
  • Storm Cell conflicts with Summon Lightning, his anti-air grab/combo ender.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Back + Two KB; Forward + Four; Down, Back, Two AMP; Jump-Forward, Two; Forward + Four; Back, Down, Two AMP, Jump- Forward, Three, Back Forward, Three

Raiden’s Combo here deals with a lot of juggling. The timing needs to be just right but remember to activate Raiden’s Back + 2 Krushing Blow as the starter to this combo, you need to land two Back + 2’s in a row. 

As I said, the timing of these combo strings will have you struggle more with the jump timing than anything else. I would suggest getting in some practice converting Jump-Forward Two or Three into Back, Forward, Three from different combo starters to get some consistency of it. It will help you with your timing tremendously. 

11. Geras

Geras was definitely a lock for this list, considering he has made our best Mortal Kombat 11 characters guide with ease. With his high-damage kombos, Geras uses a combination of time magic and brute force to cut your health bar in half.

Unfortunately, while Geras is high on the tier list, his hardest-hitting combo (with 524 damage) can be pretty challenging to pull off. For this combo, you'll need the Variation Infinite Warden. It uses Bed of Spikes, a truly brutal power grab. There aren't many things more satisfying than a throw in fighting games. They hit hard, do big damage, and will most likely have your enemy rage quit.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Quick Sand​
  • Slot 2: Gauntlet Of The Ages​
  • Slot 3: Bed Of Spikes​


  • Quick Sand upgrades Sand Trap's hit reaction into a teleport type move. It allows Geras to avoid trades and get close for pressure. It can become a Krushing Blow for a large chunk of damage.
  • Gauntlet Of The Ages is basically an upgraded version of Big Fist. It's a charge stance that increases the damage of Geras' next attack that uses his gauntlet. Think of it like Donkey Kong's punch in Super Smash Bros.
  • Bed Of Spikes replaces Geras' command grab. It works like an ender and combo extender when amplified.​

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Four; Back, Forward, Two AMP, Forward, Forward, Forward + Three; Back, Forward, One AMP; Down + Two; Down + 2, Forward, Forward, Forward + Three; Back, Forward, Two

After countering an opponent’s high attack, perform a Down + Two KB. But for practice mode purposes, put on the “Easy Krushing Blows” option just to get into the swing of things.

Be sure to get the hang of dashing forward before you follow up with the Forward + 3, or else you'll completely whiff the combination.

10. Shao Kahn

Shao Khan batters the opponent with his gigantic battle hammer in this high damaging combination. This powerful tyrant of the Outworld throne is one of the most celebrated villains in the fighting game genre and the video game genre as a whole. He serves as a primary antagonist to the series in many instances. 

With Risen Emperor, you can make great use of your hammer to give your enemy soaring 513 damage. It’s truly the reason we cheer for any character that wields a war hammer.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Annihilation​
  • Slot 2: Up Wrath Hammer​
  • Slot 3: Dark Priest​

Notes: Annihilation is a mid-combo attack that can be used as a big damage ender and amplified for even more damage. Up Wrath Hammer is where Shao swings his hammer upward, hitting the opponent with a mid into the air only for the hammer to come crashing down for some extra damage. Dark Priest is a minor damage buff of 10%, but it gives Shao access to a combo Krushing Blow from Annihilation.​

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Back + Three; Forward, Forward, Four; Back, Forward, Three AMP; Forward, Forward, Four; Back, Forward, Three AMP; Forward, Forward, Down + Two

Shao Kahn is a heavy hitter. You'll constantly have to push forward a bit to complete this kombo. It takes some getting used to, but Shao does move a little easier than Terminator. 

Players will have to mentally unblock their brains from the double Forward, Forward, Four; Back, Forward, Three AMP because it's easy to forget that you just did that. Otherwise, this is less difficult to figure out.

9. Baraka

This Tarkatan general has been with fans since Mortal Kombat 2. He's one of the few fighters who managed to stand the test of time, mostly because he looks like Wolverine was dumped in a pot of acid. His moves are brutal and fatalities are violent. Mortal Kombat has become known for its violence mostly because of his brutal style of play.

His moves aren't the most complex of the bunch. But if raw, unfiltered attacks are what you're looking for, then you've come to the right place. The Marauder variation contains his most entertaining and damage-dealing moves.  Marauder opens you up to taking 527 HP from your opponent's health bar with a single kombo.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Gutted​
  • Slot 2: Gutted​
  • Slot 3: Baraka Barrage​


  • Gutted gives him a big damage combo extender.
  • Baraka Barrage gives him two extra pokes and a jump that uses his arm blades.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Forward + Four; Forward + Two, One; Forward, Back, Four AMP; Forward, Forward, Four; Back, Forward, Four KB

This comes in as one of the easier, high-damage kombos in the game. The only real challenge of executing this kombo comes from the Forward, Forward, Four into the Forward, Back, Four, but it’s nothing you can’t learn with a few minutes in practice mode.

Here's another important note: He's a character that's always played in attack mode, so you'll notice many of his combos will have a few Forward + moves.

8. Scorpion

Scorpion is one of the most recognizable fighters to come from the franchise. His fame is reaching the level of many characters that your parents can name (such as Mario). Sub-Zero's vengeful rival since the series began, Scorpion is the hot-headed warrior we've been chaining opponents up with since 1992.

The Searing Rage variation allows you to create some serious confusion with the fundamentals of the game. The moves you have with Searing Rage also increase the attack potential of combos. The range of attack and defense makes it the most complete build in the game. 

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Death Spin​
  • Slot 2: Death Spear Kombo​
  • Slot 3: Burning Spear​


  • Death Spin grants Scorpion a fast special where he spins his spear around. Although this move is unsafe (because if you miss, you open yourself up to major attacks), it comes out quickly. It also has a wide hit box while doing considerable chip damage, with AMP adding additional hits.
  • Death Spear Combo gives Scorpion two new string options that use his spear.
  • Burning Spear merely buffs the damage and chip damage that spear attacks do for Scorpion for a short while, and it makes the chip from Death Spin deadly.​

How To Execute:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Four; Back, Forward, One AMP; Two, One, Two KB

While this kombo isn’t the deadliest in the game, it's pretty simple to pull off. This is why Scorpion lands so high on this list. After only a few tries, you’ll have this one down pat before your friends know what hit them.

So, Get Over Here! And practice.

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7. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is the other half of the dynamic duo of fire and ice. He's the coolest character in the game in every meaning of the word and has been a fan favorite for decades. With his range of abilities, it's easy to see why he's a seemingly invincible ice ninja.

Thin Ice allows the player to deal with a good amount of frost damage at range with his Ice Axe attack. Once your enemy figures out an answer for this, you can close the distance incredibly fast with his slide. This opens you up to a variety of fun, close-quarters combos.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Frigid Storm​
  • Slot 2: Death-Cicle Barrage​
  • Slot 3: (Air) Polar Axe​​


  • Frigid Storm is a slow but wide mid-projectile that can catch jumping opponents. It's a solid zoning tool.
  • Death-Cicle Barrage is a high projectile barrage that reaches only mid-range but can be an effective keep out tool.
  • (Air) Polar Axe is a nice downward air projectile with good frame data and damage. This move gives Sub a powerful tool and a way to check the opponent at different ranges than normally allowed.​

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Forward, Forward, Two; Down, Forward, One; Forward, Forward; Forward-Jump, Three; One, Two, Four KB

This one can be a little tricky at first. Just remember that your Jump kick must hit as a cross-up. In addition, that final KB will really boost the damage from this kombo, so you can afford to not land it.

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6. Liu Kang

The series favorite and Mortal Kombat champion, Liu Kang, is the winner of the first four Mortal Kombat tournaments and earth's greatest warrior (he is, at least, in the MK11 universe). His only downfall is that he looks like a knock-off version of Bruce Lee. Although like Bruce Lee, Kang wasn’t really a fan of the violence that the MK Tournament promoted.

The main advantage of using Liu Kang is the stagger heavy strategy he uses. Luohan Quan compliments his types of playstyle, letting you string together combos off the stagger and dealing big damage with it.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Shaolin Stance​
  • Slot 2: Low Fireball​
  • Slot 3: Dragon Parry​


  • Shaolin Stance is a stance Liu Kang can cancel into that has a cancel for a bar of defensive meter, an almost safe low and a string of attacks that lead into an overhead.
  • Low Fireball is a quality low fireball that can be amplified for a second high projectile that could be used for juggles in the corner as well as zoning.
  • Dragon Parry is a parry that Liu can AMP for more damage.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down, Back, Three KB AMP; Forward, Forward, Three, Four; Forward + Four, Three; Back, Forward, Four KB

This is another high-damage, fairly simple kombo to figure out. Pull this off correctly, and you’ll crush your enemy out of 602 damage. Now that’s a lot of damage! Can Flex Seal fix that?

5. Sonya Blade

The general of earth's outer world forces, Sonya Blade, is the first gritty female warrior the franchise ever had. She's the most agile fighter on the roster and has unique abilities due to her special weapons and lethal training. This combination makes her not only a range threat, but also a close distance danger, all while being a regular ol' human. Not to mention that one of the best Mortal Kombat 11 players in the world today loves playing as Sonya.

Ring Master gives the ability to call forward a turret gun and keep your enemy at bay. The power to corner your enemy and deal massive damage while they are pinned against the wall is a pretty great perk. Controlling the space is key when you don't have much room per stage as it is, and this variation is one of the best in the game at that.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Energy Ring Charge​
  • Slot 2: (Air) Energy Rings​
  • Slot 3: K.A.T. Turret Drop​


  • Energy Ring Charge allows her to delay the amplified portion of her Energy Ring where she can cancel it or try to trick the target into losing one of their possible KBs.
  • (Air) Energy Rings is a straight air projectile with an AMP that can lead to a KB in combos.
  • K.A.T. Turret Drop is this turret dropping from the sky and causing a mid explosion at different ranges, but not quite full screen.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down, Back, Two AMP KB; Forward, Forward, Three; Forward, Forward; Three, Three, Forward, Forward; One, Three, Four; Back, Forward, Two AMP

She has to rush forward twice in between attacks. So don’t drop the ball on that, or else you'll drop the kombo.

4. Erron Black

Ever since Red Dead Redemption made the scene, it feels like cowboys have gotten their day back in video games. You get to ride a horse, shoot a gun, and look good doing it. How great of a lifestyle. Now, while 99% of us probably could never be as cool as a cowboy, we, at least, have Erron Black.

The 52 Kard Pickup variation of the gunslinger has been tried and tested. It's the best option you have. Especially when, like Sonya Blade, it has one of the best Mortal Kombat 11 competitors in the world using the very same variation.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Enhanced Locked and Loaded​
  • Slot 2: Outworld Gunslinger​
  • Slot 3: Scud Shot​


  • Enhanced Locked and Loaded adds a few new options to Erron’s gun stance. He gets a new low shot where he lies prone on the ground, avoiding plenty of attacks. The move has an amplified version that will quickly fire three shots if you have them.
  • Outworld Gunslinger grants Erron several extra strings and an amplify option from his F4 on block. The string gives Erron a little bit more mixup/kombo potential, but I think the main draw is the 32 string allowing you to do some goofy zoning with pistol shots.
  • Scud Shot is a powerful stance, even if it's considered a really cheap anti-zoning stance. It absorbs all moves considered projectiles and can be amplified for a fast mid-shot.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Back + Two, Two, Two; Back, Forward, Four, Two KB; Forward, Forward Two, One, Two, One, Two

This kombo is one of the easier ones to memorize. It may only do 312, but because it only uses one bar of Krushing Blow, it's easy to do again for 624. A competent player with good fundamentals can make Erron look unstoppable, and this is the perfect one to start to practice with.  You’ll need to be the fastest Gun Slinger in the West if you want to be the best.

3. Jackie Briggs

Jackie may have the most soul-crushing kombo as far as damage output goes, but it can be a little challenging to pull off. It's why she didn’t nail the number one on this list. However, with a little training, you can be devastating your enemy with exactly what this variation is called, 1st Round KO.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Lethal Clinch​
  • Slot 2: Cybernetic Override​
  • Slot 3: Robo Grappler​


  • Lethal Clinch is a kombo "grab" with different enders that can lead to a KB.
  • Cybernetic Override allows Jacqui to cancel certain strings and her sweep.
  • Robo Grappler gives Jacqui the unique ability to counter the opponent with a throw after you perform a throw tech.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Three, Three KB; Forward, Forward + Four; Down, Forward, One, Forward + One, Two; Down Forward, Three, Four, Four, One KB; Forward + One, Two; Down, Forward, Three, Four, Four, Three

As you can see, this kombo isn't the easiest string to connect. You'll need to practice this quite a bit, but pull it off, and your enemy can say goodbye to 583 points from their health.

2. Rain

Rain may be the new kid on the block to Mortal Kombat 11, but he has the Right Stuff. Many of our younger audience might not get that joke, but that's ok, let’s talk about this water-powered ninja.

With Rain of Terror, you can strike fear into the hearts of your enemy. Much like Erron Black's kombo, this is an easy kombo with not too much damage, but it only has one KB bar usage. Run that twice in a row for a quick but devastating round.

Powers You’ll Need Equipped:

  • Slot 1: Riptide
  • Slot 2: Geyser Palm
  • Slot 3: Hydroplane


  • Riptide lets Rain push his rival back with scalding hot water for a great zoning move.
  • Geyser Palm is great for a water-based anti-air attack.
  • Hydroplane lets Rain perform a sliding attack towards the enemy quickly.

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Back + One; Two, Four, Two; Back, Forward, Four

This is probably one of the shortest combos. Rain is still new to the scene and sometimes the greats of the game find deadlier combos after some time. However, this easy-peasy one will shave off 347 points of your opponent's life bar. Not bad for the new guy.

1. Skarlett

For those of you who don’t know, according to fan speculation, Skarlett began with a rumor of a glitch in Mortal Kombat II. This rumor was supported by a fake image. Fans still don’t know if the rumor was true or not. Help us out here Ed Boon!

Anyway, the witch with a taste for blood magic is a powerful assassin who uses her magic in various ways. From turning it into projectiles to using the opponent's own blood to form a weapon. 

A higher land rate draws people to Blood Drive, but the real fun is in becoming a vampire. You can launch bloody projectiles. Once your enemy starts to dodge the projectiles, you can catch your enemy in mid-air with Cell Siphon, turning the tables in the health gauge.

Powers You’ll Need:

  • Slot 1: Blood Flow​
  • Slot 2: Blood Flow​
  • Slot 3: Cell Siphon​


  • Blood Flow allows Skarlet to slow or speed up her Blood Ball at the cost of a bar of meter. These can be used for mind games to catch your rival jumping or otherwise not ducking.
  • Cell Siphon is a strong restand with great range. It can be amplified to do some minor damage to the enemy and some self-healing.​

How To Execute The Combo:

Inputs: Down + Two KB; Forward +Four, Three; Back, Down, Two AMP

This kombo might not do the most damage. But it makes Skarlet so deadly because while she takes 333 damage from you, she'll also start to heal herself. This could turn the tide of battle in the worst way for her enemy. Especially if you try doing this twice with two full KB bars.

So there you have it. These are just some of Mortal Kombat 11's best kombos and variations and the tips you need to turn yourself into a regular street fighter, I mean Kombatant.

Hopefully, our ways will give you a leg up on your gameplay against friends and enemies. Remember that Training Mode is your friend. Relax, don't press the buttons too hard. Maybe find someone, like a little sibling, and practice your special moves and your dash strikes until your fingers hurt. Use your combo strings on unsuspecting players galore. GLHF!

Do you have a kombo or variation that you like to use that didn’t make the move list? What other MK guides would you like to see from us?

Tell us in the comments section below! "Chop Chop" (Couldn't resist one last special move pun)!


Who has the best combos in Mortal Kombat 11?

Liu Kang has one of the best combos in Mortal Kombat 11. While it takes practice and can be nerve-wracking to pull off, it can either get you a win or take so much damage from your opponent’s health that it evens the playing field. It's nerve-wracking because you need to use a Fatal Blow, which you can only use with 30% health or lower.

Who is the strongest character in Mortal Kombat 11?

With regards to physical strength, Shao Kahn and Sheeva are the strongest characters in MK11. Both are well-armed. Pun intended.

Who has easy MK11 combos?

Spawn has one of the easiest and highest damaging combos in MK11 (where KBs or FBs are not requirements). Without having to jump kick, no Krushing Blow/Fatal Blow damage needed, his kombo can take about 50% damage. It's also quick and easy to learn.

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The author of this guide is John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.

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