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15 Best Mortal Kombat 11 Characters To Annihilate Your Enemies

Mortal Kombat 11 was released in April of last year, so you may be asking yourself, “Why are you just picking the best characters now?” Well, that question has two answers.

The first answer is because sometimes it takes some time to get a tier system going that makes any kind of sense. Especially with MK11 releasing nine DLC fighters since releasing with three more on the way.

The second answer is Mortal Kombat 11 came out with an Ultimate Edition on November 17, 2020. It comes with the base game plus all the DLC! Needless to say, we are very excited.

At the same time, we realized that when releasing a new version, this will usually bring new fans. And some of you might not have played MK in a long while. So, we here at G FUEL decided to help you get a leg up on the competition by giving you insight on the 15 best Mortal Kombat 11 characters.

Types of MK11 Characters

I want to quickly explain the types of characters there are in MK11:

  1. 1. Zoning: Zoning characters are quick and like to play it from a long distance with projectiles. They will try and keep you at arms length.
  2. 2. Rushdown: Rushdown characters can “close the gap” on opponents who attempt to stay far away very quickly.
  3. 3. Grapplers: Grapplers, being typically slower and having a harder time getting close, still have some power behind them.

That was quick, right?

Also keep in mind the Mortal Kombat 11 controls and button layout below. It will help explain moves if need be.

MK11 controls and button layout.Grip.gg

How We Ranked MK11 Characters

We've ranked our favorite 15 Mortal Kombat 11 fighters, including the DLC fighters for you (well, except the fighters in Kombat Pack 2, since those haven’t been released yet). We looked at an array of factors such as a character's range and speed of their normal moves, their special moves, and how easy their combos were to perform. We also tried to take into consideration the variations that MK fighters have.

There are two things to bear in mind. One, that this list is subjective, and is based on our own opinion of how good a character is. We took other opinions into account as well but this is mostly our characters ranked best to worst. 

Two, it's worth noting that all characters are applicable. Meaning, if you like playing Johnny Cage, the arrogant, Hollywood star, then play Johnny Cage! Just because a character is average in our eyes does not make them unplayable. It also doesn’t mean that we don’t like a character because their combos are a bit slower. 

Either way, MK11 is a pretty well-balanced fighting game, and no character is truly terrible. In fact, some of my favorite characters aren’t even top tier. So keep that in mind as you play. As stated above, we are just trying to give you a leg up.

15. Spawn

MK11 Spawn, whose real name is named Al Simmons, is a former US government soldier and assassin who was executed by his own menu but resurrected as a Hellspawn.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

This isn’t Spawn’s first time in a video game, nor is it his first fighting game. However, in Mortal Kombat 11, Spawn continues to be a total BA. He is a Rushdown fighter, and so Spawn can close the gap pretty quickly if utilized right.

While Spawn looks brutal in his close-combat strikes, his cape becomes a powerful extension of his arms. Whether it is his D2 (Down, 2) uppercut or a slew of other normal attacks, the cape will extend the range of nearly any attack and is deadly in its own right. It gives Spawn a destructive edge. Spawn also shows immense power in the midrange to keep opponents at bay thanks to his use of chains, which appear in an instant and push or poke opponents easily enough.

Spawn’s From Hell variation allows him to fire gunshots from a distance while being able to counter low attacks. His The One variation gives him access to high damaging combos. Finally, His Hellspawn variation gives him some new powerful mix-ups and the ability to turn himself  invisible.

Overall, Spawn can bring high damage, his normal combos are fairly easy to pull off, and he is good with mix-ups (where an opponent needs to decide between two moves you might execute, meaning hard to get a good read on).

The only reason he is at the bottom of this list is because despite how fast he actually is, he still feels like a heavy character. The juxtaposition of that is hard to overcome. He is also bad on a whiff (a move that completely misses), it really leaves him open for a counterattack. Also, because of the heavy feel, he is not great at counter-zoning. He doesn't turn fast enough if the opponent has a teleport move. However, once a player does get past his weaknesses, Spawn can take out higher tier characters without an issue.

14. Jax Briggs

Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Briggs is a cyber-enhanced officer of the Special Forces.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Jax is another of the rushdown characters to make the list. He comes with strong up-close pressure and mix-ups. Using a combination of grappling, ground pounds, heating up his cybernetic arms, and throwing bone-crushing punches, Jax is a threatening opponent who can strategically control most of his battles.

Jax’s Combo Enders are a little different than everyone else’s. He has a leg up (or arm up rather) on some of his competition. Jax’s combos are usually ended with Gotcha Grab (Down, Back, One). From Gotcha Grab, Jax has a number of ways to end the combo. Most of which include a number of devastating punches to add up the damage. Jax has four different combo enders while using Gotcha Grab. One is hilariously called Pound Town, and it is just Jax repeatedly punching his opponent in the face over and over again.

Jax also has a special trait that sets him apart from the rest of the roster. Jax’s cybernetic arms get hot. Arm Heat just puts on extra damage. For every landed hit with Jax’s arms, his Arm Heat will increase by 10%. So, obviously, the more Arm Heat Jax has, the higher damage he will deal. Additionally, Arm Heat can be spent to enhance or use certain Special Moves such as Jax’s Heat Missile (Back, Forward, Three). Jax can increase his Arm Heat by 20% by using his Heating Up (Down, Down, Three) Special Move. If Amplified, Jax will increase his Arm Heat by 50%. This can make or break a match if used correctly.

His Grinnin’ Barrett variation gives him the ability to launch opponents up for a combo and additional mix-up options. In his Ringer variation, Jax acquires new strings for pressure and high damaging in-corner combos. Jax’s Hunker Down variation gives him powerful command grab mix-ups and some additional Krushing Blows.

Overall, Jax has great speed and amazing damage, but he leaves himself open a lot. If you're not quick enough, your opponent can get the best of you. 

13. Sub-Zero

MK11 Sub-Zero, whose real name is Kuai Liang, is the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei clan.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“The Iceman cometh.” One of our characters that has been here since the beginning, Sub-Zero is a mix-up character with great movement and counter-zoning. However, much like Spawn, he can feel heavy at times. While his neutral attacks are a little weak, Sub-Zero should never be counted out as A-teir, especially since his Krushing Blows can be absolutely devastating to his opponents.

One of the best parts about Sub-Zero’s combos are they aren’t entirely difficult to perform, but they can all be linked into Ice Ball (Down, Forward, One). Sub-Zero’s Ice Ball is unusually strong because it does not require any meter to combo. The “Spam-the-cheap-move” fighter in us all loves playing as Sub-Zero. Once the opponent is frozen, Sub-Zero will have a lengthy amount of time to hit them to continue the combo.

His Dead of Winter variation boosts his offensive talent by giving him the ability to Amplify his Ice Ball, which greatly helps with combos and added damage. His Avalanche variation gives him powerful setups with the Arctic Trap Special Move to lock opponents down. Finally, in his Thin Ice variation, he gains a number of zoning tools to keep opponents away (especially the ones annoyed with you throwing Ice Balls over and over at them. 

Overall, Sub-Zero is a great character for beginners (or fans coming back to the series). He moves quickly enough and has some high damage moves.

12. Skarlet

MK11 Skarlet is a blood mage and Imperial Bodyguard who was reborn by Shao Kahn's sorcery.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Skarlet is a zoning character who relies on using multiple projectiles and long-reaching attacks to attack opponents from a distance. But much like Spawn, she’s more effective at mid-range, not that her up-close game isn't devastating. She does better from a distance with her incredible ranged attacks with her whip and Blood Tentacles.

Comboing becomes very important for Skarlet because she is not a high damage character. The best part is her combo starters are probably some of the easiest to execute. Usually a Two, One, Two start all of her combos. How you end it is up to you, but most of her enders are pretty devastating. Using Blood Shot (Back, Forward, Two) will start a health regen, while Blood Trail (Down, Back, Three) is great for the corner and could grab you as much as 19 hits.

Her Heart Pierce variation allows her to teleport away from opponents while also giving her a parry to defend against attacks up-close. In Skarlet’s Blood Drive variation, she can adjust the speed of her projectiles and restand opponents at the end of combos, draining their health. Finally, Skarlet’s Hemorrhage variation allows her to restand opponents and create an aura around herself, dealing damage over time.

Overall, with Skarlet, you want to be near enough to your opponent to get in and start punching. Keep about one forward jump away from your foe for maximum effectiveness. She may have low damage, but she can heal herself too if needed (it's not game breaking but could alter outcomes for sure). Also her juggling combos should be feared a little, like watching a clown use blood instead of bowling pins.

11. Baraka

MK11 Baraka is the War Chief of the nomadic Tarkatan tribe who serves Shao Kahn to preserve his tribe's way of life.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Baraka, the rabid, chaotic-evil version of Wolverine is a rushdown character as you may have guessed. It is easy to guess that like Wolverine, Baraka is for up-close-and-personal type fights. He is meant for one thing and one thing only: attacking. He doesn’t have a ton of fancy, high-flying moves, teleports, or projectiles. Although his Blade Spark (Down, Back, One) ranged attack does give him a little reach in a pinch.

While Baraka does have Variations that help his combo beginners, beginners can focus on the easier One, One, Two combo and add from there. Ending with Chop Chop (Down, Back, Three) which leaves the opponent fairly close, allowing for more pressure on knockdown. Chop Chop can be extended by rapidly pressing Three for a flurry of maximum damage blade hits.

Baraka is one of the highest damaging characters in the game, yielding over 40% damage combos in his Marauder variation. Baraka’s Bone Picker variation gives him deadly command grab mix-ups using his Blood Lunge Special Move. Finally, in his Berserker variation, he has several ways to counteract opponents who tend to Flawless Block his gaps.

Overall, Baraka is a lean, mean, eating/killing machine. While some Top Tier players will see through this Beserker’s barrage of hits, it's still enough to mess with many opponents coming at you. Baraka is a little slower, and you’ll notice some gaps in his play. But honestly, at the end of the day, Baraka is a fun character to play with.

10. Sheeva

MK11 Sheeva is the first Queen of the Shokan who now leads her people in the fight to attain their rightful place as partners in Outworld's rule.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Sheeva is on this list because:

  1. 1. We wanted more than one grappler on the list. 
  2. 2. She’s also a rushdown and close combat fighter. As an added bonus, she is the third DLC character to make the list.

That being said, Sheeva is a character who specializes in using unblockable attacks and mix-ups while pounding on her opponents. The best way to end Sheeva’s combos are with Untamed Fury (Back, Forward, Four). Amplifying Untamed Fury will deal additional damage and send the opponent fullscreen, causing them to bleed for a short time if they try to walk, dash, or jump. If you trigger its Krushing blow while you are using it, it adds an extra 30% damage.

Her Smash and Grab variation gives her a great anti-air grab, a fullscreen unblockable attack, and the ability to direct her stomp, making it difficult for many opponents to avoid. Sheeva’s Mean Queen variation gives her deadly mix-ups at close-range and the ability to march towards her opponent for blockstring pressure. Sheeva’s Deadly Dragon variation allows her to charge at her opponent with her shield, as well as the option to toss her shield at her opponent.

Overall, Sheeva is a powerhouse. If used correctly, you can stand your ground and beat the snot out of your opponent.

9. Johnny Cage

MK11 Johnny Cage is a B-list celebrity who fights to save Earthrealm and prove that he's an even braver hero in real life than in the movies.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Johnny Cage is a rushdown character who is good with up-close pressure. Johnny also has some long range normals that help with keeping someone from getting too close to him before he is ready (like the Paparazzi).

His combos aren’t always the easiest to pull off, but one you get going, Johnny can put on a lot of damage fast. One of the best ways to end combos with Johnny is to use his Nut Punch (Back, Down, Three) move. Not only can it be used as a combo starter, but it is also a restand that will give Johnny a +5 damage on hits. 

His Shock Jock variation allows him to boost his damage with Brass Knuckles, and it also gives him the ability to dole out unblockable damage. I would suggest his Show Stopper variation for those just trying Johnny out because it gives you a little bit of an upper-hand. In this variation, Johnny gains higher damaging combos and unbreakable damage. Johnny’s Outtake variation gives him a more powerful uppercut move that gives him stronger zoning options to keep opponents out.

Overall, Johnny Cage is the middle-of-the-road character. While he’s good if you know how to use him, he isn't that beginner friendly. Which I assume goes for most of Hollywood.

8. Raiden

MK 11 Raiden is the Immortal God of Thunder and Protector of Earthrealm.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The best character for the newbies coming into MK11 to play with is Raiden. Raiden is another one on our list that has been around from the beginning and is the God of Thunder without the hammer. Raiden is technically a zoning character but is a little more well-rounded than that. He has decent normals and mix-up options at close-range, and can zone enemies from afar with his devastating lightning-based attacks.

His combos aren’t too hard to master being mostly combos of One, Two, One or Back, Three. However, all of Raiden’s combos should be ended with Electric Fly (Back, Forward, Three), which will carry the opponent directly to the corner. Combos can also be ended with Summon Lightning (Down, Back, Two) for maximum damage output.

In Raiden’s Truth and Light variation, he gains the ability to launch opponents. Or he can place his staff into the ground, attacking his opponents and stopping them from closing the distance. The staff extends his reach being used as a lighting rod. Raiden’s Thunder Wave variation gives him great combo potential and the ability to teleport across the screen. His Raijin variation grants him solid mix-ups and the unique option to punish moves that were normally safe while your opponent is blocking.

Raiden is one of those types of characters that almost anyone can get the hang of. His speed and his ability to zone and counter-zone makes him a good character on offense and defense. Also, no one else can take charge like he can! Get it?

7. RoboCop

MK11 Robocop, whose real name is Alex Murphy, was killed by a local gang and brought back to life as a highly advanced cybernetic police officer who apprehends any Kombatants standing in his way.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I know RoboCop seemed like a head scratcher to many people when he was officially announced, but he is definitely better than we all thought. RoboCop is technically a zoning character who relies on using multiple projectiles to keep opponents away. However, a few of his variations will mix things up a bit.

Even without adding rockets and bombs, this simple gun shot with Robocop's trusty sidearm is quick and deals a fair amount of damage for how safe it is, but can be ducked. Treat it like any fireball style special. Use it occasionally and look out for jump ins.

RoboCop’s combos are a tad advanced, but with some practice, you can easily get the hang of them. It’s his zoning ability that really gets him on this list. RoboCop has multiple projectiles to keep opponents away. Straight Auto-9 (Back, Forward, One) is a high projectile that travels quickly across the screen. When Amplified, RoboCop will fire a series of shots, sending the opponent flying fullscreen on hit. The Amplified Straight Auto-9 can come in handy to stop opponents from advancing after ducking that initial gunshot. 

His OCP’s Finest variation gives him a command grab for mix-ups and up-close fighting. RoboCop’s Prime Detective variation allows him to fire low gunshots and shoot rockets. Finally, in his On Patrol variation, RoboCop can surround himself with electricity. He can also put spike traps on the ground to deal extra damage.

Overall, RoboCop is an interesting pick and a fun Zoner. He is kind of on the slow side, but if he can keep his opponents at arm’s length, he has no problem getting the job done.

6. Scorpion

MK 11 Scorpion, whose real name is Hanzo Hasashi, is the Grandmaster of the Shirai Ryu who leads a reborn Shirai Ryu and avenges those who cannot avenge themselves.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Being in the game since the beginning gives Scorpion nostalgia points right off the bat (as with a few of our characters). Scorpion is a well rounded character with quick, devastating, and numerous attacks at his disposal.

Comboing is simple enough with Scorpion, the easiest being a Two, One, Two. But the best part of Scorpion is his combo enders. Ending combos with Spear (Back, Forward, One) will switch positions with the opponent and deal maximum damage. One, One, Two can be used as an alternative to avoid opponents from escaping combos with Breakaway. In Scorpion’s Searing Rage variation, combos can be ended with Two, One, Two + Four for increased damage output. Or players can always use Death Spin (Down, Forward, Four) to send the opponent fullscreen and clear some space if they got the drop on you.

In his Searing Rage variation, Scorpion becomes one of the highest damaging characters in the game and gains stronger offensive pressure but at the cost of his own safety. His Reborn variation gives him faster options with Hell Port Cancels (Down, Back, Three) and the ability to approach opponents at any given moment or run away. In his Burning Specter variation, Scorpion acquires additional mix-up and pressure options with his Misery Blade.

Overall, Scorpion is just as much fun to play now as he was back in the 90s. His most famous abilities, however, are the control he has over hell-fire and his chained Kunai. “GET OVER HERE!” The icon and franchise favorite ninja hell-bent on revenge is still a great character and even better for beginners.

5. Geras

MK11 Geras, an artificial construct built by Kronika, faithfully servers Kronika's goal of restarting time and rewriting history.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Geras is our other Grappler on this list who specializes in throwing opponents up-close. He also has the ability to zone using sand attacks at longer ranges. He is basically Gara from Naruto. Even their names sound somewhat similar. 

Geras is a little less of a beginner-friendly fighter. He is very flexible, makes rapid strikes, inflicts some serious damage, and also has some great jumping attacks. Juggling his attacks are more from his combo beginners than his enders (unlike most of the people on this list). The main way to combo with Geras is to use any move and link it into Temporal Advantage (Back, Forward, One). Amplifying Temporal Advantage will freeze the opponent and allow Geras to launch the opponent using a  Down + Two. This can also be matched with one of his variations to put on some extra damage.

His New Era variation gives him unique setups and has the option to cancel out of Basic Attacks, retreating to a safe distance. Geras’ Infinite Warden variation allows for higher damaging combos and gives him stronger anti-zoning and Krushing Blows. He can also set sand spikes that work well with his Down + Two attack. Finally, His Eternal variation allows him to summon a sand clone to attack opponents or teleport across the screen, and the ability to rewind time like the Prince of Persia.

Overall, Geras has some effective trap set-ups that he can use to pressurize enemies. Alternatively, you can also use them to distract your opponent and catch him/her off-guard. Geras, much like Gara, somehow makes Sand absolutely terrifying.

4. Erron Black

MK11 Erron Black, the best shot in Texas and the deadliest outlander in Outworld, left his home to seek adventure in Outworld with Kano and the Black Dragon. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

It’s time to Yee-Haw now that we get to talk about Erron Black. It seems you can’t swing a horse nowadays without seeing some type of cowboy character in a game. However, this partner isn't new to Mortal Kombat. While, Black is mainly a Rushdown character, like the other top-tier characters, he has great versatility.

All of Erron Black’s combos can be ended with a simple Two, One, Two, One, Two combination for a hard knockdown. Or Rattle Slide Slide (Back, Forward, Three) for maximum damage and to switch positions with the opponent. If Amplified, Erron Black can also throw out a Zaterrean Spit that will deal some minor damage over time if the opponent continues to stand in the puddle.

In his 52 Kard Pickup variation, Erron Black gains many new attacks, higher damaging combos, and the ability to counterzone opponents a little easier. His Locked n’ Loaded variation allows him to place traps on the ground for easy setups. Lastly, in Black’s Barking Irons variation, he gains additional mix-up and pressure options up-close.

Overall, Erron Black ain’t no cattle rustler, but he’ll stomp you out real good, partner. Excuse me, sorry, I got too much into the cowboy talk. I meant to say that Erron Black is not to be slept on. He is a bit harder to use his tools correctly compared to Geras, but a competent player with good basics can make Erron Black look unstoppable. Much the way SonicFox does.

3. Kabal

MK11 Kabal is a fleet-footed Black Dragon enforcer who was a rookie cop until Kano tempted him to sell out his police department for money and a spot in the Black Dragon.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The top three characters on our list begins with Kabal. You’ll notice that all three of our top three characters are very well rounded and fit a little into each character category. Kabal might be a little on the slower side (so his Rushdown abilities suffer a bit), but his high damage and easy combo creations help make him easier to get a handle on.

There are so many good combos for Kabal that it makes it hard to pick some of the best. He’s one of my favorites to play as, and you can get a good handle on him fast enough. Kabal is also one of the only Mortal Kombat 11 characters that can initiate a combo out of a special attack, without enhancing the special. He has a bunch of simple, flashy, and hard-to-avoid moves that lets him land a number of follow-up attacks.

His The Spins variation gives him access to high damaging combos, and he’s also able to restand opponents using his Gas Blast. Kabal’s Mean Streak variation allows him to cancel out of his Nomad Dash for pressure and additional zoning tools. Finally, Kabal’s Clean Cut variation gives him strong mix-up options up-close and the ability to restand opponents for the end of his killer combos. 

Overall, Kabal’s fast special attacks can punish characters from the opposite end of the screen, and he also has his own strong zoning options. If you have played NetherRealms’ Injustice 2, think of Kabal as a more violent Flash. 

2. Cassie Cage

Whenever MK11 Cassie Cage, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade's daughter, isn't defending Earthrealm, she’s fighting to prove worthy of their legacy.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Cassie Cage doesn't have the same sort of high-damage and mix-up potential that Geras does, but she's got a versatile moveset that lets her zone-out opponents easily. She has plenty of fast advancing attacks and other tools that will keep her safe from a multitude of enemy attacks. 

Her pistol keeps players in check from a distance, and her enhanced Up Glow Kick (Back, Forward, Four) gives her a safe way to escape the corner and get back to the middle of the screen where she plays the strongest. Combined with quick mid attacks that can't be ducked, her easy enough combos and the ability to dual wield her guns makes Cassie more than a capable character.

Her Digital Soldier variation benefits from having a quick mid projectile that can also launch the opponent up for a combo. Cassie’s Sups OD variation gives her additional pressure options up-close and a few new tools for keeping opponents far away from her. Finally, in her Yaas Queen variation, she gains unbreakable damage and the ability to combo in the corner. 

Overall, Cassie Cage is a fantastic mix between Sonya and Johnny Cage. She's fast, and she has great short and long range attacks. While her Fatal Blow is slow and easily dodgeable, once you get the hang of Cassie, you won't even need to use that.

1. Sonya Blade

MK11 Sonya Blade is a decorated officer of the Special Forces who braved the Mortal Kombat tournament, defended Earthrealm, and rescued her partner Jax Briggs.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Finally we come to the number one character in Mortal Kombat 11. Sonya is a mix-up character who also has incredibly strong zoning to keep opponents away. She has the ability to take about 50% of your life with her strongest combos and use both her overhead and low attack strings to start high-damage combos. Her fast projectile and solid krushing blow also give her added versatility.

Sonya’s combos are pretty easy to get a hold of. It takes some practice (obviously), but her main combo starter, Overwatch (Back + One, Two, Three) string, is one of the best in the game. This is an advancing high attack that will launch the opponent up for a combo. Sonya has a couple of ways to end her combos as well. You can add an amazing amount of combos. All of Sonya’s combos can be ended with Leg Breaker (Back, Forward, Four), or A$$ Whooping (Back, Forward, 2) and Amplifying it for maximum damage.

Her No Holds Barred variation allows her to parry enemy attacks and gain the ability to grab opponents in the air. In Sonya’s Ring Master variation, she can charge her Energy Rings and cancel out of them, giving her deadly corner mix-ups and high damaging combos. Sonya’s Ten-Hut variation allows her to summon a K.A.T. Turret to assist her in the fight.

What makes Sonya Blade the best character in Mortal Kombat 11 is made clear very fast. Her mix-up attacks force opponents to guess which direction she’s going to come from next. If they guess wrong, and don’t block correctly, you can blow them away with fast and furious combos. The only downfall to Sonya is she has no real long range attacks. However, if you play her the way she is meant to be played (up close and personal), that doesn’t even feel like a weakness.

Honorable Mentions

Jacqui Briggs

MK11 Jacqui Briggs, Jax and Vera Briggs' daughter, is a Special Forces Sergeant who hustles hard, punches above her weight, and proudly carries on the Briggs legacy.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Jacqui is a rushdown character with short but swift attacks at close range. She is one of the most used in esports competition right now. However, she didn’t make our list because the players that play with her have found a broken fighting style that will most likely get nerfed by NetherRealms. Most combine her standard moves with the addition of Bionic Bounce, Enhanced Airblast, and (Air) Ground Pound, which means that she can pull out hard-hitting, unbreakable combos that only the most experienced of Mortal Kombat players can survive.

The Joker

MK11 Joker, who is incredibly violent and unpredictable, has crippled Batgirl and killed Robin along with countless people throughout the DC universe.Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

This past March, SonicFox used The Joker to win the Final Kombat Tournament and made everyone look twice at this DLC character. The Clown Prince of Crime has a unique fighting style that excels at multiple play styles depending on the variation the player chose. If you played Injustice 2, you know the Joker is wild. It takes a fast player to memorize his combo patterns, but once you do, GOTHAM WILL BE YOURS!

That is our list for the 15 best MK11 fighters! Like I said before, there really aren’t any bad characters in MK11. It is all about how you play. 

There are characters for everyone. In fact my favorite character, Noob Saibot, didn’t even make the list because he’s very slow compared to many of the other characters.

Also, don’t forget that three new characters, Mileena, Rain, and Rambo, are coming in Kombat Pack 2. Usually, characters are released spaced out from one another. However, NetherRealm is releasing the Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition on November 17, 2020. It will include the base game, aftermath expansion, and Kombat Pack 1 and 2.

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