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Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends Season 3

Apex Legends’ surprising release on February 4, 2019, shook the entire gaming community to its core as the game went on to hit more than 50 million players within 30 days. In the following months, Respawn introduced new Legends, challenges, and Seasons to help provide more content for players to enjoy.


Season 1 was all about virtually dipping players’ toes into competitive Apex and allowing Respawn to gain community feedback on what the fanbase truly wants. By the time Apex Legends Season 2 rolled around, developers were able to implement the community’s feedback to provide more challenges to allow fans to level up their Season Pass level faster. Season 2 also included the addition of monsters that created a few map changes, leading to speculation that Season 3 would include a brand new map for Apex Legends

With Apex Legends Season 3 launching yesterday, October 1st, here’s everything you need to know before hopping in for battle: 

When does Apex Legends Season 3 start?

There was be a 24-hour gap between Season 2 and Season 3 to allow Respawn to prepare for the update. Season 3 of Apex Legends officially started on October 1st, with the Season 3 update becoming available around 3 PM ET/12 PM PT. The update is approximately 7 GB on PC. 

Are there patch notes for Season 3?

Yes! A few minutes before Season 3 went live, Respawn released a set of patch notes on the official Apex Legends subreddit. The notes go over the new Legend, map changes, Legend changes, and more.

Some of the bigger changes are that Respawn made the decision to remove Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer Rifling in exchange for the addition of the Anvil Receiver and Double Tap Trigger hop-ups. A new perk, Guardian Angel, has also been included that will allow players to revive downed teammates with bonus health and shields if they have armor. The new perk will replace the previous Gold Armor perk, Executioner.

Check out the entire Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown Patch Notes here

Will a new Legend be included with Season 3?

Park Tae Joon AKA Crypto from Apex Legends Season 3
Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment

Every season of Apex Legends has had a theme, with the first being “Wild Frontier” and introducing the new Legend, Octane. Season 2 was titled “Battle Charge” and also welcomed a new Legend, Wattson. The third season of Apex Legends will follow course with its theme being named “Meltdown” and will welcome another Legend, Crypto.


Crypto, whose real name is Park Tae Joon, was previously a hacker who fell across a program that was able to predict the upcoming Apex Games’ winner. Unfortunately, he was framed for his stepsister’s disappearance and has been on the run from the law ever since.

Another Energy weapon?

Apex Legends Season 3 charge rifleReddit/apexlegends

A new weapon has been added into Apex Legends for Season 3 called the Charge Rifle. Similar to other Energy-based weapons, the Charge Rifle will take a brief moment to charge before sending a huge blast.

A new map for Season 3

Apex Legends Season 3 World's Edge map

The biggest change with Season 3 is the addition of a whole new map, World’s Edge. Apex Legends’ second map actually takes place on another planet named Talos, where molten heat and chemical ice collide. 

How much does the Battle Pass cost?

Apex Legends Season 3 Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins (to unlock the Legendary DMR weapon skin and 3 exclusive character skins) or 2,800 Apex Coins (to unlock the same skins and 25 extra Battle Pass levels).Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment

Just like previous seasons, the third season will include a Battle Pass that allows players to complete weekly and daily missions to earn progress towards exclusive season rewards. Respawn has already confirmed that there will be over 100 individual items for players to earn ranging from skins, Apex packs, and more.

There are two options that players can select when purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass:

  1. 1. 950 Apex Coins unlock the Legendary DMR weapon skin and three exclusive character skins. 
  2. 2. 2,800 Apex Coins unlock the same skins along with 25 extra Battle Pass levels to give players a bit of a lead on progressing through all 100 levels.

When will Season 3 end?

Every season of Apex Legends lasts approximately three months or 90 days. While Respawn has not officially announced when the third season will conclude, an in-game tracker states that Season 3 will end in 125 days, which would land on February 3, 2020.


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This article was written by Amanda Zelauskas.

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